Comment Contest Re-do (closed)

So, as I explain in the video, You Tube has messed up their comment-viewing thingy. It used to be that when you selected to view all comments it would show you every comment for that video, and if you had a lot of comments, you might have a few pages of comments, but you’d be able to see them all. Now as I unpleasantly discovered last night, you can only few a few thousand, which for for an average video of mine would be WAY more than enough;  However for a comment contest/giveaway video that doesn’t fly. I had 11,509 comments and youtube would only let me view the last several thousand comments, so thousands of comments were not even viewable. So I’ve been beating my brains out trying to think of how to fairly resolve this, and the only thing that seems fair is a re-do. So all you have to do is leave ONE comment here on this blog post, that states your YOUTUBE USER NAME IN THE COMMENT, not as your name as the comment author,, it needs to be in the comment!  and the Phrase “ENTER ME”. That’s it.  One more time: YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONCE or you will be disqualified.  YOu will not see your comment at first, as I have it set to comment approval. That way it’s totally fair, and I don’t have the same problem all over again. The reason I’m doing the comments here on the blog is I get an email each time I get a comment on my blog, so I can put them in a folder in my email, and that way I’ll have a back-up.

The NEW comment contest will end Sunday, September 27 at 11:59 pm PST and the winner video will be up Monday night. I know that’s short, but I want to wrap this one up. I will have plenty of other giveaways in the future.

thank you all for understanding, and I appreciate your patience. I hope you’ll be looking forward to my videos this weekend!

<3 Cora

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1,259 thoughts on “Comment Contest Re-do (closed)

    1. Christie

      YouTube user name: AngelSmiles101

      Enter me in the contest please!!!

      Love your videos too by the way. You’re so sweet and cute. My husband loves your pretty blue eyes:) Keep up the good work so I can keep on watching. LOL

    2. Sexysoapy14


      I would love to be in the contest!
      I watch your video all the time and I love the way you explain everything so easily! thanks a lot!


  1. texasofmyheart

    enter me. i love your channel. you’re my favorite – not just brown nosing – i love the bright colors you use.

  2. Serena

    Youtube: Serenajean1

    Please reenter me.

    Sorry that youtube is being a jerk 🙁 But no hard feelings.
    Hope you don’t get bombed with scam comments on here. 🙂

  3. Hannah

    Hannahl98-hey i hope you had a great birthday and i am sorry you’re having to redo all of this! I love your videos!-enter me 🙂

  4. Nicole

    Hey Cora. Thank you so much for doing a re-do. You didnt have to do that, but you chose to anyway. You’re so kind.

    Please enter me. My youtube name is: saucyfbaby

  5. Melissa

    Enter me please! My username on youtube is Mellah927. September 27th is my birthday (which is what 927 stands for 😉 so it would make a GREAT bday gift! Thank you!

  6. Xmelodiiixmakeupx

    Enter Me!!!

    I’m sorry about the crash D:
    (hehe even tho I only submitted 1 comment XD)
    that said “You need to be in it to win it!”
    (haha and I expected to win! AH AH AH!)

    and its definitely not your fault
    and whoever insulted you, is an ass!

  7. Ella

    I think this way is way more fair because I am little too ADD to sit there and put “enter me” into youtube comments a million times. So nonetheless, enter me!

    YT User: sawred1173

    Thanks and good luck to me. I need them brushes!

  8. kieu

    hey cora! ‘dvskieu’ from yourtube here.. sorry to hear about the youtube thingy.. and that nasty commenter.. just never going to understand what people are thinking sometimes..

    anyways.. enter me please.. thanks!

  9. Emma

    Enter me! Enter me! Enter me!

    My YouTube user name is emarioj. Sorry you’ve had so much YT trouble. Such a pain in the backside. Totally digging your blue eye shadow, by the way!

  10. Tracey

    Username: Devilslilvamp

    Thanks so much for giving everyone a second chance (even though it was Youtubes fault)

    Please Enter Me!!

  11. Trang

    Hey, hope this works out for you this time. I hate the new youtube comment change too. 😛

    Enter me, please!

    username: omnomtrang

  12. Beccamonster2012

    That sucks about the Youtube comment crap 🙁 Enter me in the redo please! 🙂 Don’t apologize anymore, it’s not your fault! We love you!!

