this is not the same look as the video. In this pic I used Fanta Without Mango, and Velvet in the outer part of the Lower lid

Yes, that is White eyeliner on my contact! Gross, I know.

Dec 24 2009 EDIT: Apparently a lot of you have been having MAJOR issues with Calypso Minerals, and I noticed the site is down. I really don’t want to take all my posts and videos down, since I still think the eyeshadow quality is good, and I like the work I’ve done using it. I’m taking out anything that shows what CM I used. When I can, I’ll try to revise the post with things you can use a dupes.

ALSO I’m adding this disclaimer on all the posts/videos simply stating that I have no idea what is going on. Many of you have had issues of never receiving your products. I will say, when I purchased products, they arrived pretty quickly, but when she sent me the Matte Stacker for free, it did take a pretty long time, but I figured that was because it was gratis. I just want to say, I’m not affiliated with this company, so I can’t help you with shipping/ordering issues. Yes I talked with Jen in the past, and yes she sent me a few items for free, but for the most part, I’m just a customer like the rest of you. I’m really sorry if anyone has been hurt, but your purchases are always at your own risk.

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