Exotic Green Using Drugstore Makeup

Hey Everyone!

Here’s the bright smoky green I was wearing in my latest fashion video and E.L.F./Cherry Culture show and tell video. Many of you asked for a tutorial, and I wanted to do one anyway, Exotic Green is one of my new fave shadows.  Nearly everything I used is drugstore, or at drugstore comparable prices!

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Unique MAC Graphic Garden Palette

Hey Everyone!

On Monday I had business in the same area where there is a CCS, and I can never resist a peek there. For those of you who don’t know, a CCS/CCO short for Cosmetic Company Store/Outlet they are outlet stores that sells discontinued or overstock Estee Lauder owned cosmetic brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Origins etc… for 30% off retail! Discontinued MAC goodies on the cheap? Yeah, they know me by name there.  Anywho! So while I was there my fave sales girl Megan let me know they had some new stuff that had just come in, so she opened the boxes to show me the goods. Among the delightful new arrivals was the Graphic Garden Palette from last years Nordstrom anniversary collection. It contained a bunch of perm MAC shadows I’ve had my eye on, and two discontinued ones including Jewel Blue, which I’ve been lusting after and never thought I’d get my hot little hands on.  SO needless to say I got it, I’ve been using it, I love it…etc.

But this is not a haul post.

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Cotton Candy Popsicle!

Hi Guys and Dolls!

We’ll make this one short and sweet, a few pics and a list of products? Easy for me, quick for you- everyone wins! Tell me if you like the occasional short video & short blogpost, mixed in with my normal explain-everything ones 🙂

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