Loose VS Pressed Minerals and Pigments

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Ever since I posted my how-to video on pressing minerals/pigments I’ve had about a grillion questions, but the main one is this: How does pressing affect the pigmentation/color/texture of the eyeshadow/pigment? Well, here’s some pictures to show you the difference:


So as you can see, pressing BFTE shadows makes them come out more pigmented, sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s a dramatic difference. and in the last photo, you can see that pressing almost makes it look like when it’s wet.


It’s pretty much the same story for MAC Pigments, pressing them makes the pigmentation stronger, and in some cases tones down the shimmer (which for me is a plus.) With Your Ladyship it made a lot more pink come out.

Lumiere Cosmetics

Lumiere Cosmetics is a different story. Their Mineral shadows have a  thin, fine-dust texture that is different from BFTE’s shadows. With Root Beer Pop (My fave shadow from them) pressing intensified the shadow. But with Blue Raspberry the shadow became greener. ( I actually layered the dry one more, just because I was surprised the color changed so much)

For the most part, pressing loose shadows improves the texture, and intensifies the color. In case you missed it, here’s my video all about pressing minerals:

I mentioned this in the video, but in case you missed it: If you want to press MAC pigments you don’t have to use the pressing medium. Sometimes I add a drop of it, but trust me, using this amount of it on MAC pigments makes it so they never set. Also I’ve tried this with mixed results with Matte mineral shadows, and over all I don’t recommend it.

If you try this, you do so at your own risk, and I assume no liability for damages. Happy Pressing 🙂

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