Kat Von D Beethoven Palette Review

Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano
Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano

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Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano
Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano

For those of you that have been living under a rock, Kat Von D is a famous female Tattoo Artist most popular for her Tv shows Miami Ink and now LA Ink. She also set the record for most tattoos done is 24 hours(400! Someone has since broken her record).

She’s also one fabulously beautiful woman! She has a very distinct style that is all her own, and best of all (for a beauty junkie like me) is that she has her own line of makeup at Sephora! I’ve known about the line for sometime, and in the past, many of you have asked me to do a review or a tutorial for the eyeshadow palettes, or showing how to emulate her style. I don’t ever often do celebrity looks, but this one intrigued me.

This week I’m doing a 3-part series: Today I’m doing a review of the Kat Von D Beethoven Palette then on Wednesday and Thursday I’m doing rocker-chick-tastic looks I’m calling saint and sinner.  Did I mention that she just launched two perfumes called Saint and Sinner? I recently got samples of these scents, and while I think they are great, I know someone who’s much much better at perfume reviews: KatiePuckrikSmells. Katie and I are doing a collaboration this week: She’ll tell you how to smell like a saint or a sinner, and I’ll show you how to look like one! Enjoy my video review Guys & Dolls, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Jacqueline · October 13, 2009 Jacqueline

    I’ve always always wanted a Kat Von D palette! And now I do even more.

  2. Trisha · October 14, 2009 Trisha

    I would really like to try one of the limited edition palettes because I think they have better colors. I have this palette and I don’t like it all that much. On another note the funny thing about someone beating Kats record for most tattoos in a 24 hour period was none other than her ex husband Oliver Peck.

  3. L0L0_Babyy · October 14, 2009 L0L0_Babyy

    I have the Gypsy and the Ludwig palettes and they’re great.Ludwig is amazinnggg. Tequila is also in this one and i love how it comes out kind of creamy looking. Gypsy is ok, but ehh. I want the Beethoven one even more now thanks to your swatches lol. THANKS!

  4. Lynne · October 14, 2009 Lynne

    Nice review. Thanks for sharing. I thought getting one of these palettes myself although they are not that easy to get here in Germany.

  5. mom2jazz · October 14, 2009 mom2jazz

    Thanks Cora! I actually have the Metal Orchestra…and it’s great! The little brushes are great for appliying eyeshadow as eyeliner… 😉

  6. Ron · November 2, 2009 Ron

    Nice post – beethoven pictures ..Keep Posting– Tip: Keep your post active- commenting helps it – Ron beethoven pictures

  7. mytigerlily · March 17, 2010 mytigerlily

    Thanks so much for the swatches! I want me some Kat Von D at this point… It’s getting obsessive..lol

  8. Luna · May 17, 2010 Luna

    I actually love this palette, totally my type of shades.

  9. Claire · January 17, 2011 Claire

    Just wanted to mention something I noticed once I saw a picture of this Beethoven palette by KatVonD; there is a cheaper duped palette by NYX in the 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette from The Runway Collection in “Jazz Night.” This palette has 10 shadows versus Beethoven’s 8 shadows. Jazz Night contains pretty much all the same shadow colors as the Beethoven palette, but Jazz Night comes with an extra shimmery silver color and a shimmery charcoal/brownish color. Albeit I’ve never tried/swatched the Beethoven shadows myself, but the Jazz Night palette is great quality. Plus, the NYX palette is usually $8-10 at Ulta or online. Google it! (=

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