(CLOSED)Win All 3 of the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection!!!

Hi Guys and Dolls!

This giveaway is now closed, The winner is “apeiron187”

Their Current fave songs are:

– Viva las vegas by Elvis Presley
– Nancy boy by Placebo
– Televators by The Mars Volta

Nice choices, and Congratulations! Please message me though Youtube’s messaging system so I can get your address and send out your prize!

If you follow me on twitter you’re probably expecting a MAC Haul video this weekend, but I want to make that video as good as possible with swatches and such, so it’s going to need a few more days to edit since I’m working all weekend. I’m sorry you have to wait -but this way there will be a much better show & tell video instead of a boring old “haul” -_^

In the mean time, Let’s have a giveaway! I had wanted to give away a set of the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon 8 Pan palettes when I did my review, but finding a second “Comfort Zone” palette was mission impossible! Thankfully, last weekend my Husband surprised me by going out and finding the Comfort Zone palette so I could give it away to you!! How sweet is that?

OK so here’s the “official rules” ^_^

You must be subscribed to my youtube channel-This is a giveaway for my viewers! I’m not spamming people about this or using it as a ploy to gain subscribers -it’s meant to reward my loyal viewers.

The “Prize” for this giveaway is a set of all 3 of the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection 8 Pan Palettes (what a mouthful!)

You Must be Over 18 or have a parents permission to enter- I’m going to ship you something, and I don’t want anyone’s parents to freak on me!

Only enter once… if you enter more than once  you will be disqualified. If you accidentally leave more than one comment, then you should delete it to avoid confusion. Again,  leave just one comment.

If you have a question regarding this giveaway please direct it to my Youtube inbox.

To Enter:

Simply leave me a comment below THIS BLOG POST stating your YouTube user-name and your current favorite song(s)!

My fave songs of the moment are “Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Gold Lion”  Lady Gaga “Born this Way”, Joan Jett “Do you Wanna Touch”, and Cee Lo Green “Fuck You”:)

No “enter me” comments, those will be disqualify you- c’mon, it’s just lame guys!

This is open world-wide!

The giveaway will end Wednesday night at 11:59 pm PST.  The winner will be selected though random.org and will be announced no later than Saturday on my Facebook/Twitter pages, announced on THIS post  & contacted though youtube’s messaging system.

That’s all! I look forward to reading your answers and finding some new music! 🙂

Have a great day and I hope you win!


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2,762 thoughts on “(CLOSED)Win All 3 of the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection!!!

  • tousledkitten

    Hmm. Probably a tie between Kina Grannis’ Valentine and The Audreys’ Small Things. 🙂

    • Fave music includes ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele, ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow and ‘Do It Like A Dude’ by Jessie J. Cora, you’re a star for offering this giveaway but mostly for your vids which are brilliant. xx

    • ytusername: karinas79
      my 3 fave songs: The Cure: Love Song, Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus, She wants Revenge: These things

      • My youtube user name is roxypoo.

        My favorite song at the moment would have to be Don’t you want to stay By Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson.

    • My favourite songs are Na Na Na – My Chemical Romance, Born This Way – Lady Gaga, and The Ballad of Mona Lisa – Panic! At The Disco!

      Thanks for doing this 🙂

    • Sooo favorite songs,,,, Papa Roach-Forever…. Thompson Square- Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not……Far East Moment- Rocketeer

    • emeraldteardrops531
      My favorite songs of the moment are “Blow” by Kesha and “Hey Baby” by Pitbull and T-Pain 🙂

    • hey!!! I love, love your videos! Thanks for your great help! :0)

      my you tube is: giovannicortez
      my fav songs: Far east movement “Rocketeer”
      Christina Perri “Jar of hearts”
      Cee Lo “Fuck You”

    • You Tube Name : Zombierose99

      Fave songs at this time Sunday Girl by Blondie, Mindy Gledhill – Anchor, Rihanna – S&M

    • My youtube-name: Lania90

      And my all times favorite is Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys – Empire State of mind! Love this song, because it always awake wonderful memories!

    • Hi Cora,

      My YouTube name is xhrtbrkgirlx.

      My favorite song right now is Howlin For You by The Black Keys.

