“Helena” My Chemical Romance Inspired

Hi Guys and Dolls! Here’s some pictures and a list of products I used to create this look.


MUFE Mat Velvet + “115”

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural “Light”


MAC “Emote” Blush (contour)

Pandora’s Makeup Box “Lolita” Blush (check out my review here)


Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner “Zero” (check out my review here)

Sugarpill “Love +” (check out my review here)

NYX “Sensual”

NYX “Black”

NYX “White”

MAC ” Pink Opal” pigment

Sugarpill “Lumi” Chromalust

Stila Convertible Mascara


Rimmel “Airy Fairy” Long lasting Lipstick

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16 thoughts on ““Helena” My Chemical Romance Inspired

  1. satya

    Wow Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!
    I hope there is a tutorial for this in my in box! this is my fave to date
    thanks girl!

  2. Chloe (Ceeweezle94)

    Jizz in my pants! I commented on the Video already but WOW!!! This matches my prom dress perfectly. I was pondering about what sort of make up to do for prom and then my mind drifted and I went on youtube KABLAMM!!! your video right there I almost died yeah any way you always have a way of saving people without knowing it so I thought I’d tell you. <3 thank youuu


  3. xxmanduh

    I really LOVE this look. Love the colors and the shape! And these pictures made me decide that I have to buy Airy Fairy. =)

  4. Alicia

    This is by far my favorite look you’ve done, Cora. This is my favorite MCR song, and I think this look REALLY does it justice.

    I love how it’s red and pink sort-of mixed together.

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  6. evelyne

    you are amazing GIRL! i’m from mexico and i see everyday one of your videos. i’ve never seen a amazing girl with a fantastic look like you!;DD!

  7. carriefullerton

    I sent you a pic e mail I just used this look today and used the Wet&Wild spoiled brat palette.


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