Shattered Rainbow Nails!

Hey Guys & Dolls!

Several weeks back I heard that OPI was launching a Shatter Nail Lacquer with their Katy Perry collection. I got super excited: memories of reading Seventeen magazine and obsessing about this cool crackle nail polish that Cover Girl used to sell came flooding back to me. OH how I wanted crackle nail polish, but I never got it!!! I wanted it so so so bad, but I could never find it! Oh those unfulfilled teenage dreams!

Anyway, for that past 3 weeks I’ve been calling my fave local  beauty supply to see if they had this in (they get pretty much every collection from Zoya, Orly, and OPI,) and FINALLY it came in, so yesterday I got a shatter nail Lacquer!!!!!! Happygasm! The teen in me squeeled with joy!

Once I got a bottle in my hot little hand it wasn’t long before I started plotting polishes to use under it. Should I do a Holographic? Sparkle? Glitter? I asked my twitter followers but I just could wait for responses, so I tried these and I just wasn’t “wowed” the way I wanted to be. Then I tried a foil-silver under the crackle; it was so totally hot, but  Silver and Black seemed too obvious considering the label on the bottle. Many of my twitter followers suggested brights, and someone suggested RAINBOW!

What do you get when you mix:

O.P.I Shatter Lacquer


THE COLORS DUKE, THE COLORS! (if anyone gets that joke you’re cool)

From L-R

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Sinful Colors Cloud 9, MAC Phosphor, Zoya Ivanka, and Orly Lunar Eclipse

It wasn’t long before I was skittle-ing my nails, and reading one of my fave nail blogs Scrangie for Shatter application tips (I’ll let her explain it, since as you can tell by my nail pictures below, I’m no pro nail artist!). I have to say that this would have turned out better if the red and blue had been lighter shades. Also the Virgo in me is coming out and I wish I had a rainbow of colors that all had the same texture (all sparkle like the Ivanka or all shimmer like Phosphor or all mattes, since they dry fast and the polish needs to be really dry for the shatter effect to really work)). Some day!

One thing I’ve noticed it that this polish it goopy- when I do my normal wiping off of the brush around the opening, it just sort of sticks there- not only does that make the bottle gunky, but it means product loss. Not a huge deal but I will have to adjust how I pull out the brush. I might need to go buy a back-up bottle, but I’ve heard that China Glaze will also be doing a version of this. If only there was a place local to me that sold the new CG collections (I hate paying shipping for such a small purchase!!

So what do you think? Are you excited to pick this up, or are you passing on it?

Where to buy: Anywhere that sells O.P.I (here’s their site  to find a location near you)

How Much? $8-$9 depending on your retailer

PS- This is my first post using my new camera!!!!!!!


The products shown in the post were all purchased by me; This post is not influenced in anyway by, nor do I represent any company.

The animal testing policies of O.P.I and Sinful colors are unknown, but all other products used are cruelty-free (not tested on animals) to be best of my knowledge. I strive to buy only-cruelty free, but I don’t judge those who cannot. I know that not everyone can has the ability put their money where their heart is, but I do my best to only show cruelty-free options.

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