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  1. Brenda

    Do you know if it’s possible to use a debit/credit card and purchess through paypal? It’s not attatched to my paypal account, I’ve done it before but that was in an actual online store. A seller on ebay drained my account and my claim isn’t finalized yet so there is $3.09 in my paypal, but plenty of money in my bank account lol

    If it is I was interested in the Mac 190 brush,
    I’ll investigate on paypals website now though about if I can do it or not.

      1. saron

        sorry my typing suck today but i wanted the 275 and the 239 if still available..i’m in the usa paypal is same as email..thank you!!!

      2. vintageortacky

        I’m sorry, the 275 is gone, and the 239 is pending ATM< but if that person doesn't take the 239, you're first in line ^_^

  2. kelly

    hi cora id be totally in love with the MAC 275 Se, MAC 239 Se, and Bourjois Bourjois liquid eyeshadow. if all or any combination of those are still available please let me know! im us shipping paypal is

    1. kiraesque

      hey girl would it be possible to pay you in 24 hours? I just put money in my account earlier today and since it’s sunday it might not be in there just yet. I don’t want to risk it. is that okay? I’m definitely buying it, though.

  3. Delaney (delmajesty)

    If she hasn’t bought the MAC Studio Lights In “Ideal Pink” or if the Loreal Hip Pigment Intrepid is still available, LMK. I have paypal up and ready.



    Delaney (delmajesty)

      1. Delaney (delmajesty)

        Told you I was ready! Sorry I missed out on the other stuff. I hate being a slacker.

      2. vintageortacky

        haha, Yeah everything sold HECKA fast. I pretty much blinked and it was gone. I”m so happy since I didn’t want the makeup to spoil, but I wouldn’t use it! I have WAY too much even still, but at least I don’t have as many dupes/backups!

  4. kelly

    im so glad everything sold like you hoped! i was just curious on a rough idea of when you were planning to ship was.

    1. vintageortacky

      I have to wait to the money to transfer to my bank account from Paypal. Should be no later than thursday (it takes 3-4 business days)

  5. Lisa

    Hi Cora,

    Iam a newbie. I need all your help!
    I need to know all the brushes I need to use to do a smokey eye look.
    Where I can purchase all eye cosmetics?


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