      Good luck everyone!

      • Ok, so obviously I can’t read a calendar and thought today was Wednesday instead Thursday. And I don’t know how to remove my post…so there it is for all the world to see. My bad.

  • My name here is my youtube user name. 🙂

    Favourite song… Man, that’s tough. I’m gonna go with Search Party by Wintersleep, and Tightrope by Janelle Monae. Completely different, but two of my most played songs!

  • my youtube name its x3dayummitskennadii

    and top 3 songs-
    1. one less lonely girl- justin bieber
    2. no hands- waka flocka
    3- pray- justin bieber 🙂
    lovee u & your videos!

  • My youtube username is kathrynkissme 🙂

    I’m bad at choosing favorite songs but I love folky/indie and punk stuff, as well as folk punk!

    I love Tegan & Sara, Andrew Jackson Jihad, La Plebe (yay Bay Area!!!), Lady Gaga, & Neutral Milk Hotel.

  • Username: Lucky5485

    Favorite Songs right now…. “Bodies” by Robbie Williams, “Time Machine” by Robyn and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga 🙂

  • just watched Get Him to The Greek so i would have to say going up by infant sorrow i know they aren’t a real band 🙁 too band

  • my YouTube account : princessbarbiecheer

    my favorite song at the moment is “I’ll Forget You” by Peter Bradley Adams, you should check him out if you don’t know him 🙂 soft, relaxing songs !
    i’m also loving “All of the Lights” by Kanye West featuring the amazing Rihanna !

  • Old songs and New Songs, but still love them the same. Dying in your arms-Trivium, and hmm…. Lady Gaga-Born this Way. ^_^ Thanks!

    • Old songs and New Songs, but still love them the same. Dying in your arms-Trivium, and hmm…. Lady Gaga-Born this Way. ^_^ Thanks! Username phobe001 << please remove or forget my comment beforehand i forgot my username

  • rosieT5E
    Hmm… you already said “fuck you” by cee lo green, so I’ll say “we no speak americano” by yolando be cool and DCUP

  • my youtube user name is emigail18
    my favorite song of the moment would have to be buried alive by avenged sevenfold

  • sarah21ification

    some of my favorite songs are Hold On by Michael Buble, Pound Sign (#?*!) by Kevin Fowler, and A little bit Stronger by Sara Evans

  • xXLiveXOutXLoudXx

    Right now my favorite song is Fucking Perfect by P!nk, but my all time favorite song which will forever remain unchanged is Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day. I love them!

  • Hello,
    My user name is “vnhammons” and my favorite song “Real Love” by Massarri! Nice Giveaway!

  • patayfosho1999

    I’m lovin’ Adele’s new CD. Absolutely obsessed but one of my favorite tracks on it is this groovy tune called He Won’t Go. I’m slowly getting into Jessie J’s Do it Like a Dude too. Every time I listen to it, it grows on me especially after finding an acoustic version of it that she posted on her personal YouTube channel, JessicaCornish.

  • I like Cee Lo’s “Fuck you” but I like the “Forget You” version better. But my favorite songs, I guess, at the moment would be Rocketeer by The Far Eastside Movement, Telekinisis by Ne-Yo, and Beautiful Monster by Ne-Yo. Why, because my 2.5 year old and husband sing them and it’s the cutest thing EVER!

  • My YOUTUBE ACCOUNT IS 1994jct and I am really into right now Bound to you by Christina Agulera, yeah yeahs yeah’s heads will roll , Sam Sparrow Blackand Gold , Adelle rolling in the deep and crazy for you and Amy winehouse take the box THANKYOU SO MUCH

  • PerpetualMess

    I can’t pick just one song! Haha. It’s a tie between Super Junior M’s “Perfection”, Usher’s “More”, and “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement.

  • MrLyricsMistress

    My favorite songs currently are Jessie J – Dude it like a dude and Keri Hilson – Energy 🙂

  • HumaneCarnivore 🙂
    “Summer Boy” Lady Gaga
    “Planetary (GO!)”- My Chemical Romance
    “Sick Muse”-Metric
    “Heads Will Roll”-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Pokemon Theme Song

    • Youtube ID xHappzx

      Current fav songs- pendulum “slam,” Deadmau5 “ghosts n stuff,” Sidney Sampson “riverside,” and A Perfect Circle “passive”

      Thanx for the fantastic giveaway cora!!!