  13. JesDanielle

    LADYLINKA -enter meee!

    Thank you so much for doing a re-do.
    Its a lot of work for you and its greatly appreciated.

  14. jesilee

    jesilee007 please enter me! =D iam from the philippines i know the chance of winninng is quite low but why not! enter me! hihi

  15. Cherry

    Oh Cora!! *Brush ya shoulda’z off* WE still heart your effin face!!! I’m putting all my mojo into this one comment..Ok here it goes…

    Oh0oCherryo0 Enter moi!

  16. Drea

    Hey girl! Sorry that youtube is being stupid! If anyone were to get upset with you, then they’re stupid too LOL
    Anywho, please enter me in your drawing! YT user- theglamorousmiss

  17. andrealxox

    enter me, s-il vouz plait?! =]

    hey cora! i’m actually glad you’re doing this contest on here now instead. i never enter youtube contests like this because they get out of hand.

  18. MissToxicLove

    Please enter me in the contest

    Im MissToxicLove from youtube:)

    so nice of you do a redo of this contest

    thanks allot and good luck to everyone xxx

  19. Ana

    Hey! Sorry to hear youtube messed up your comments!!

    Please Enter Me!!!!

    My youtube name is blush2206.

    Hope this one works out for you xxxx

  20. Stephanie

    Hello Cora,
    My username is sweetrevelation, although I did try to change it to Stephalopuff -.- What a poon, alas… stuck with that. Please enter me into the Sigma contest because I’d LOVE to win some brushes. Wee! Thanks.

  21. Stephanie

    Youtube name: Genesis2091

    That’s very sweet of you to do a re-do when you didn’t have too.
    I did enter a few weeks ago, That’s a bummer that they did that!
    Grr, HOW annoying, definitely. But no worries, I’m not mad at you, It’s understandable =P I would LOVE to be entered, So please do consider entering me! I’ve always wanted nice brushes for makeup but the nice ones are also too expensive, or you have to order them online. And since I wasn’t sure if you’d get this on youtube anymore, thought I’d comment on what you said about the Winner of your last contest. I find it kind of weird that someone would enter a contest and not check back like every day for the winners haha, they probably majorly didn’t think they’d win, and thats why they’re not checking back, won’t they be surprised! lol, the only thing I’d say you can do is Comment or message them on their youtube if it says they get on daily or every other day, and/or e-mail 🙂 They’ll have to see it eventually. sheesh, I checked back and I didn’t even enter, come on people =P Thanks again! 🙂

  22. rastalove555

    Hey girl! Too bad about previous contest! Yeah, sometimes Youtube sucks!!!
    Anyway, enter me and hope for the best!!!
    (my name: rastalove555)

  23. Torrie

    Hi. Sorry for having to do the re-do, but thanx for trying to make it fair!

    enter me!!!

    youtube: leialoha018

    have a great day!

  24. littlemissfunky1

    Hi, pease re-enter me! I think that is horrible that people are being rude to you on your videos- if they don’t like – don’t watch. Anyway, I think you’re vids are amazing and you’re very talented. P.S I do think you should contact that person who entered, some people just have very busy lives.. xx

  25. DebJ

    dlvme2 is my user name. It is very kind of you to give the contest – PLEASE enter me and do not worry or stress about things that you cannot control. Enter me and thank you again. :O)

  26. marel88

    My youtube username is -> marel88
    Please enter me 😀
    Thank you so much for the second chance ^_^
    Cora you’re the best! xoxo

  27. Amanda

    Please enter me into the giveaway!!! My youtube user name is cherryjewel. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway for us…I’m so sorry that it didn’t work the first time!!!

  28. Melinda

    Enter me please 🙂

    thanks for even apologizing about something that isn’t your fault hunnie
    don’t worry about it!

  29. Krystal

    Thanks for doing the contest again. My old entry was probably in the portion of comments you couldn’t see. Please enter me! Youtube name: KDandKD

  30. Stephanie :)

    Pleease Enter me 🙂
    Sexc4eva 😛 Sorry i made that username many many years ago :O hehe .. I absolutely love your videos Cora 🙂
    Your Amazing! … 🙂
    Sorry about the contest having to be re-do’ed 🙁 i know you must be very annoyed 🙁
    Love steph =] xx

  31. Kateri

    intyale – Enter me please!

