New Nailpolish Goodness!

Hey Guys and Dolls!

So The other day I was  drooling over my favorite nail porn swatch site Scrangie  and I came upon this post showing the comparison of Nubar 2010 and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

Click here to See Scangie’s post

In her post she mentions that the flakies in these polishes are similar to the flakies in Nfu Oh Laquers. Now, most of you don’t know this, but I’m obsessed with the Nfu-oh flakie laquers, but I can’t bring myself to spend that on one polish. Maybe for my b-day or something, but not just cause.

I decided if I couldn’t find the Sally Hansen version in a local drugstore, then I’d get the Nubar one (and probably a few others since I’ve never tried Nubar, but I’ve heard great things). The Sally Hansen polish is part of then the new-ish “Complete Salon Manicure” line they have with one of those awesome wide-brushes. So today I made it my mission to track down Hidden Treasure.  The first drugstore I hit up had the collection and the display but was sold out of HT. Sad Face.  Happily they had Sinful Colors Ocean green, which is another polish I’ve had my eye on.

Click Here for a great swatch of Green Ocean

I agree with the TheNailPhile that Green Ocean is CHUNKY MUNKY but it’s also really pretty.  I like it, but not “in love/get lost in” like some of my other polishes. My little sister just might be inheriting a new polish.

Back to the Hunt: Luckily I found Hidden Treasure at the second walgreens I visited where it was on sale, buy one get one 1/2 off, so I bought two bottles (when I really love a polish I try to buy a backup if it’s not too expensive. I learned my lesson with China Glaze “OMG”). I just couldn’t even wait until I got in the car, I painted one nail in the parking lot! I really love this polish!

OK, so here’s some swatch pictures. Keep in mind these were painted OVER other polish (Sephora By OPI  Teal We Meet Again- kind of a “meh” dark teal.) and in a hurry, so they look bad. Also these all have a layer of the magical topcoat known as Seche Vite over them.

THUMB: One coat Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over L.A. Girl ROCK STAR “Groupie” (one of my all-time FAVES, this combo looks A LOT COOLER in person)

INDEX: Two coats of Hidden Treasure over Sephora by OPI “Teal We Meet Again”

MIDDLE: Two or three coats of Sinful Colors “Green Ocean” over “Teal We Meet Again”

RING: One coat of Hidden Treasure over Orly “Matte Vinyl” (my second fave combo)

PINKIE: Hidden Treasure over China Glaze “Grape Pop”

And another shot:

I’m pretty sure I need to do my nails alternating Groupie and Matte Vinyl with Hidden Treasure over the top. So far I think I prefer just one coat of  Hidden Treasure, it’s very dense with it’s flakie-ness, so the second coat just sort of over does it.

What are you current favorite polishes?

<3 Cora

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