Lime Juice and Raspberries EOTD

Hi Guy and Dolls. A few weeks ago I did this look for fun, and I forgot about it entirely until I was going though my computer and deleting unnecessary photographs. I really wasn’t planning on putting this up as a blog post, but I used the picture as my twitter icon and a lot of you asked for a video or a list of what I used, so here you go!

I’m a sucker for lime green paired with purple or pink (or all three!).  Shimmer can look messy and the colors can sort of run together, at least when you are trying to do artistic makeup. Mattes help you create more defined color borders, but when you blend the colors, you can get more dimension out of it. The shimmer you see in this  came from the neon green color,  which has multi-dimensional shimmer, and the highlight, which has a violet/duo.  Anyway, I’m blabing on and on, here’s some pictures and a list of the colors I used:

lime juice and raspberries 3

Lime Juice and Rasperries

Lime Juice and Rasperries 2

I'm a bit obsessed with with Arabic style-eyeliner

Here’s what I used:

UDPP as a primer

A Matte Magenta (upper crease/brow bone blended out)

A Matte red-Violet(Crease)

A Matte Blue-purple(crease/outer lid)

Iridescence Chartreuse  (lid)

Violet duo-chrome(inner corner)

NYX White

Migi Velvet Liner in Black

Urban Decay Zero 24/7 liner

I don’t remember what the bottom purple was, but it was probably Ransom 24/7 liner form Urban Decay

Imju Fiberwig Mascara -this stuff is SO cool, I really need to do a review (even if it’s blog only)

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