1. Rima Kaur · June 23, 2009 Rima

    dear, youre so sweet. the title is in hindi :)
    but dont worry it still says "sailor venus inspired look", just in a different script.

  2. Sabrina · August 2, 2010 Sabrina

    It’s in Hindi. Not arabic or something. Not trying to be a snob, but that can come across rude. Arabic writing and indian writing look nothing alike! It would be greatly appreciated if people think about what they say before they permanently type it. It sounds like something a racist would say or something an uneducated person would say.

    • vintageortacky · August 2, 2010 vintageortacky

      I had no idea what language it was in. my old blogging home was putting my titles in this script back then and I didn’t know how to fix it, and then I honestly forgot about it. I had no idea what the script was, and how was I to know? It’s not like I had examples of different languages in front of me. It looked Arabic to me. Insinuating that I am racist or uneducated over something so small just shows that you’re reading too much into something so small…it’s kind of pathetic.

  3. roxi · June 27, 2012 roxi

    I looove it and I love all of your work!

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