Sigma Travel Brush Giveaway (Closed)

Hi Guys and Dolls! I hope you’re all having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend!

Why I decided to Have a Giveaway now & have a Contest Later:

As my Twitter followers know I’ve been going back and fourth on this contest business. Have it now? Have it later with more Prizes? Overall the votes have been close to 50-50, but they were leaning more so tword postponing the contest. As of yesterday, I had decided to just have it now, since my Two Year youtube anniversary was yesterday.

But a few things have changed my mind.

For one, I don’t like to have tons of contests. Mini Giveaways on twitter, sure. Really,Β  need to do that more often since they are so fun and sporadic, they are in no way a ploy to gain more subscribers/followers, just rewarding the ones I have. But big contests on youtube take a lot of time and energy, and are a lot harder to judge than they look. It’s the holiday season, and I know I’m busy with my new job, but I also know other people are busy as well, so less people would be able to participate.

More over, I do want my next contest to be big. I want to buy stuff with you guys in mind, and have time to gather fantastic sponsors. I want to be able to have a few winners, sort of like “Best in Show” “Miss Congeniality”Β  and stuff like that. I want to give people an opportunity to win who are crazy talented, and are just getting started, but have a lot of heart. I also want people who can’t do videos to have a chance to win something.Β  Also, perhaps after the holidays, some of you will have new makeup to play with? SO I’ll be delaying the big contest until January.

How To Win:

You have to be subscribed to my youtube channel.

Enter a Comment Below with your YOUTUBE USER NAME IN THE COMMENT stating that you’d like to be entered into the giveaway.

Only enter once. Multiple entries will be deleted.

This is open to everyone, domestic and International.

If You’re under 18, ask a parents permission.

Giveaway entries must be submitted by December 18 at 11:59 PST

Thanks for participating in my giveaway, and for being a part of my blog and youtube channel. Also I need to note that Sigma sent me brush sets for review and giveaway purposes.

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