  • Songs: hold it against me- britney spears for some reason it gets stuck in my head.
    buzzin by mann
    and higher by taio cruz

    and I have parent permission!
    when are you going to do a meet up in cali? just wondering..
    thanks so much 🙂

  • Aranda941
    My Favorite Songs At The Moment Have To Be Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, Kids By MGMT, And Ich Will By Rammstein

  • youtube- happysquidd
    Definitely: Come Together (The Beatles)
    Lucky (Jason Mraz)
    And Lonesome Loser (Little River Band)

    Much, much love!

    p.s. (Stop hogging all the gorgeous ;P)

  • HeyItsFrance

    I’ve been obsessed with the Muglier remix of Lady Gaga’s Government Hooker and Born This Way. You should definitely check it out!

  • my username is: cacampeau

    My favorite songs at the moment are
    Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos
    Pucifer Revolution 22:20 and the mission

  • YouTube: musicbutterfly88

    Fav songs: “Born This Way” – Lady Gaga, “Hold It Against Me” – Britney Spears, and basically the whole “Teenage Dream” album by Katy Perry.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!!! You’re awesome! 😀

  • My Youtube is FaeryieLore.
    My favorite songs at the moment are probably Skid Row’s “18 and Life,” Pink’s “F**kin’ Perfect,” and Color in December’s “Smokey Mirrors.”

  • Youtube user name: apeiron187

    Favorite songs at the moment:
    – Viva las vegas by Elvis Presley
    – Nancy boy by Placebo
    – Televators by The Mars Volta

  • wuthering heights by Kate Bush (ehm yeah, it’s not really contemporary but I love it), Icon by DAAN (Belgian band) and born this way by lady gaga

    My username is ‘Nenalyzed’

  • my favorite songs right now are “born this way” by lady gaga and dubstep remix of fireworks by katy perry. Thanks a bunch! i couldnt find those palettes anywhere!

  • Omg! I forgot my username simpleshades You’ve probably never heard of this lol but alesana the thespian, the murderer, and Annabel I have three XD

  • XJadenessX

    At the moment I’m loving Unchartedby Sara Bareilles. The video is also amazing as well. It features everyone from Tegan and Sara, Sugarland, and even Josh Groban singing with a banana 😉 Have a great day!

  • my YT channel name: jellayfishay

    My favorite song right now is “Who You Are” by Jessie J.
    I just discovered her last year but I’m absolutely in love with her in general. She is an amazing artist with a beautiful personality.

    BTW, Mr. Vintageortacky should make another makeup vid! I loved the one he uploaded for your 25k subby mark! Perhaps a vid soon using the WnW 8-pan palette? =D

  • KawaiiMakeUpPrincess

    Ooo my favourite songs right now have to be..
    Fleet foxes- He doesn’t know why
    The Morning Benders – Excuses
    Jose Gonzalez – Crosses
    Rise Against – Survive

  • My yt name is 75Nikkinik and my favorite song is Dragonfly by Shamans Harvest! Thank you so much to you AND your amazing hubby! 🙂

  • hey 🙂 my youtube username is seldemi100.

    my favorite songs of the moment would have to be Blow by Kesha, born this way by lady gaga and never say never by justin bieber

  • vampireluver88

    My current favorite songs include “If I Had You” by Adam Lambert, “If I Was Your Vampire” by Marylin Manson, “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, and “Caves” by Chiodos. 🙂

  • ‘It Was Dark and I Welcome the Calm’ by The Delta Mirror is a very bitter-sweet tune i’ve been diggin’ lately. Also I am constantly playing ‘Typms’ by Fiona Apple. When doing makeup I like ‘Queer’ by Garbage and ‘Supermodel’ by Letters To Cleo.

  • Fave songs of the moment have got to be:

    Jessie J – “Do it like a Dude” – I look up to her as she also had a stroke at a young age like myself and has inspired me to do more.