    It really sucks to hear about the rudeness, sugarpear. Sounds like some people are just jealous of your awesomeness. Take it like water off a duck’s back.

  32. abbyanatomy

    Hello Cora!

    It’s dissapointing to hear about this Youtube mix-up! UGH! But I love that you are redoing this contest 🙂 I would love it if you would enter me! 😀

    (Just to clarify) Youtube username= abbyanatomy


  33. jauzneviemco (youtube name)

    Hello…too bad that youtube didn’t work out that great… I would like to participate, please enter me again.

  34. Tanya

    Hey Cora!!
    This is Bandspaz7 just wanting to say I think your AWSOME and i would really love to be entered into your contest!!

  35. Jamie

    That’s too bad about youtube. 🙁

    I’d love to enter and thanks for putting so much thought into this.

    My name is RemotelyRenee.

    Thank you!

  36. Valene

    Hey Cora.
    Sorry about youtube giving you trouble on this one. But your loyal subscribers won’t mind the redo.

    Enter me please!
    Youtube Username: ValeneShay

    Have a great day.

  37. abigaildelliott

    hey cora!
    that sucks!!! but it’s not your fault anyway, if people are going to get mad over that they probably need “a life” and not a set of makeup brushes 🙂
    i think it’s easier too…

    and please enter me ::)

    youtube username is: abigaildelliott


  38. Arianna

    Hello 🙂
    Please Enter me.
    Also i agree im sorry that happened to you with the comments thats horrible i hope things get better. LOve ya, Arianna

    Youtube: XxsnakebitesxXfreak

    P.S.sorry that person insulted you thats mean.

  39. CherryBlossomRain

    Well hello again. On youtube I’m CherryBlossomRain. I’d love it if you’d enter me & so you know you’re the only guru that has actually finally gotten me on twitter. I’ve been avoiding it for years until now.

  40. newnoona

    YOUTUBE NAME: newnoona

    enter me please.
    so sorry that you had to go through 2 hours of pain only to end up with your browser crashing… that really sucks… but this is a really fair redo… especially since you put the ONLY COMMENT ONCE rule… cuz when i watched the begining of your mishap video i thought to myself omg im not gonna do that all over again.
    hope you had a fun b – day! and thanks for this giveaway. bye now.

  41. Ritsuka

    =D enter me please?
    youtube name– RitsukaKuroi

    D< and that person be mean for insulting you and trying to win your contest. Wtf that's just wrong mean.

    o3o and youtube should be kicked for not letting you see your comments. Really D8 how mean can they be?

    Any whozel =D Love ya. and and and and enter me.

  42. Jessica

    Hi, I recently found you on youtube (a few weeks ago) and you are my new fav makeup guru! Thanks!

    Please enter me ———> jessbugs13

  43. Joanna

    PandaHugs220..Please enter me..Would love to achieve the looks you get with the brush set.

    I hope you had a great birthday!!!!

  44. Pixijasmine

    Hello love!

    Im sorry that youtube has been a bit wierd with the comments…in anycase, here i go again…

    please enter pixijasmine (me).

    Hope you’re well. xx

  45. Maria

    Enter me!!
    Thanks for sending us over to your blog it looks great! I really loved the bar code banner you had before but the new one is even better!!

  46. gaby

    sorry my internet went crazy so I dont know if my other comment went thru Im not tryin to enter twice so please enter me corazonazteca83

  47. maja

    my youtube username: ms900403
    hi! you’re great! I’m from Sweden and my make-up was stolen! and this is not a joke, seriously, it was stolen and make-up costs alot! I would so appreciate winning this!
    love from Sweden!

  48. Samantha T.

    Hey Cora!! How lame is this whole youtube situation haha but at least your able to fix it by doing this!!!

    my youtube name is: xxxmakeupjunkiexxx

  49. Shardae

    hey cora, sorry about ur youtube problems. youtube can be lame sometimes
    anyways please enter me my youtube name is: tinkthestrange

  50. Shani Yslava

    Hi Cora! sorry to hear about your comments not being able to be viewed. that sucks! well I would love to be entered into your contest.
    My youtube user name is: Iris112407
    Thanks a bajillion! and good luck!

