Zombie Pin Up Makeup (Pic Heavy)

Hi Ghouls and Dolls. Or Guys and Ghouls. Or Ladies and Germs( what is this, a choose-your-own adventure greeting?) Here’s my final Halloween look for 2009, and It’s my personal favorite. I know I didn’t do much this Halloween, but I think everyone else about had it covered. I a HUGE zombie freak, as well as a HUGE Pin-Up freak, so this was combining two loves for me, which is nearly always a good time (chocolate and peanut butter anyone?)

I hope you guys enjoy this video, it was quite a labor of love. I edited for the first time in Sony Vegas (ok, that’s not entirely true. I made a makeup removal video for my Ghettoccino channel using Sony Vegas but all I did was crop like, 2 things and add a watermark. Big whoop). I also did video that was nearly all voice-over, another first. I think the end result turned out great, even if it took forever (a lot of that was just learning).

I’ve included a TON of pictures, I really love the way this turned out.

I forgot to mention this in the video, but I have yo give a shout-out to Candy, she’s the one who showed me I could use eyelash glue instead of Liquid Latex (and I could not find my Liquid Latex, so that advice came in handy!)

Next Halloween I will start taking requests early so I can do tons more Halloween videos for you guys!

<3 ya – Cora

OH dear?! I seem to want to eat your brains! Isn't that the cutest thing?

OH Dear! I seem to want to eat your brains! Isn’t that the cutest thing?

pin up zombie 10

Cute, But Deadly!

pin up zombie eye

Blog Pic 1

pin up zombie

blog pic 3

Does this look infected to you? (Lilo and Stich Ref)

(Gorier/Better pictures after the Product list 🙂

Products used:

*Your everyday Primer or Moisturizer( I used Cosmeticine’s Medi-matte)

*Your everyday Concealer (or skip it)(I used Hard Candy’s Nobody’s prefect concealer palette)

*Your everyday Face powder( I used MAC’s Studio Fix)

*A dark eyeshadow to fill in your brows

*Your everyday Contour color (you could skip this)( I used MAC’s Emote)

*You everyday Eye Primer (I used UDPP)

*A matte (no shimmer/shine)brow highlight color (I used a color from the 88 matte & satin palette)

*A matte Lid-Crease color (I used a color from the 88 M&S palette, as well as NYX’s Dark Brown)

*A skin-colored eyeshadow or face powder for your lids ( I used a color from the 88 M&S palette)

*Your Liquid or Gel eyeliner of choice (a FEW good ones are Migi’s Velvet Liner, MAC’s Penultimate liner, Ben Nye’s Cakeliner, and MAC’s Fluidline.  I used a Migi Velvet liner, and I got it here )

*Wipsy but long false lashes (I used Red Cherry #82)

*Mascara (I used Clinique’s High Impact Mascara)

*Eyelash Glue or Liquid Latex (the eyelash glue you can buy at most drugstores, the liquid latex you should be able to get at any costume shop/Halloween store)

*A Bruise kit/palette. I bought mine at a Halloween store. It couldn’t have been more that 7 dollars. Mine happens to be by “Cinema Secrets”

* A Red Lip liner (I used NYX’s Hot Red Rimmel has great red lip liners and so does Prestige, both drugstore brands)

* A Red Lipstick (I used MAC’s Russian Red, Any red you like is fine)

*A pin-up style wig or hair do. I got my Wig at Walgreens for 7.99 on their Halloween aisle. Here’s a few Links to some pin-up hair do’s you can do with your own hair (for free) Alternative to Victory Rolls Pin-Up Bandanna Cute Curls 1940’s Hair in under 5 minutes

* Fake blood (make sure that the blood is mouth safe before you put it in or around your mouth. Mine wasn’t so I made a kool-aid concoction. I’m STILL stained,  & it got EVERYWHERE as you can see in the following gory pictures:

These brains Rule! these Brains SUCK! (I hope you've seen the Shoe's Parody)

These brains Rule! these Brains SUCK! (I hope you’ve seen the Shoe’s Parody)

blog pic 17

You were delicious darling!

pic for blog 16

pics for blog 15

You look good enough to eat!

pics for blog 14

I’m a messy eater, tee-hee

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