    P!nk – “F***in Perfect”

    Danity Kane – “Poetry”

  • Username= flyleafrules100

    my favorite songs are “Do it like a dude” Jessie J, “Price tag” Jessie J ft. B.o.B and “Fake it” Seether

  • Username: IndyIshy

    Hmmm. I’m really torn between “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, “Super Psycho Love” by Simon Curtis and “The Moment I Said It” by Imogen Heap. I really just can’t pick one song because I’m in love with music. <3

  • Biancaasakura

    My fave songs right now are Radiohead – Lotus Flower and These New Puritans – Hologram / Attack Music / 5

  • My youtube username is FrostTerror, and my favourite songs at the moment are all from a Norwegian band called Kaizers Orchestra, and the song names are “Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg” and “Hjerteknuser”.
    Such a great band with an unique sound. 🙂

  • julianagrl

    iron and wine’s ” boy with a coin”, kanye’s “all of the lights” adele’s new album, rad omen’s “rad anthem”

  • At the moment I like to listen to Gossip’s Love Long Distance, Falsche Entscheidung by a German band called Fettes Brot and Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl.

    YouTube nick is AnniPanniPo.

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  • looloochan
    my favorite song is also “fuck you”. but the other one that I like more is “tha downfall of us all” by a day to remember

  • My name on youtube is: unnir24. And my favorite song at the moment is: on a good day by oceanlab.

    By the way, I love your blog and your youtube channel 🙂

    Hugs from

  • fairycelt

    My favorite song at the moment is “American Trash” by Innerpartysystem…I can’t stop listening to it!

  • aylacoe16

    “Look At Me Now” Chris Brown ft. Weezy and Busta
    “Down on me” Jeremiah ft. 50 Cent
    “Pretty Girl Rock” Keri Hilson

  • YT name – Lizzay127
    favorite songs – Neighborhood #3 (power out) by Arcade Fire, and the Glee Cast version of Need you Now by Lady Antebellum

  • I haven’t been listening to the radio lately, so I’ll have to go with The Howling by Within Temptation.

  • youtube : justinedowning1
    fav songs: if it hadn’t been for love, by adele…. someone like you, again by adele….. grenade, by bruno mars… and finally, S&M by rihanna!

  • Hi,
    I am following you on Youtube: zunaixa

    my favorite song at the moment is “I’ll remember you, will you remember me” by Sarah Mclachlan …I am listening it every now and them

  • my user name is sufferforfashion21.
    my favorite song right now is “don’t worry baby” by the beach boys!

  • Username: Fashionlove1023
    HOLLYY SHIZZ. I have been totally OBSESSED with Joan Jetts ‘Do You Wanna Touch’ song! My two friends and I listen to it when we are on our way to a partyy!! Gets us pumped up to meet some possible prom dates 😉

  • I recently saw the movie ‘Burlesque’ for the first time, and I loved it.. one of the songs on their is called “Bound to You” and I absolutely love it, I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop. For a more up-beat song I love the song ‘Hot Tootie’ by Usher & Jay-Z. My youtube username is ashliieebearr! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • archiesbunkerr
    my current fave songs are: “the one that got away” and “not like the movies”, both by katy perry, and a new one from yellowcard, although, i forgot the name!

  • My YouTube username is msmusicaltheatergeek.

    My favorite songs ATM are:

    “Firework” by Katy Perry
    “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars
    “Price Tag” by Jessie J.
    “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga:)
    Good luck to everyone and I just wanted to say I love your blog and videos!

  • My youtube name is Cheezahpoovs

    my favorite songs are

    “Locking Up the Sun” by Poets of the Fall
    “Golden Years” by David Bowie
    “The Highwaymen” Highwayman (Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings)

  • Chrisbeeblack @Youtube!

    My favourite song(s) at the moment are:
    Eminem – not afraid
    J’adore Hardcore – Scooter
    S&M – Rihanna
    and Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s


  • EmoDramaDork

    Favorite songs:

    “SING” by My Chemical Romance
    “Vampire Money” by My Chemical Romance
    “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” by Panic! At The Disco
    “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” by Glee Cast

  • Youtube: araxblazen
    Favourtite song at the moment is ‘born this way’ by lady gaga and ‘price tag’

  • iluvvmakeup84220
    down on me 50 cent & jerimiah
    love in this club usher
    born this way lady gaga
    cat daddy rejectz

  • haybree

    My current favourite songs are:
    ~Love, Selfish Love – Patrick Stump
    ~Song 2 – blur
    ~Rebel Yell – Billy Idol

    It’s really awesome of you to do this 🙂

  • My username is ShekinahShazaam and my current favorite songs are Electric Feel by MGMT, Pop Art Blue by Zero 7, and That Beep by Architecture in Helsinki.