  51. mimi20102010

    Hey Cora,
    thank you for doing a re-do….
    love youuuuuuuuuu

    please enter me .My youtube name is :mimi20102010

  52. Cari

    user name cgustavson333
    i would love to be entered into you contest…I am so sorry about what happens I always hate it when computers f*** up so im there with you on that…I hope your week gets less stressful and thanks for all of the awesome tutorials. 🙂

  53. Heather Amethyst

    youtube username: thatfamousgirl

    Please enter me. 😀
    You’re awesome, and it’s not your fault about having to redo this contest. At least you’re not to mad to redo it. 🙂

  54. Victoria

    Hi Cora, Sorry you had such a hard time – just trying to do something nice for your Subs. I love your channel Please enter me, my user name is “Elleahrose” Thanks!!

  55. Krissy hefford

    Hiya coraaa 😀
    stupid glitchy youtube :}
    feel lil cheeky butbut ..enter me please?

    Youtube Username: Kickine

    thankyou xxxox

  56. Psugirl07

    Hey Cora! Sorry that YT was being crazy and not letting you check all your comments. But thanks for trying and for spending all your time checking before Firefox crashed 🙁

    Youtube Name is psugirl07. Please enter me to win those prizes 🙂

  57. monie crane

    hi cora love ur videos they are honestly my fav.. and u are my fav. guru we need to have some blog tv chats again.please enter utube user name is jescra5.thanks girl love monie!!!

  58. Jacquelyn Garcia

    creativejackie831, please enter me. I am so sorry to hear you had such a problem with everything. I hope everything works out for you this time around.

  59. Maria

    YT username Gueris369

    Please enter me, and thank you!!! You are sooo great and creative. I love your skills, you are very talented, thank you for sharing!!!

  60. Layla

    itsBabygun says: hey, I think your videos are sick! They are so unique and you’re so bubbly! LOL!

    oh by the way, enter me please. 🙂

  61. Pixie

    Heyy Cora =)
    That silly youtube being all tepramental and shizzle
    O well.
    Youtube name – MagicalPixiePop
    Please Enter me =)
    Thank you xxxx

  62. harilde

    hi cora,

    i really love your looks and i really wish to win one of your contests.

    would you please enter me to this one…

    thanks a lot…


    youtube user name : harilde

  63. Monique Hernandez

    Hi cora kso i wanted to make another song to enter me in the contest:

    its actually a rap hahaha

    ay yo my name is MsHernandez89 on youtube i just watched the video and viewed
    that the contest didnt turn out right
    so i thought you might
    wanna choose me
    to get those Sigma brushes for free!

    ahahaha just picture a dorky girl laughing the entire time saying it! love ya girly thanks for being you =]

  64. misskaaihue

    Hey Cora!

    Please enter me! I’d love to try the sigma brushes and not pay a million and one dollars for all of the mac brushes. Thanks! =)

    Youtube Name: misskaaihue

  65. Jena

    Oh wow. That really sucks that Youtube did that. I’m glad you decided to redo it though. That’d be easiest for all of us pretty much. Especially with the new rule on only having one entry. ^_^ Good luck with it all.

    Much Love

    YouTube User – xXDeadlyMelodyXx

    P.S. Enter Me? Please and thank you.

  66. Manda

    Don’t worry about it Hun things happen! Someone deleted my old youtube account so this is my new one so if u see my e-mail twice thats why!! ugh!! lol!


    love your channel!!!

  67. meghan

    i’m really sorry to hear about what happened!
    That totally sucks .
    but i’d love to be entered again 🙂

    Bumblebumbleful ! 🙂

  68. Brittany Johnson

    Hey , YT used durae2003 here, enter me please. You tube is on the rag and needs some midol casue it has bi polar tendencies wihen it comes to operating the way it is supposed to. Sorry you are having problems!

  69. carolina

    hey girl can you pls enter me? u tube name is webjefa.hernandez81.dont stress out girl its u tubes fault you are so nice in giving us the oppurtunity to win nice things its very much appriciated here. besides true fans will understand. i love your tutorials i love the positive attiude you have keep up the great job!!!! xoxoxo