my New Hair Cut

the angle is pretty extreme, I love it!
the angle is pretty extreme, I love it!

Hi guys, so many of my twitter followers asked to see pictures of my new haircut, so I’m just sharing a few quick pictures.

A view from the back
A view from the back

I’m sorry, but I forgot to take ones of the front, but I’ll take those soon.

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  1. Phyrra · September 23, 2009 Phyrra

    Yay! I love the cut 🙂
    I’ve had very nice sharp A lines like that, and I think they look lovely.

  2. Ashley Womble · September 27, 2009 Ashley

    Love the hair. The red rocks. Kinda what Im sporting now, but it fades too fast. I switched to Vitamin (brand) shampoo, not only a effin cute bottle, but no sulfate! I only knew about sulfate in shampoos because of you! Thanks!

  3. Jean · September 29, 2009 Jean

    Thought the hair cut was lovely. Thank you for the comment :D!

  4. Nicole · September 29, 2009 Nicole

    I love it!! How do you get your hair to show color that well? I’m planning on dying my hair a deep burgundy/red/purple (haha. yea around those colors.) but I have no clue as to what to do in order to make the color alot richer & last longer. I know I have to use toner, but I’ve never used toner before & I’m scared I’ll mess my hair up. Any suggestions?

  5. Kelly · October 25, 2009 Kelly

    This may sound slightly ridiculous but please could you email me a photo of the front of your hair? I just saw it in one of your videos. It is absolutely gorgeous! I want to take it to show my hairdresser – This is exactly the style of “bob” I’m wanting so it would be great if you could do that? Thanks So much! Kelly xx

  6. Jesi · November 22, 2009 Jesi

    what color/brand dye did you use?

  7. Amaya · May 25, 2012 Amaya

    Cute hair

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