  • BeautyWithArtemi

    Mmm my current favorite song are ”What do you want from me” Adam Lambert,
    ”The quest” Bryn Christopher and everything by MJ..

    P.S How sweet your hubby did this for you/us!

    Lots of love

  • Yay! You’re my favorite =)

    My youtube user name is annawantstheocean and my favorite song of the moment is Adele’s cover of “Make You Feel My Love!”

  • I’m karmicpayback on YouTube 🙂

    I’m on a HUGE Adele kick right now. Her songs “Turning Tables”, “Someone Like You” and “Don’t You Remember” are my favorite things right now. Along with the Glee rendition of “Blame It” and James Morrison’s “One Last Chance”.

  • user name is ShugAveri

    Right now my favorite song is the Michelle Branch feat. Santana Game of Love! I know it’s old but I just got it on my iPod and I’ve been grooving to it a LOT!

  • on youtube: naomiteee

    My favourite songs at the moment are…
    Muse – Feeling Good
    Fenech-Soler – Demons
    Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel
    Pheonix – If I Ever Feel Better
    and finally Linkin Park – Waiting For The End

    Damn, I could go on forever. :[
    Good luck everyone else who enters!

  • YT ID: mimiej1972

    Fave songs at the moment: Closer to the Edge by 30STM and Dog days are Over by Florence & the Machine

    Thanks! 🙂

  • user name is the same one that is on here, my favorite songs at the moment are e.t by katy perry, up up and away by kid cudi and moment for life by nicki minaj 🙂

  • username: crazieecool
    favorite song at the moment: Travis Garland – F**kin Perfect

    thanks for this giveaway! :)♥

  • Hi Cora, my youtube user name is EmmasEyeCandy and my fave song of the moment would be grenade by bruno mars x x

  • Hey Cora, my youtube user name is Sabipr18 & my favorite song of the moment is Britney Spears “Hold it Against Me” & Enrique Iglesias “Tonight I’m Loving You”

  • you tube name is foxycleopathra
    my favourite song(s) at the moment are rihanna S&M also i love lady gaga Born This Way i also Jessy J price tag those are my facourite songs 🙂

  • Youtube username: Sesshychicklet7

    Annnnnnd my fave song right now is probably “Move Your Body” by My Darkest Days XD

  • youtube name: Gottalovemeli05

    Favorite top 3 songs:

    1. Lloyd Banks Ft Jeremiah – Dont Deserve You
    2. Jeremih ft. 50 Cent – Down On Me
    3. Kandi “Me and U

    Thanks for this great giveaway Hun

  • Though she is not a new music, I have been hearing that it very much and the more I hear it the more I like.
    Mindy Gledhill ‘ I do adore ‘.
    I cross my fingers to win..
    Oh, a lot of kindness of your husband in looking for the palette for this giveaway! Nice guy!!!

    • Though she is not a new music, I have been hearing that it very much and the more I hear it the more I like.
      Mindy Gledhill ‘ I do adore ‘.
      I cross my fingers to win..
      Oh, a lot of kindness of your husband in looking for the palette for this giveaway! Nice guy!!!

      My YT name: Menezesmarta1

  • Hi, my user name on You tube is Bunnyhatanpaa

    my favorite song right now is:

    Bruno Mars , Talking to the moon.

  • My username is Alabamagirl86
    My favorite song at the moment is Like a G6 by Far East Movement, Everything by Michael Buble, and Troubadour by George Strait.

