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Last Friday I popped into the Cosmetic Company Store in Vacaville Ca to see if there were and steals & deals I couldn’t pass up, and I let me tell you- I found quite a few goodies! Before I indulge you with the goods I want to let you in on some details.  I know some of you are sitting there asking what is a cco/ccs? These stores are in Outlet Malls (so they are outlet stores) where you can buy products from Estee Lauder Brands (such as Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Origins, M.A.C etc) for 30% off original retail. It’s not a very big store, so they don’t carry the full range from each line, usually just discontinued, Limited Edition and over stock items. I’ve been a shopping at the one in Vacaville for about 2 years now, and I nearly always find a gem from a collection I missed out on. In short, I love the CCS!

I’ve found some really cool stuff in the past, like full-size brushes, &  Graphic Garden Palette that was different from the Collection Release (with a quality -control sticker written in Chinese! Click here to read that blog post). Since CCO/CCS’s can be kind of hit or miss, I want to share some of the goodies I found a few days ago!

Massive Makeup PrOn after the jump

MAC Shave Cream & Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild.

Many of you ask me what cleanser I use and about my skincare routine. I have combination skin that is acne prone with large pores, and dry patches- It may look nice on camera and it’s really not the worst, but I have to really careful what I use on my skin, so I’m pretty picky about what I use.  That said I’m also in search of those HG products that will tame breakouts and make my pores shrink to their pre-teen size. *Sigh* Anyway, I always go back to this Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild because it cleans my skin without stripping it. I love using this with an old washcloth to cleanse and exfoliate my skin. This is my prefect winter-time cleanser-but in the summer sometimes I feel like this isn’t enough. I’ve heard good things about the Paula’s Choice cleanser with Triclosan- Have any of you tried it?

Oh and that other guy pictured here? That’s MAC’s Shave Cream. Apparently it’s been discontinued. Mr. Vintageortacky wanted to get it since he is always on the hunt for something to tame his thick beard. I kinda stole it once I discovered that it has a spearmint type scent -how good will that feel in the July heat? I’ve tried it for shaving my underarms a few times and I like it. It’s mine now Mister!

Dry Martini Nail Lacquer from Nail Trend F/W ’09 by Jin Soon.

I’m starting to really like MAC Lacquers despite their smaller size. I have a few that have been sheer (I’m looking at you Violet Fire) but for the most part they are pigmented and have a decent drying time. This one is a muckle-turd-baby-poop kind of color(excuse the gross references, but really, can you think of a better way to describe this?). It leans on the browner side and even Mr. VoT comment on how it was such a cool color. When it comes nail polish I’m  interested in unique & eclectic colors/finishes/etc so this was a welcome addition to my collection. It’s a cream finish, and it’s pretty much opaque in 2 coats.

Reflects Very Pink Glitter and Push the Edge Pigment.

I was super happy to find a these in the old jars! Reflects Very Pink is a Mirco-fine Hot-pink/Magenta Glitter that actually reflects a type of blurple color- Super awesome! Push the Edge Pigment is a deep purple with low-level cool blue & red shimmer. It has a neat texture, it’s not too shimmery, but it’s not flat either- OMG I LOVE IT!!! I was sad when I missed out on this the first time, and then again with the Venomous Villains Collection! So finding it in the old MAC Jar was a major boon for me. I do want to mention that even though this is the old-style jar, Push the Edge still only has 4.3gm of product(the Glitter is the full 7.5 gm). Honestly the reduced size doesn’t really bother me that much since I’ve never used up a jar of pigment, and if it keeps the price at 19.50, so be it. I just don’t like the new jars because the inside lid-thingy is kind of awkward now that it’s so small(though I do like the little tab) & they don’t fit standing up in the drawer I keep pigments in. I digress, here’s some more pictures: Reflects Very Pink & Push the Edge

New & Old MAC Pigment Jars. Later & Push the Edge

All Races Eyeshadow from the All Races, All Ages, All Sexes Collection 2010

This is a matte, very light/taupe/mauve/beige. It’s seems to have trouble identifying itself, but I like it. It’s nothing to gush over, but it’s a good neutral.

