Plummy Brownie Coral Pinup

Hey Guys and Dolls!

I’m sorry the blog posts have been so short and to the point lately (and  few and far between) but I figure the videos are the best part anyway right? SO He’s the traditional Pics & Prodz!

Can you see the awesome orange fire in the lid color? *SEQUELS*

this pic kind of kills the fire, but it shows the blending :)

this one wasn’t shot in “vivid” mode :)



MAC Prep & Prime Spf 50

MAC Studio Fix Powder

Smashbox Halo Powder


MUFE Aqua Cream in 9 Coral

Cargo Blush in Rome


Too Faced Shadow Insurance (I used to use this so I’m re-trying it haha)

A Golden Brown eyeshadow (MAC’s Espresso, Sephora Cocoa Powder, NYX Brown & Golden Bronze Mixed, honestly, any golden/warm brown you like will do)

Sugarpill Poison Plum

Too Faced Glamor To Go Palette Pink Highlight eyeshadow (Elf Eyeshadow transformer palette, Trucco Angel Face palette, MAC ‘s Pink Opal Pigment, etc)

MUFE Star Powder in 940

Matte Beige Eyeshadow (mine was from the Wet ‘n’ Wild Greed Color iCon Palette)

Lorac Front of the Line PRO in Black

Annabelle Smudge liner in Amour

NYX White Pencil

Stila Convertable Mascara


MUFE Aqua Cream in 9 Coral

MAC Bombshell Lipstick

MAC Nymphette Lipglass

Thanks for stopping by <3 Cora

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  1. Ana Pires · June 19, 2010 Ana

    It looks awesome, and somewhat like something I might wear during the day actually (maybe a little toned down in what concerns the liner). 😛

    Is it okay if I leave a bit of constructive criticism? In the first and second photo, bellow the liner and in between the lashes, you can see some skin. I think with such a dramatic liner, it might look better if you tight lined as well, you know? So that small area around the lashes looks darker and thicker bellow the beautiful shadow.

    Just an idea anyway, still looks awesome. :)

    • vintageortacky · June 20, 2010 vintageortacky

      Thanks! I normally tightline for videos, but IRL it usually smudges on me. Since I filmed this right before work, I skipped it :)

  2. Sam · June 19, 2010 Sam

    Love the lips. :]

  3. Ana S · June 19, 2010 Ana

    I have to see this is an overall gorgeous look- the technique used on the eyes is especially perfect for those that have downturned eyes. This is by-far the best look I have seen for the summer!

  4. Jonna · June 19, 2010 Jonna

    Very pretty wearable look :) Well blended!

  5. lourdes · June 19, 2010 lourdes

    very pretty love it !!!

  6. gio · June 20, 2010 gio

    This is a beautiful look and very wearable too. Love the lips!

  7. caitlinRose28 · June 22, 2010 caitlinRose28

    is the mac prep and prime worth it? i’ve been eyeing it. Thanks. btw- love your tutorials. You are very inspiring :)

  8. Ashley · June 23, 2010 Ashley

    Love Love Love This Look Amazing

  9. Sanna · June 24, 2010 Sanna

    I really enjoy watching your videos:)

  10. rebecca · June 25, 2010 rebecca

    love the eyes and dont forget to check out my web site leave a comment

  11. Rachel · July 30, 2010 Rachel

    This look is SOOO awesome! I like it soo much

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