I have a substance abuse problem : mini MAC Haul!

I cracked. BIG TIME! After deciding that I didn’t want or need any of the Holiday palettes, last night, I realized I really WANTED the cool eyes one. It has so many purples, and my 88 palette is SUCK for purples. BTW, purple is my favorite, of all my favorite colors. PLUS, the palette itself is Magenta. HOT. Now, this year’s packaging DOES leave something to be desired:

The Palette is Plastic, not metal, like last years, but it APPEARS to be metal….BOO MAC, BOO!
They Claim that “satisfy” is a Luster, which it is not (Happily), but the fact that they can’t label them right irks me.
The 213 in this set is a JOKE! I’ll include pictures of my two other 213se side by side: It’s sad. But it will be nice for inner corners.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it. It’s pretty, great for every-day, toned down looks. 3 pinks, 3 purples. I haven’t had too much time to play with it one my eyes, but trust and believe, there will be a tutorial!

PICS coming soon!

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