Kat Von D Sinner/ Goth Makeup

Hi Guys and Dolls! So here’s my Kat Von D Makeup Sinner look. I wanted to do something was was a different way of putting makeup on that I normally do: A darker color on the lid and liner colors in the crease/brow-bone. I really like the way this turned out, and I think it’s really easy to do compared to my normal “using makeup to create a deeper crease” -type makeup. I think I’ll be doing more makeup with a similar method!

I wanted to clarify something: in my review for this palette, many of you got the impression I just flat out don’t like it, or that I don’t like neutrals/lighter/paler colors- I do! I think that this palette is REALLY GOOD if you don’t already have dupes for it! I have a lot of dupes, which is not the makeup’s fault, but all my fave colors from this palette are easily dupable. Also, I like lighter colors, but I just don’t get all excited about dusty Mauve.

Anyway, here’s a perverse amount of pictures, & a few pictures of dupes (click on pictures to make them larger):

sinner eye 2

sinner eye 5

sinner eye 3Sinner full face

Looks sofer with no eyeliner
Looks softer with no eyeliner, No face makeup :)

sinner full face6

sort of messy, But you get the idea
sort of messy, But you get the idea

And the Dupes:

Leather ComparisonsNYX Brown and Dark Brown, The two Browns in the 88 Palette I showed in the Saint Video with a little black, Two Matte Browns and a Black from the 120 palette, and Leather from the Beethoven Palette. None are exact dupes, but they are pretty close.

Rad Purple ComparisonsPurples blues and a black from both the 120 and 88 palette, and Rad Purple. As you can see, Rad Purple is clearly the most pigmented

Speed Blue Comparisons

MAC’s Blue Flame (from Cool Heat 2008) Calypso Minerals Mez Mer Eyes (Vintageortacky Stacker), Speed Blue, MAC Sea and Sky (solid side)

Tequila ComparisonsTequila, MAC’s Gold Dusk Pigment (LE) MAC’s Creme Royal (LE) 120 Palette Bottom 2 from the left 2nd tray)

Products used for the Sinner Look:


MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50

MAC Studio Fix Powder (NW15)


Ben Nye Contour 1

Kirkland Signature By Borghese Primrose Blush



Kat Von D Beethoven  Palette (Rad Purple, Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila)

MAC  Blanc Type

Migi Velvet Liner

Urban Decay 24/7 liners in Zero, Binge and Ransom)

Imju Fiberwig Mascara


NYX Deep Purple Lipliner

MAC Rapturous Mattene Lipstick

MAC Young Punk Mineralize Eyeshadow

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  1. theartismakeup · October 16, 2009 theartismakeup

    very pretty look 😀 it really suites you 😀

  2. Krista · December 30, 2009 Krista


  3. Ashley · October 8, 2010 Ashley

    Hey, Sorry I’m a little late, which 120 palette do you use?

  4. mixnmatch1 · November 14, 2010 mixnmatch1

    fantastic eye makeup,perfect :)

  5. Sarah sequins · March 22, 2013 Sarah

    I love this look its beautiful. I have found pretty similar eyeshadow dupes for some of the Kat Von D quads as well please come stop by and let me know what you think of them.


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