How I fixed/How I Dye my hair

HI Guys and Dolls.

I’m sorry, but for now I don’t have time to do a write up on the things I used in my video, so I guess I kind of lied about that (unwittingly!) I’ll fill the blog post out later! for now, I’ll just say that my natural hair color is a dark ash blond. Here’s some before and after pics of my hair:

Calypso Review 006

This is the red-pink that I had. This is Special Effects brand “Devlish” over the pink that I had for a long time. I did not have to bleach my hair since the part that was pink was already bleached in May (this was August)

sigma 008

This is the Auburn I had the first day I died it in September. I Loved this! This was the L’oreal Mega Red Medium Auburn with a red and violet base. I used a level 10 developer. I think it looked this red because it had the bright red under it.

bfte review 010

The Auburn with Special effect Blood Red over it… I liked this too.

Lisa Frank Penquins 039

Before I tried “retouching my roots” my hair color was going strong…what the heck happened??? I think I may start doing this, dying it auburn, then putting a special effect color over it, like a few weeks later, as a color “refresher”/Rinse.

How I fixed my hair 003

This is basically what my hair color looked like after I tried to “touch up my roots” with the experimental mixture.  You can see the color has been stripped out from what it was. What you can’t see is how many different colors it is and the greenish cast it has isn’t showing up.

How I fixed my hair 044

my hair now. Not as lovely and dark as before, but not all skanky either :) I’ll be darkening it soonish. It’s a bit lighter than I would like, but Over all, I like it.

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