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Exotic Green Using Drugstore Makeup

Hey Everyone! Here’s the bright smoky green I was wearing in my latest fashion video and E.L.F./Cherry Culture show and tell video. Many of you asked for a tutorial, and I wanted to do one anyway, Exotic Green is one of my new fave shadows.  Nearly everything I used is drugstore, or at drugstore comparable […]

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Unique MAC Graphic Garden Palette

Hey Everyone! On Monday I had business in the same area where there is a CCS, and I can never resist a peek there. For those of you who don’t know, a CCS/CCO short for Cosmetic Company Store/Outlet they are outlet stores that sells discontinued or overstock Estee Lauder owned cosmetic brands like MAC, Bobbi […]

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Cotton Candy Popsicle!

Hi Guys and Dolls! We’ll make this one short and sweet, a few pics and a list of products? Easy for me, quick for you- everyone wins! Tell me if you like the occasional short video & short blogpost, mixed in with my normal explain-everything ones 🙂

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