Sugar sweet: Dear Cupcake/ Stars ‘n’ Rockets look

I didn’t get very many good pics of this one, I’m sorry guys. I hope you enjoy the video of this ^_^ The video includes a demo of how to use the new L’oreal double-extend beauty tubes mascara ^_^

Products used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (original)
Studio Sculpt concealer (nw15)
Hip color rich crayon (black)
MAC Stars ‘n’ Rockets e/s
MAC Dear Cupcake e/s
NYX Opal e/s
MAC Blanc Type e/s
Ben Nye cake liner
Medusa’s makeup eyeliner seal.
L’oreal double extend beauty tube mascara.

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  1. K&T Makeup Artistry · April 5, 2009 K&T

    Loving the look! You did a great job!

  2. strawberrylycan · April 5, 2009 strawberrylycan

    the photos really show how cute this makeup looks,, the video i kinda thought it looked not blended enough but up close it looks totally cute!

  3. Penny · April 5, 2009 Penny

    I love this!


    wow pretty! love stars n rockets.

  5. The World's Dresser · April 6, 2009 The

    Super cute look!!

  6. ebvata · April 11, 2009 ebvata

    I love this look,good job:))

  7. Melyssa Almeida · April 23, 2009 Melyssa

    I’m from Brazil.
    and I’m crazy with your kind to make-up.. I loved it all.. and I wnat to be in contact with you .. ‘cuz I don’t know where I can buy make-ups.. here, in Brazil =/

    so if you could mantein contact, I will be very happy xD

    sorry my english.. I’m not so good ¬¬

    Kisses ;* Melyssa :)

  8. Phyrra · May 4, 2009 Phyrra

    Really cute look!
    I love your exaggerated liner :)

  9. Phyrra · May 4, 2009 Phyrra

    You inspired me to try a similar look today with Aromaleigh’s Hot Stuff (vivid coral-red frost with violet sparks) and Snapdragon (an iridescent red/blue medium shimmer).

  10. foolishxlady · May 9, 2009 foolishxlady

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know, I gave you a blogger award here. =)

  11. Lucía · May 18, 2009 Lucía

    I love your blog!

  12. **Aly · June 18, 2009 **Aly

    I ❤❤❤❤❤ ur blue eyees!!!

  13. d.funkt · July 26, 2009 d.funkt

    this is really nice. i just saw your bandana hair youtube video and i love it! this is a great blog too…i love it when girls arent afraid to wear bright eyeshadow.sometimes when i wear my blue or green shadows my friends are either impressed or kinda weirded out butim all about embracing my inner drag queen.

    do you have a video thats just about winged eyeliner? it always takes me a while to get it just right.

  14. *adictaalshopping* · August 9, 2009 *adictaalshopping*

    Hi! Congrats for the blog! really good looks, you're such an artist. I'll stay tuned!

  15. San · September 5, 2009 San

    Hi! Great look!
    I like your blog and your looks very much. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Brasil.
    So many girls love makeup here, we have a lot of blogs and a very special board wich gets a lot of girls together.
    Best regards from our country!


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