My real opinion of the 120, 88, and 28 neutral palettes.

Ok, so, there’s a lot of buzz going around Youtube and the makeup community at large about a lot of these no-name (or kinda-named, in the case of the 120 palette) So I wanted to write it down what I think of these once and for all, so  the record could be set straight.

I think that these are a great value,  they are fun to play with, and give you the oppourtunity to try so many different colors, maybe colors you were shy to try out. They are not however, a replacement for higher quality eyeshadows. These are not made with as good of quality ingredients as say, MAC eyeshadows. Higher-quality eyeshadows, Such as MAC, NYX, Ben Nye, Urban Decay, etc, Have better quality binders and thickeners in them, that improve your makeup’s texture, feel, and staying power (both creaseing and fadeing). I’ve had several people ask If I think theyshould get the 120 or 88 palette or MAC eyeshadows or pigments, or  which do I think people should buy, the 120, or the 88 palette. In this video I compare the 120 and 88 palette, using the analogy of apples and oranges. Well, when comparing these brandless palettes to MAC, if they are fruit, MAC is Steak (sorry vegetarians, I hope you can still appreciate the analogy.).  I think that for teh price, you can’t beat getting 120-88 eyeshadows, But don’t expect them to do what MAC or other high-quality brands do. That said, I think of all of these, the 28 Neutral Palette (some times called the Bridal Palette) is the best of the bunch. I use it quite often.

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Cora (vintageortacky)

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  1. Jackie
    May 1, 2010 / 11:49 pm

    I’ve watched your 120 palette haul vid on youtube over and over, and for the life of me I CANNOT catch the seller’s name! It’s driving me nuts! LOL

    Can you please tell me which seller you bought your 120 palette from?


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