  • Awesome giveaway hon!
    My youtube name is DianaRietveld
    Favourite songs atm Motorhead (latest album is great, the guy is 71!!!)), Customs (Rex, awesome song) Gary Numan (Blind), Diorama (Das Mer),
    Rezurex (Zombie Girl), The Coffinshakers (all songs actually lol) need i go on? lol

  • YouTube name: o0suckerface

    Favorite songs right now:
    -Adele “don’t you remember”
    -Lifehouse “From Where You Are”
    -Natasha Bedingfield “Strip Me”
    -Apocalyptica ft. Lacey Mosely “Broken Pieces”

  • user name: bwendah

    My favorite song of the moment has to be

    Grenade – Bruno Mars and Rocketeer – Far East Movement 🙂

  • I love you Cora!!! You would be my fave if you were a song!!! In all honesty this was very hard for me I am a hardcore music lover! I will say my “new found” favorite song it FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – “CROSSING OVER”… Thanks for doing this for us, and good luck to the rest of you!

  • Hi!
    My username in youtube is lmhe83 and my current favourtie songs – though they are already “old”- are Rihanna’s ” Only girl” and Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons’s “Take Over Control”, which I found to be really similar and they help me wake up when I’m working, hahaha.

  • tnkrbelrox=YT user name

    My favorite song at the moment is Enchanted by Taylor Swift or Rollin in the Deep by Adele.

  • Hey my youtube name is : 169axl169 and my favourite song currently is Adele “make you feel my love”

    <33 xx

  • My youtur username is funnichic0318.

    I am also enjoying “Fuck You” by Cee-lo Green. Another one that I am loving right now is “Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons.

  • My favorite song at the time is “Jaded” by Paradise Lost. I’m gonna watch them live soon! Yey!!!!!!!!

    My youtube username is xmythodeax


  • Hi…….
    youtube name is glamtownvintage
    fave songs right now are anything by Adele,
    Cee Lo’s oldfashioned, cocorosie’s werewolf,and Christina Perry’s jar of hearts.
    Thanks 😉

  • Hi. My YouTube user name is Dachef28 and my current favorite song is “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry!

  • youtube un – stephtrapp

    favorite songs – mumford & sons – winter winds; the honey trees – find home; lady gaga – born this way

  • I’m like a music obsessive so I have a tonne of different favourite songs so here goes!

    1: Adele – Somebody Like You
    2: SHINee – Lucifer (That’s Kpop)
    3: Bruno Mars – Grenade
    4: Lady Gaga – Born This Way
    5: The Guillemots – Black and Gold (They did the most amazing LiveLounge cover on radio one)

    Yeah… I’ll leave it at five songs!

    I love you VintageorTacky! Xx

    • My yt username is Bekahcat by the way…

      Oh… Does this count as two comments? I can’t delete my old comment… :'( Ahh crap…

  • YT- lalallama44

    well..i just had a bad breakup so i was kinda looking for a song that wasnt about love…and not something super happy or super sad either. waiting for the end by linkin park has been on my list for a while. in a strange way it reminds me to stay happy and that things get better, not worse no matter how bad you life sucks at the moment….

  • My yt username is Roxxi33 and my favourite songs of the moment are Dimestore Diamond by The Gossip and Tokyo Ice Til Clementine by Kaizers Orchestra

  • my youtube username is jstar829.
    My favorite songs (can’t chose one) right now is You’re so Right by the Strokes and Glass by Julian Casablancas

  • One of my most favorite songs of all time is called Whispers in the dark by Skillet…. One of my favorite songs as of right now is …. You be tails, I’ll be Sonic by A Day to Remember… Also Better off this Way by A Day to Remember.

  • Gracetheninja

    ‘Ever fallen in love’ by Thursday
    ‘Free fall without a parachute’ by Senses Fail
    ‘Cherry Bomb’ The Runaways
    ‘You give love a bad name’ Atreyu

    It was hard to pick only one.

  • Lizbornin89

    My favorite song of the moment has to be Rihanna Ft. Eminem Love The Way You Lie part 2 or In This Moment “The Road.” Great songs especially the second one!

  • rachieeelynn

    My fav songs right now would have to be Jump Start by These Kids Wear Crowns, and Body Move by Stereos!

