How to apply False Lashes

How to Apply False Lashes video

Hey Guys and Dolls! I’ve been meaning to do a “False Lashes” tutorial for a long time now! I know there are a lot of other videos out there that show how to apply false lashes, but I do think the method I use is quite a bit different, and pretty much fool proof. How to Apply False Lashes video2I was browsing different makeup sites, when I found this GEM of a site, that lists color combinations for MAC eyeshadows! While that alone is really cool, I also noticed they had some random tips and this was one of them:

From’s front page:

  • Billy B’s method of applying false eyelashes: Trace upper lash line w/ adhesive, using a pointed lining brush. Let it get ‘tacky’ for a minute. Press the strip into the glue, using the back end of the brush. Courtesy if “EnjoyTheSilence”.
  • SO. needless to say I had to try it out immediately. And you know what? It worked GREAT! Just try to use an old eyeliner brush, or go get a cheapie one you don’t care about (and don’t forget to remove the glue (oil based removers work best, but I really like Neutrogena Oil-fre eye makeup remover. I also use tweezers to place the lashes, rather than the back of a brush.

    I was a little worried that I would get glue in my eye, or that it would be hard to remove, but not at all! In fact, I’ve had less glue flubs, my lashes are easier to take off, and my lashes go on straight and SUPER close to my natural lase line EVERY TIME! If You’re a beginner, and You just can’t get the hang of False Lashes, try this! If you’re an ol’ Pro, still try this, and see if this doesn’t make your life easier!

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    1. amy · October 7, 2009 amy

      hi i just have 1 question???? i have fake plastic eyelashes. i baught them at spencer’s1! ant this is the !st time i do this n i seen how yu apply mascera after the fake eye lash is on…..but mine r like plastic n they also have like sliver string like eyelash…please let me know if the silver part will get messed up bcuz they are plastic with the mascera

      thank you

    2. Dubs · October 30, 2009 Dubs

      I was wondering if you had any special tips for the crazy fake lashes (mine have tiny feathers at the end).


    3. Dubs · October 30, 2009 Dubs

      I was wondering if you had any special tips for the crazy fake lashes (mine have tiny feathers at the end).

    4. suannepool · March 6, 2010 suannepool

      Hi! just wanted to say that I adore you! Im a licensed Esthetician in Texas, and wanted to tell you that you have really great skin. What is your personal beauty secret for such flawless skin? I watched your video on the fake eyelashes and thought it was great. Good job! Keep it up girl!

    5. Christine · June 17, 2010 Christine

      Okay so i was just watching both of your tutorials on how to apply fake eyelashes and how to remove them. Where can i buy the eye lashes that you had in the videos? and where can i buy the eye lash glue?

      • vintageortacky · June 18, 2010 vintageortacky

        The LAshes I used are from Ardell (this was a year ago so I don’t remember the Number) but my fave brand of lashes are Red Cherry. You can get Red Cherry lashes though several places, but I usually get mine though mscuppycakes or beauty from the earth. As for glue, the best glue I’ve found was Duo, and you can get that at any drugstore :)

    6. angi blue · September 21, 2010 angi


      my colleague was telling me that you have to clean the eyelids before you apply the eyelashes but all the tutorials i watched, and i liked yours the best, applied it on makeup covered eyes. either eyeliner or eyeshadow! so now i am a little confused because she also mentioned a saline solution to clean the eyelid with to make it stick better! and what is your profession now, are you a makeup artist because you said former optician! Thank you angi

    7. Shari · October 15, 2010 Shari

      wow! ok, im an upcoming MUA and my client texted me in the morning that she wanted false lashes. i thought to myself oh-oh. in the past i struggled with lashes on clients. decided to youtube a video – maybe i was doing something wrong to cause me to be struggling so much. tried it and BHAM! I applied the lashes perfectly. never in my life – not even on myself has it been so easy, so QUICK and so close to the lash line. im in awe – billy b is amazing and thank you for posting the video. this was in genious! 😀

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    9. Sherry · March 27, 2012 Sherry

      Thank you so much for your tutorial! I’ve never been much into makeup as a young woman, but now find I am starting to dip my toe into the pool. I loved the way you put the eyelash on. I’ve never put eyelashes on, and after watching your vid, I was able to put on the lashes first try! No problems, and they looked great!

      Now to watch a tutorial on liquid/gel eyeliner…

    10. Tracy · April 8, 2012 Tracy

      How long do they stay on for? And can you reuse them?

    11. Tracy · April 8, 2012 Tracy

      How long do they last on? N can u reuse them?

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    13. Krystal · August 5, 2012 Krystal

      how would you do it with far out there lashes like big feathers? thank you for this I could NEVER put mine on but after this I did it!!

    14. Ailyanna · September 23, 2012 Ailyanna

      the best eye lash glue is by NYX. It’s called Stuck On You. It comes out grey and dries invisible and doesn’t leave any white residue. And the staying power is AMAZING!! It’s about $6 but worth it;)

    15. anne · October 22, 2012 anne

      Hi, I thought you were providing a link for Ms. cupcakes? eyelashes, that you can order on line? Thanks

    16. Linda · November 6, 2014 Linda

      Girl!! I have never been able to get falsies on well, struggled for years with this. I just watched about 10 YouTube videos to help me figure it out. Yours is the ONLY ONE that taught this technique and it was MAGIC! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this with us. Mwa!

    17. Linda · November 6, 2014 Linda

      PS Duo makes a great glue that comes in bottle/wand style.

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