Next video?

Hi Guys and Dolls! I’m having technical difficulties with the hair video (gr). I will have it up sometime early next week. I was planning on having it up today and another two videos for early next week, but sometimes editing is BEA!  So I’m going to do another video tonight and hopefully get the new one up by tomorrow night.  My question to you is which video would you all rather see? The voting on this one won’t be up for very long, because I need to go film it!

just vote once for which you’d prefer to see tomorrow:)

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  1. Gigi · November 22, 2009 Gigi

    Hii, I’m a huge fan of you videos, I was looking on YouTube for some nail tutorials and I saw one of your videos and I looovvvveeedd them. I think you are soo talented. I am constantly checking back to see if you made any new ones every day but then I found out you had a blog!!!!!!! Whatever video you have next i’m very excited to see it

  2. Devilcat · November 22, 2009 Devilcat

    I love your make-up tutorials <3

  3. Sara compassi · November 23, 2009 Sara

    Watch your show on YouTube and think you are very GOOD!!!!!!!! What about dita Von teese make up are for fun challenge ? If you do that wonderful!!!!’

  4. Michelle · November 23, 2009 Michelle

    Hi Cora,

    I found your blog from Fresco Pyrrah’s blog. I love your posts! Your make up looks great! What color red are you using for dye?Look forward to more posts! I added you to my blog roll.

    Check out mine:


  5. Kayla Lust · October 1, 2012 Kayla

    Hi, Im Kayla. I watch your videos on YouTube and I adore your talent! I had a question. Im a brunette And I want my hair like a Ariel from The Little Mermaid red. Will you recommend me a cheap good dye? You are amazing at what you do. You inspire me to look beautiful. Thanks, xoxox.

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