Prim & Proper Blush from Give Me Liberty Of London Collection 2010

Some call this a nude, I call it a peachy dirty rose. Eh, maybe it is nude. Peachy Nude. Anyway it’s beautiful and really flattering on my nc15-nw20 skin. I was thinking of getting Dirty Plum as well, but I knew I’d get more mileage out of this, and Dirty Plum seems really similar to Ben Nye’s Purple Haze, which  already have (and nearly never use).

Icescape Lipglass From The Love Lace Collection 2009

Not too much to say about this one, it’s a very light & sheer baby Pink with Pink Opal Pigment type of shimmer. It’s a really pretty gloss and a great alternative to nude lips.

I turned it to this side of the box for a reason. Do you see where it says A89? That’s the batch code for the product; A89 means it was the the first batch of August 2009. It’s important to know and check batch codes when you’re shopping at a CCO/CCS. If you know what the batch codes represent, then you can avoid buying an expired product, or one that will expire quickly after purchase. As a general guideline: Lipglosses you don’t want to buy older than 1-2 years, lipsticks, 2 years, powders don’t really go bad sitting in a box, but let’s say 3-4 years. Just ask the sales person if you can see the box before you purchase, simple as that. For more info on deciphering the codes & makeup expiration in general please see this blog post http://www.vintageortacky.com/2009/06/04/mac-makeup-expiration/

Totally Bang! Super Glass 2010

When Superglass came out earlier this year I heard mixed reviews, but overall most people just didn’t seem to like them. I never tried them because I have a policy about not trying any tester makeup on my face if I can’t sanitize it (like lipstick..and even then). When I saw Totally Bang! I had to have it.  Bright Magenta with Rainbow-y Opal irregular glitter. Yes please can I have some more!? It’s sheer and not too sticky, and I like the shape of the tube- it catches the light and you get rainbows in it like a crystal. Another thing I’d like to mention the size comparison to other MAC lipglasses: Dazzleglasses are 1.92gm, Dazzleglass Cremes are 2.7gm, and this is 4.3 and the Dare to Wear Lipglass is 5gm! (for reference a regular MAC lipglass is 4.8). I really hope they bring these back!

Sexy Shenanigans Soft Mini Lipglass/Lustureglass Set from the Magic, Mirth and Mischief Holiday 2009 Collection.

Every year I get so excited for the mini-sets. Even and full retail price they’re a good value: Each of these mini’s contain 2.4gm of product, so if we reference the information above we can see that these are each more product than a Dazzleglass, and one-half the size of a regular Lipglass. That means that even if you paid full-retail price you’d be getting 2.5 lipglasses for the price of 2: But you’d betting 5 colors! This was the first time I’ve ever seen a lipglass mini set at a ccs/cco so I had to snatch one up! The colors are all really soft, (Elle doesn’t even show up in these pictures) so I’ll do my best to describe them.

Poetic Licence(Lipglass) is a peachy-nude, very pigmented and smooth, no shimmer

Cruise Control(Lipglass) is a Sheer Baby pink with shimmer and sparse rainbow glitter

Ensign(Lustreglass)is a light pinky-coral with a metallic like shimmer

Elle(Lipglass) is a milky-off white with apricot shimmer, kind of like Vanilla Pigment in a sheer gloss form

Morning Glory(Lustureglass) is a sheer blue pink with silver shimmer

Poetic License, Cruise Control and Elle are my faves of the bunch, which surprised me since I love Lustureglasses. Poetic License and Ensign are the most pigmented of the bunch. Morning glory just flat out doesn’t do it for me, but I love the name (I always ask people, what’s the “Story, Morning Glory”… I was a HUGE Oasis nerd when I was in Jr High). ANYHOOTERS, Here’s some swatches:

Sheer Mystery Powder from the Monogram Collection

This powder is kind of like a more elegant version of MAC’s Blot powder. I loved the elegant compact with the overlapping MAC- Those are me & my Husband’s Initials, so it remind me of him when I touch up- always…well…usually a day brightener. Also as a kid my mom always had fancy compacts in her purse, so I feel so grown up with my Gold-toned metal& enamel compact. The Down side is these sheer Mystery powders are so expensive! Even at the CCO/CCS this was $35 and the powder is small! But you do get a refill, so it’s not THAT bad. You just can’t think of it as a regular MAC item because it’s not, it’s their Couture collection. It’s meant to be on-par with YSL, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and other SUPER high-end lines. For a high-end line, MAC is relatively cheap.

