Volume from a Flat Iron?

Hi Guys and Dolls. I know I said I’d have some more information on the flat iron, but really any information about tourmaline flat irons can be found on google, yahoo, dogpile, bing, whatever your search engine of choice is :), and more information on this one in particular can be found at Beautychoice.com.  I’m sorry I’m not providing some additional info for your guys, but really I’m no expert, so i’d need to do quite a bit of research, and I just started a new job, so I’m really tired. I know it sounds like excuses, but cut me some slack on this one, eh?


OK, the mousse: Fat Hair by Samy ( I got it at Target)


The Flat Iron was sent to be by Beautychoice.com. but this is less a review of of that flat iron and more of a demo of how to get volume and straightness/shape in one step. I do think this is a great flatiron, and the skull print of it makes me excited to do my hair, LOL! anyway, you all always ask for pictures/multiple angles of my hair, so here you go my darlings:

Thanks for checking out my blog :) I have more stuff coming up soon! the videos have been a bit slow lately, but it should be picking up (no less than 2 a week) soon!!!!!

PS, since you’re going to ask anyway, I got a seasonal Job at Sephora :)

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  1. Kat · November 27, 2009 Kat

    OMG That’s the exact style and color combo I had two years ago! It’s so bitchin! It looks super awesome on you…better you than me anyways lol. I can’t rock red for the life of me! Simply gorgeous!

  2. Emily · November 27, 2009 Emily

    Cora, what do you use to film your videos?

  3. Honeybumblebee · November 30, 2009 Honeybumblebee

    I adore your hair! I am trying to grow my the same and the sides are driving me NUTS. Any advise on what to do in the “growing out” stage? Especially now that the holidays are here and crappy hair is not what I need right now :)

    • vintageortacky · December 1, 2009 vintageortacky

      Growing your hair out is always a little painful! In fact, I’m so sick to death of it, I’m getting it cut tomorrow! Try playing with it, coming up with new styles, change your part around, or my personal fave: HEAD BANDS AND HATS! When I’m at work/somewhere I need to look cute, I wear a cute head band!

  4. Rosa · December 1, 2009 Rosa

    Love your site!
    I’m curious, what color nail polish are you wearing in this hair tutorial?
    I am looking for a matte grey color (no glitter, not silver, etc). I need help. Yours looks like what I want except it looks like it has a top coat. Any suggestions.

    • vintageortacky · December 1, 2009 vintageortacky

      The Grey Polish is have is Revvvolution from Color Club and it is not a matte Grey, in fact it has holographic Shimmer in it! But it more lights, it looks like a grey creme polish, it’s weird/cool :)

  5. Nannie Stecker · December 8, 2009 Nannie

    I have had my steam mop for about 3 months, I have the steam cleaner modeland I have to say i wish i had waited and gotten another model.

  6. Beth · January 31, 2010 Beth


    I watched your vid on this on YouTube.
    I’ve got a question though; how hot did you put your straighteners to createt his hairstyle?


  7. Heather · June 30, 2010 Heather

    Hi Cora, I love your videos. I recently bought my first flat iron and wanted to watch this video again, but I can’t find it on your channel. Has it been taken down? Thanks!

  8. Raquel · February 24, 2011 Raquel

    Did you dye your hair yourself in these pics? The cut I will assume you got done at a salon?

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