Hard Candy

Hey everyone, I’m sorry this blog post is SUPER short (I’m TIIIIRED< lol) Basically, I said nearly everything I wanted to in the video, but I wanted to add one more thing: Hard Candy doesn’t test on animals! YAY

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  1. johanna c. aldana · December 6, 2009 johanna

    wow i love hardcandy thanks for the review …..

  2. Sara Jean · January 17, 2010 Sara

    I featured your video on my blog. I reviewed a mascara and eye shadow stick. Love your work! Thanks for being awesome (and having a similar face shape and skin-tone as me! :P)

  3. Autumn S. · October 11, 2010 Autumn

    I just wanna tell you that you are soooo beautiful. You remind me of my cousin Chelsie:) haha. I have to say you are my make up idol!!! I’d really like if you did some kind of rainbow look using sugar pill products only. Thanks!


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