The only thing I’m not 100% satisfied with this is that they didn’t have the lightest shade, so I had to get Light-medium. It’s not a HUGE thing, since I’ve used Medium Blot Powder before (ironically, my mom’s) But I’d love to have this in the lightest shade since my face is darker than my neck so I like using lighter powders to balance it out…maybe I’ll get this powder in my shade when it some out again this year, and save this one for summer time when my skin gets a half shade darker, despite my diligent sunscreen use. OK I’m just rambling now. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my Show & Tell! SHopping at a CCO is a lot of fun, and if you have one near you I highly suggest making the trip!

Thank for looking!

<3 Cora

Everything in this blog post was purchase by me, and my opinions are not influenced by nor to I represent any company.

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  1. sophia
    November 2, 2010 / 9:44 pm

    i thought sheer mystery powder only comes in light medium and dark medium? my husband bought me the baroque collection compact from last christmas, and he specifically asked for the lightest powder it came in. i’m as fair or fairer than you (nw15 is too dark on me in most formulations), and it blends out nicely for touchups.

    great finds! love the cco, need to go stop at one this winter 🙂

  2. Jennifer
    November 2, 2010 / 9:58 pm

    Awesome haul, Cora!! You got some nice goodies there. I’ve been meaning to go back to my CCO for awhile now, but am always broke because of Mac’s never ending launches so I never go. If they’re getting Liberty of London already, I’m gonna have to go back and see if I can pick up some missing pieces. Great post and haul. Enjoy your goodies. 🙂

  3. Krista
    November 3, 2010 / 6:43 am

    I should say you got some great stuff. Very impressed!!!

  4. marissa
    November 3, 2010 / 11:55 am

    Thank-you for the swatches 🙂

  5. November 3, 2010 / 12:39 pm

    Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff… I especially love the blush and the lipglosses. <3

  6. November 3, 2010 / 3:11 pm

    Wow I wish there was a store like that in the Netherlands! I really love the stuff you boight especialy the lipglasses. Kinda OT but why does MAC call them lipglass instead of lipgloss? Is it just a name or are they really diffrent from normal lipgloss? Or is lipglass the English for the product we here call lipgloss?

  7. November 3, 2010 / 9:34 pm

    I totally love the hot pink pigment. But then again….I am obsessed with pink!

    Prim and proper is also very pretty.

    Great haul Cora! I wish we had CCOs is Oklamoma 🙁

  8. Nikelle
    November 4, 2010 / 7:26 am

    I live in Sacramento and have been to all the CCOs in California. By far the best one is the Napa, CA. The staff is awesome there and their selection rotates quite frequently whereas the Vacaville store seems to be hit or miss. I have gone to the Vacaville store many times and been totally ignored and seen the same stuff for months on end. I am never disappointed at the Napa store. Kelli and Adrianna are the best. Here is a link to find the CCO near you: http://mallseeker.com/cosmeticscompanystore.aspx.

  9. lovelyeyez
    November 6, 2010 / 2:29 pm

    hey just wanted to say that i love your site and have watched a lot of the tuts. I just wanted to share that i got the 122 color eyeshadow set from china for 1.00! i can’t wait to get it. Shipping was $15 so i got it for $16. So excited.

  10. November 7, 2010 / 8:20 pm

    I was there at my cco last night I didn’t get the mystery compact because it was all broken up at least the tester one was so the girl swayed me away from purchase! I did get Style snob eye shadow and I got a Estee Lauder Coral Kisses lip gloss. I saw the Liberty of London lipglasses but that’s all mine had form that collection no blushes, I was gonna get the glosses. hmmmm may have to go back

  11. lovelyeyez
    November 9, 2010 / 4:21 pm

    just wanted to say that i bought 9 new mac eyeshadows from Ebay for $20 i’m addicted to makeup it’s getting out of control lol

  12. November 12, 2010 / 10:09 am

    Hello, I am Brazilian. I loved your blog and your makeup, simply perfect. Congratulations! I will come more often to pick up some tips with you! Kisses

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