Vintageortacky’s First Twitter Contest

Hi Guys and Dolls! Earlier today I asked my twitter followers to help me come up with a new tag line for my Channel/Website. The Winner (my fave, whether I use it exactly or not) Is getting sent a NYX Black Label Lipstick in “Heather” This was afun and easy contest and I’ll be doing more in the future so please follow me on twitter if you are not already. Here’s a few of my FAVES:

BarrysDaughter VOT make colour look classy

This one was great since it incorporated My basic  idea, Color Doesn’t have to be Garish

aquaheart @vintageortacky I’m a makeup goober from youtube that’s wacky, don’t just be plain be vintageortacky!

I always call myself a goober instead of a Guru, so that was perfect!

SmileySpears @vintageortacky Flashy EyeShadow’s not Wacky. It’s Vintage or Tacky!

I liked the Rhyme.

KirinBir @vintageortacky Kitsch never looked better

This would be SO PERFECT for a persoanl Blog! <3’s it!

tofupoo @vintageortacky If its vintageortacky; makeup gone wacky; calypso or mac; guys and dolls here’s where its at

tofupoo @vintageortacky If its vintageortacky; makeup gone wacky; hair from way back ; guys and dolls here’s where its at

Tofupoo had a whole little rap thing going on, and I was feelin’ it!

SabineOh @vintageortacky Whether you’re looking for something ‘WOW’ or something wacky, you’ll always find it at Vintage or Tacky.

IDK, I just liked it.

MadameBFatale @vintageortacky Vintage or Tacky ……where color and beauty collide

Again, no reason, just Liked it.

geargirl @vintageortacky Bright, Bold, Beautiful : VintageOrTacky (not sure how to phrase that :/)

I really liked the precision. Though it’s short, It conveyed the idea in an uncomplicated way.

qtpooh83 @vintageortacky “Cora’s Vogue. The Era is now.” (the definition of vogue in this case being, the latest fashion, mod, popular)

Pretty much anywhere I see my Name and Vouge in the same sentence, I’m a happy kid!


Just cause it made me LOL!

JenniDunnreed @vintageortacky VoT: Beauty is BOLD

Yes it is!

qtpooh83 @vintageortacky “VintageorTacky” (in bold letters) “Where Makeup Has No Rules” (phrase below)

MY thoughts exactly.

OK, SO I bet you’re wondering who won? Well, Even though I expanded it to somewhat include my OLD phrase” Be Vintageortacky, Just be yourself” Geargirl won because her phrase is being used in the final Tagline/Motto.

So the new Motto/Tagline is:

Vintage or Tacky Be Bright Bold Beautiful, Just be yourself Beauty by Cora”

Thank You guys so much for all your help, and will the winner email me @ with their Address.

YAY for quick and easy giveaways!

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  1. Alecia
    October 9, 2009 / 7:22 pm

    I looked on here for the winners once you announced it on twitter, and when I saw the “…where color and beauty collides” one, I was kinda shocked at how close it came to the one I submitted saying “where beauty and creativity collides” xD
    But congrats to the winner =]

  2. Tracey
    October 9, 2009 / 7:33 pm

    Awesome taglines. I love the winners.. Oh at SmileySpears lol.

  3. tofupoo
    October 9, 2009 / 7:46 pm

    <3 the new one! lol my rap! woop woooop!

  4. October 10, 2009 / 6:10 pm

    I had said where colour and beauty collide too isn’t funny how we all were in the same mind frame lol.
    Well done Geargirl :o)

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