So, Nixi’e…….

The pigmentation is wonderful, the ! the eyeshadows interchangeably

I finally bit the bullet and got some Nixi’e , and I’ve got to tell you, I have NO idea why I waited SO LONG?!The pigmentation is wonderful, the,eye shadows are SMOOTH like BUTTA! the eye shadows and blushes fit in the same pans which makes my life SO easy, plus, you can use them interchangeably!
(here I have the blush in small talk on my lids…HOT)
The lip gloss smells AMAZING, and has enough coverage that I consider it like a gloss and a lipstick in one, and it smells great without being too much. the eye shadows & blushes are 4.4 grams VS MAC eyeshadow which are 1.5 grams. The price for the pro pans in $12.50, and MAC’s are $11. so, for a buck 50 more, you get 2.9 more grams……so yeah. the pigments they call “Ultra Pearl” and they are BEAUTIFUL! the texture is JUST LIKE MAC! they sell for 14.50 and you get 11.3 grams, VS MAC’s pigmesnts, 19.50 for 7.5 grams. I’m giddy about this stuff guys! I really can’t wait to get more, but I’ve got some SERIOUS stuff coming up, so we’ll see when that happens, hopefully by the end of the year! ^_^

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