Popeyez Brown

Hey Guys and Dolls! Today’s video is another in my Pop-Eyes Series (I’m calling it Popeyez because it sounds like Popeye). This look is great because purple looks good on pretty much everyone, despite what some people thing about it making them look bruised. You just need to be careful of fall-out! So while this […]

Popeyez Hazel

Hey Guys &  Dolls! I’m pretty sure I explained everything pretty thoroughly in the video below,  so here’s a list of things I used an a few pictures. If You’d like to vote for my video in the Physician’s Formula Contest, here’s the link (you can vote on each video once a day). I also […]

HP Series Gryffindor

Hi Guys and Dolls! This video was incredibly difficult to get up. As some of you may know, my computer is in the shop (see my computer woes post).  I’m using my older-than-dirt- back-up computer so please forgive me if this post and corresponding video are a touch rough. When you use your computer as […]

Computer woes

Hey Guys and Dolls! Super-Sucky news: My Computer wouldn’t turn on yesterday- as in not at all. I think it *might* be the power supply, but I honestly have no idea. I really hope it’s not too costly to fix. I’m taking it to a repair shop, and hopefully it’s something small.  Luckily I still […]

Ocean Twilight

Hi Guys and Dolls! The name from today’s tutorial came from Alyson Whitechapel one of my Facebook followers. If You’d like to help me name things/be part of my “sounding board” then follow me on Twitter or Facebook. OK Now for the Pics & Prodz: DAY PLAY Halloween Request version: Face: MAC Studio Fix Foundation […]

Back To School-Fast & Cheap Makeup

Hey Guys and Dolls! Today I have a full face that is easy and simple to do everyday. It’s school, teenager, and budget friendly, since nearly everything I used is from a drugstore. WHOO-HOO! Here’s some pics and a list of products: More after the Jump