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Hi Guys and Dolls! The purpose of this video was to answer all the messages I get from people asking what they should do with makeup if they have less brow to eye crease space, or over all less lid space.  The “Three Section Method” I explain is not the only way you can do your makeup, but it is a good starting point if you’re just starting out and are confused about placement. I know I normally do a cut-crease style one way or the other,  and some of you felt like you couldn’t do your makeup like that, so I want to start doing makeup in different shapes, etc. Keep in mind that the 3 section method is generally less “artistic” or editorial looking. I think in a lot of ways it’s easier, and looks prettier super blended, so whip out those great shader brushes (Sonia Kashuk makes a BOMB one, it sells for 5.99 @ Target). This method calls for back and forth side-to-side blending, which in my personal opinion is easier than blending a lot of colors higher on the lid. The pinks and purples I used were from the “Cherry Blossom” Quadriset from Harajuku Hunnies. I really blended this down, and didn’t really make them POP too much, since the main purpose of this video was teaching, but trust me, this is like PAM BAM WOW when you want it to be!

I have to mention that this was partially Inspired my Jacqueline of

She did a post using this same Quadriset from Harajuku Hunnies and she’s the main reson I decided to go ahead and buy it! IN her post he really used the color to their full potential

Products used:


in order of application:


Harajuku Hunnies “Cherry Blossom” Quadriset(*review coming)

Matte black from the 42 matte shadow & blush palette(*review coming, not from coastal scents)

MAC Studio Fix Powder NW15 (highlight)

MAC Pink Opal Pigment (Highlight)

Urban Decay 24/7 liner “zero” (top and bottom water lines)

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner “ransom” (top and bottom lash lines)

Harajuku Hunnies “Purple Majesty” Sex Pot

Clinique High Impact Mascara


Stila Tinted Moisturizer (to be honest, this doesn’t really have very much coverage. it’s quite literally, a “tint”)

MUFE HD Concealer


Illuminating Finishing Powder “Bronze” (apply this all over was a mistake. I did it really fast & it ended up looking patchy)


Illuminating Finishing Powder “Bronze”

Harajuku Hunnies “Cherry Blossom” Quadriset (yeah, I used it on my cheeks. WHAT!)


“Looking good for Jesus” Lipbalm

NYX Fuchsia Lipliner (My fave of all time!)

Urban Decay Jilted Lipstick

Since the quad is sold out, a lot of you ahve been asking for dupes for the Quad colors:

Lilac: BFTE Angel
Hot Pink: Makeup Forever #75
Mid Pink: MAC Vibrant Grape (Pro Only)
Plum/Magenta: Ben Nye Purple Haze Blush

Thanks for stopping by my Peanut Gallery! Remember to be Bright, Bold, & Beautiful, Just Be yourself!

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