Monarch Inferno

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Today’s look is a Brown, Orange and Gold  Cat-Eye-Cut Crease. I really like looks like this, where the boldness is on the lid, and with the eyes open, you just get a hit of the “wow” factor.

Pics & Prodz:

See, just a hint of the Orange shows!

What I used:


MAC Studio Fix Powder

Stila Illuminating Finishing powder in Rose Gold


Cargo Rome

MAC Emote


MAC Painterly paint pot

NYX Golden Amber

Ben Nye Aztec Gold

Sugarpill Flamepoint

MAC Vanilla Pigment

MAC Dipdown Fluidline

Styli Style 24/7 Twist liner in Topaz

Dior Extase Mascara

Lips: Jemma Kidd Make Up School Lip Gloss in Coral

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23 thoughts on “Monarch Inferno

  1. Jane Pryor (janieforever on youtube)

    Love this Cora. So pretty. And I love how it’s only bold on the lid! Wow. You’re sooo talented!

  2. thelaynie

    Wow, this look is fabulous! It looks really nice in the pictures. Your video is nice, but you know how colors can look slightly altered. This really does look great on you.

    I love how with your eyes open, it’s just a slightly smoky eye. Then when you blink, it’s POW, magic! Gorgeous!

  3. Julia

    Love it!!!!!!!!! Where did you get the Jemma Kidd in Coral…is that the one they carry at Target? Love ya!

  4. Myndy

    Love this look!

    Do you use the same camera for pics that you do for filming? I try to take good pics of the looks I try but they never show the colors the way your still shots do.

    1. vintageortacky

      I have to take 50+ pictures to get like, 5 good/decent shots. And yes I use the same camera for filming and picture-taking.

  5. Bex

    Hey. I usually never, ever in a thousand years comment on anything, but I felt compelled. I stumbled across your channel on youtube, and I just think you are so incredibly beautiful. What you do is amazing, don’t ever stop. Have a magical day 🙂

  6. rebecca

    i really like the look and i was just asking if you can do any miley cyrus look tommorow or the next week comment back love your makeup!!!!

  7. Lavina

    I love this look. Nice orange. I’ve been trying to look for the right orange for myself. No luck yet.
    I noticed the Inferno is not the same as the picture on your Facebook pics. Was that one from someone else?

    1. vintageortacky

      I have a few different orange looks, and this one is one of the ones I have posted on my facebook page. Also sometimes my facebook “fans” recreate pictures or post their own creations on my page 🙂


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