The 120 Palette: all eyeshadows swatched!

I’m not really sure if this need an introduction, as the title pretty much says all you need to know. I swatched all of these dry, over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I hope you enjoy. If you’ve had trouble commenting in the past, try it again, i changed the template, and hopefully that fixed the problem.

You can Buy NYX @ And/Or

The 120 palette can be purchase on ebay just search for “120 eyeshadow palette”.

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8 thoughts on “The 120 Palette: all eyeshadows swatched!

  1. AshRatGirl

    Dang these are nice! I don’t have the NYX pencil ={ will they still come out as colorful? I like this post!

  2. meg.otter

    AshRatGirl-i use UDPP as a base with these and they still come out just as wonderful

    I love having this palette. i can now play around with so many colors.

  3. Anonymous

    Which brand is this 120 pallette? There are a few on Ebay and I want to be sure that I get the same one you got cuz it looks niiiiice!


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