Kissable Lipcolor Review

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Today I’m going to be reviewing MAC’s newest lip product: Kissable Lipcolor! The MAC website describes these as:

“Luscious in pay-off and application, Kissable Lipcolour applies with the smooth glide of a lip gloss, then finishes with the creamy pigment-rich look of a Lipstick. New Slimline vial complete with doe-foot applicator.”

I would describe these as a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid- it applies like a lipgloss, but these are pigmented and creamy like to lipsticks. They have no glitter, and the only one I have that has any shimmer is Peacocky. The texture is not thick or sticky in anyway- in fact quite the opposite. I feel like I have a cushiony lipstick on, and after removing these my lips feel normal, not dehydrated like they can feel after  certain lipgloss. In a way they feel hydrated right after removal. Maybe that’s what MAC meant by Kissable Lipcolor? The name gave me the impression that these would be transfer-resistant, but as Mr. Vintageortacky can attest, these kiss off quite easily. I can’t say how long they last since I’m diligent to remove & reapply even to drink water, unless I have a straw; I get really ooked out by the idea of “eating” my lipstick…ew. These are scented with the classic MAC Vanilla smell and I just can’t get enough of.

Here’s a break down of the shades I have:

Peacocky: Nearly medium coverage milky blue with pink (red) pearl. This one isn’t opaque enough to really be pulled off on my lips. Admittedly blue isn’t  a color I would really wear on any given Tuesday(or wed. thurs. fri. etc…) but I have in my head this idea that unless it’s a lipgloss that is merely tinted blue- blue; lippies really ought to be opaque. In my opinion when your lipcolor shows though the blue it looks weird. Meh it’s not for me. I wanted it to be opaque to sate my jones for the OCC RX liptar- and I’m not sure if it killed my want for a blue lippie or has made me want to find the right one.

Enchantee: Light blue-pink thinking nude thoughts. This isn’t nearly nude enough to be classified as one, but it’s not a totally clean blue-pink either, at least not with my fair complexion and pigmented lips. I expected it to be similar to Viva Glam Gaga (I LOVE VGG!) and it’s pretty close. This one isn’t totally opaque- I’d say it’s medium opacity. It melds in my my lipcolor quite nicely and doesn’t stand out as much as VGG.

Flauntin’ It: When I read the description of  “Grey Mauve” my first thought was “ew, Grey lipcolor?”. Sometimes thing get described in a way that I have a knee-jerk reaction to, such as “dirty pink”. No thanks. Anyway, when I saw this gal in person I was really intrigued- it’s a nice understated mauve. It’s very flattering on my fair skin and it bounces of my eyes quite nicely. I’m tempted to get a backup, but since lipglosses etc don’t last forever I’m going to pass on a backup- for now.

Strut Your Stuff: A true bright red with a balance of yellow and blue undertones. I’d say this is yellow toned at first sight and slightly blue toned if you look closer. This is the most opaque of the four I have and it’s a good thing- I generally do not like red lipgloss. I noticed that this one has a slightly different smell from the others, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I’ll quote Mr. VOT who described it well “the others smell like cupcakes and that one smells like a browned cupcake” I love that guy! This is a good red for anyone, I’ve seen many different skin tones wear this color and each rocked it fabulously!

With the exception of Peacocky, I love these and I hope MAC makes them permanent. I think they are a fair value for how much you get: 5gms for $18 (a regular MAC Tinted Lipglass is 4.8gm and MAC Lipstick is  3gm both @ $14.50). Considering MAC’s habit of charging more for less it’s refreshing to see them give you MORE product. They also did this with the Dare To Wear lipglasses last summer- in fact these are the same tubes, but I think the applicator is different.  I definitely think these are worth checking out!

From L-R

Peacocky, Strut Your Stuff, Enchantee, and Flauntin’ It Kissable Lipcolor.

Same tubes as the Dare To Wear Lipglass Have I mentioned that Gimme That! is among my all-time faves?

Flauntin’ It, Enchantee, Strut Your Stuff, and Peacocky Kissable Lipcolor no flash

Flauntin’ It, Enchantee, Strut Your Stuff, and Peacocky Kissable Lipcolor no flash

Where to buy: A MAC store/counter near you, or at the MAC webite.

Have a Beautiful day! Remember to be Vintage Or Tacky, just be yourself.

Nothing to disclose- everything in this post was purchased by me, and I was not influenced my any person or company.

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Cora (vintageortacky)


  1. January 14, 2011 / 4:20 pm

    Neat stuff! I think they’d be SO much fun to wear!

    I was hoping I’d see a few pics of you trying them out on your lips, too. Just to get an idea of what it would look like on. ‘Cause unless you put concealer on your lips, I’d imagine the pink base your lips give might make it look just a SMIDGEN different, y’know? I donno, maybe I’m just crazy haha!

    Thanx for sharing Cora! Love ya!


  2. Maggie
    January 16, 2011 / 3:27 pm

    I got Peacocky, too, and I had the same general grr at how sheer it was on the lips. BUT, the MAC SA that I adore at the Nordstrom by my house suggested mixing it or layering it with other colors. He showed me on his hand with Pink Nouveau or one of MAC’s many other pr0n pink lipsticks, and it actually turned it a kind of nifty lavender that’s more wearable than either shade on its own. I’ve played with it a bit, and it’s really fun to mix it with deep pinks and reds.

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