  • Hi 🙂 I would love to get these Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection 8 Pan Palettes because in my country I don’t have Wet ‘n’ Wild brand 🙁 My youtube name is DeaRijeka and my favorite song of the moment is The National – Mistaken For Strangers 😉

  • Love your YT videos! My youtube user name is “geigerkounter” and my favourite song right now is Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine. Also digging Mayhem by Imelda May :o)

  • hi there love your vids!!
    my youtube name is lollyrox

    my fave songs right now are
    -born this way lady gaga
    -rolling in the deep Adele
    -fuck you ceelo
    -s&m rhianna

  • My favorite songs at the moment are Boys Like Girls: Two Is Better Than One (my all time fave). Katy Perry: Teenage Dream and Thinking Of You (LOVE these!) Thanks Cora. Your the best 🙂

  • My YouTube username is arizhelle.

    I have been listening non-stop to Trace Adkins for a week or so now. And I’m not even a country music fan. My favorite songs by him right now are ‘Better Than I Thought It’d Be’, ‘Southern Hallelujah’, and ‘Hell, I Can Do That’. I’ve also been listening a lot to the song ‘May It Be’ by Enya which she did for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Lol *Big Dork Here*

    Anywho, good luck all!

  • myfairprincess09 (on youtube)

    Favorite song: Need you now, Lady Antebellum (even though it’s kinda old)

  • Youtube ID: veeraontyhma

    And my favorite song.. Hmm.. Maybe 30 seconds to mars – Hurricane or Paramore – Ignorance 🙂

  • YT name: Menezesmarta1
    Though she is not a new music, I have been hearing that it very much and the more I hear it the more I like.
    Mindy Gledhill ‘ I do adore ‘.
    I cross my fingers to win..
    Oh, a lot of kindness of your husband in looking for the palette for this giveaway! Nice guy!!!

  • My favorite song of the moment is Nicki Minaj and Drake Moment 4 life*

    Annnnnd my youtube user name is amymarie0417

    Thank-you for all the great reviews and tutorials Cora!! <3

  • My username is meghanalefae

    My current favorite song is “I’m a Loner Dottie, A Rebel” by The Get Up Kids.

  • my youtube name is ohqlaMOUR
    my favorite songs right now are :
    The Ready Set – Young Forever
    Justin Bieber – Runaway Love
    Rihanna – S&M
    i hopee i get picked 😀

  • Darkseed “A dual pact”, Krypteria “You & I”, Scary Bitches “Cold Callers”, Eisbrecher “Supermodel”, HIM “The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness” x)

  • youtube-whitpay1234
    favorite songs are lady gaga-born this way
    yeah yeah yeahs cheated hearts
    and the cover nirana did of lake of fire by the meat puppets

  • My username is littlewhisspers and my favorite song right now is Getaway by Michelle Branch ft. Timbaland.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • I am super excited for this give away! I’ve been trying to get a hold on these pallette, since your last video about them, but sadly enough they are not in stores in my country yet 🙁
    I dont even know wether they will be coming soon, as we just recently got the trios and the ones with 6 colors, soooo annoying!! well never mind

    My youtube user name is CecilieFilippa

    And my top 3 songs at the moment are:
    – Pink – Fuckin’ perfect
    – Rock Mafia – the big bang
    – Medina – you and I

    ** 🙂

  • Username: SortaKindaTaylor

    Favorite songs… hmmm…..

    Probably “Desire Be, Desire Go” by Tame Impala, “Marry Me” by St. Vincent, and “Grim Reaper Blues” by Entrance. 😀

    Thank you!

  • username on youtube: khat93

    my top fave songs at the moment:
    -desert rain by Edward Maya
    -all around me (acoustic) by flyleaf
    -falling in love at a coffee shop by landon pigg

  • My youtube is Superdupergoatgirl! My favorite songs right now are raise your glass and in the arms of the angels!

  • youtube: kate0680

    hhmmmm… this sounds like fun 🙂

    too afraid to love – the black keys
    sick – sam sparro
    satellite heart – anya marina
    spread your love – black rebel motorcycle club
    why can’t i be you – the cure
    jungle drum – Emiliana Torrini
    bad things – Jace Everett
    undisclosed desires – muse
    this instant – Sophia Fresh feat t-pain
    broken – unkle

    hope you find something in there you like.

