Ravenclaw: Harry Potter Series

Hey Guys and Dolls!

This will be short a sweet, a list of products & pictures:

Products used:


MAC Painterly paint Pot

Styli Style Twilight 24 line & seal Liner

MAC Sea and Sky Duo

Styli Style SilverLiquid Metal liner

MUFE 10L Aqua Eyes liner

MAC Blanc Type

Milani Moonlight


Stila Plum Fairy Lipglaze

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  1. Zaggytiddies · June 11, 2010 Zaggytiddies

    Whoo gorgeous!

  2. sakuraness · June 11, 2010 sakuraness

    Girl! That is totally glam! You are the queen of the cut crease.

  3. gio · June 11, 2010 gio

    Wow, this is stunning!

  4. Charlotte · June 11, 2010 Charlotte

    Wow, love the lashes!

  5. Margarett · June 11, 2010 Margarett

    Hey Cora

    Who are the lashes from


  6. Ginny M. W. · June 11, 2010 Ginny

    OMG! Cora, you totally just made my day!!!! Tomorrows my b-day and I needed a new look to try out! The fact that it’s Harry Potter makes it even cooler!!!
    Keep up the AMAZING work!

  7. babytyche08 · June 11, 2010 babytyche08

    Wow.. It’s really beautiful.

  8. Krista · June 12, 2010 Krista

    Stunning…the lashes look fantastic!

  9. Natascha · June 12, 2010 Natascha

    I actually LOVE the color combo!
    It’s very glam!

  10. mytigerlily · June 12, 2010 mytigerlily

    aH! This is great. Very ravenclaw.

  11. Amanda · June 13, 2010 Amanda

    Oh wow I love it,,, and the lashes are hot hot and u are so stunning =)

  12. rebecca · June 13, 2010 rebecca

    hi add me on facebook and i love ur eyeshadows i do them all the time

  13. Jonna · June 14, 2010 Jonna

    wow I love the lashes! x

  14. Melanie · June 15, 2010 Melanie

    Hey Cora!

    I would like to know what is the liquid eye liner you used for your upper eye lid in this video.

    thank you !


  15. mrsjustheretolearn · June 21, 2010 mrsjustheretolearn

    Hey Cora, I dont check my email all that often, is there a way to subscribe to this through my dashboard ? its a google blog thingy…. I like to keep all my favorites in one area so I dont miss anything. just curious. :) thanks for a great post!

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