  • yt username : zombicg31

    my song obsession is bruno mars – liquor store blues

    and lady gaga -born this way

    good luck all

  • thecandacemorgan

    The Funeral by Band of Horses or that new song by Middle Class Rut that’s playing like, everywhere. I LOVE their voices!

  • Hi Cora! =D My username is SirenitySilver and I love your make up channel. I’m learned a lot and gleamed a bunch of tips from your channel.

    My favorite song right now is Top of The World by the Cataracts. It’s such a sweet song to dance to and is the perfect clubbing song. That’s about it. You’re awesome for doing give aways!!

  • hi doll! i have two favorites song one in english by rihanna ONLY GIRL i dont know but when i listen to that song makes me feel special n just cause i wanna be the only girl for my husband lol and i have anotherone but its in spanish cause im latina its by enrique iglesias and wisin y yandel the name is LLORO POR TI that song make me cry 🙁 its a love song n it reminds me of my first bf lol i know its silly but im just being honest will thankslove ur videos and good luck to everyone!! 🙂

  • username is Kitty9114 on youtube
    My favorite songs to listen to at the moment are Angels by within temptation and world so cold by three days grace 😀

  • Youtube Name: sweethearts20

    My current favourite song at the moment is WHAT ARE WORDS by CHRIS MEDINA.

  • WIldChildMakeUpStuff is my youtube username

    as for my songs ?? wow.. lets see.

    Halestorm’s “I get off” , Avril’s “what the hell” && Anything by Lady GAGA ! w00ts !

    I love love loooooove your make up stuffs Darlin ! You rock my little world!

    Chrissy 🙂

  • youtube username: puddlemonster15

    My favourite songs right now are Bad Romance – Lady Gaga, Terrible Things – Mayday Parade, and Someone Else Calling You Baby – Luke Bryan.


  • youtube name: criminalxxxlove

    My favorite songs are: Britney Spears- Hold It Against Me, The Strokes- You Only Live Once, Freak Nasty- Da Dip, and Trey Songz- Already Taken

    just to name a few! lol love ya!

  • hello =)
    my favourite song right now would have to be adele’s rolling in the deep.. her cd 21 is AMAZING.
    my youtube name is chelst0815
    thanks so much for the giveaway

  • I’m weedm0nster101 on youtube 😀

    okay so my favorite songs at the moment would be: “Expectation” by Tame Impala, “Around the World” by Daft Punk, “O.N.E.” by Yeasayer, and “Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters” by MGMT.

    btw, joan jett is awesome!!


    I L0VE Y0U(:

  • Username: Karewmoz

    Fav. songs of the moment:

    Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru
    Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls
    Samantha by Margaret Berger
    Fucking Perfect by P!nk

  • Lullabye4eva

    my favorite song are pretty old but one is new:
    Katy perry : “ET”
    Blood on the dance floor : “loving dead”
    A Day To Remember: “If It Means A Lot To You” my FAV

    so far these are my favorites !!

  • youtube = ScAnDaLoUsAnGeL

    Fave songs… – Nasty Feel- MGMT Vs Justice Vs Notorious BIG
    Have faith in me – A Day to remember
    A Cause des Garcon – Yelle Tektonik Remix

  • Hello, my YT user name is naruhinatababy. Yes I was a anime geek and still is. 🙂

    My current fave songs is.. Well that’s kind of hard…
    (Mostly Korean songs)
    Girls’ Generation- Run Devil Run
    2NE1-I Don’t Care

  • youtube name- retrokid0
    Favorite songs are all of your favorite songs!!! I couldnt believe it when i read it!!!

  • My favourite song atm… Hmmmm. Oracion from pokemon. And the littleroot song. 😀 Obsessing over pokemon, atm.

  • Abedofthistle

    My current favorites are:

    “Bad Day” by Darwin Deez
    “The Bomb Song” by Darwin Deez
    “Love Love Love” by Epik High (its a korean song)

  • Hey my youtube name is Jingerspice2000 and my current fav songs are “sparks fly” and “better than revenge” by Taylor Swift. 🙂 I just love how you do stuff with drugstore makeup cause I can’t afford the department store makeup so it helps me know what to look for and use knowing that I will get the same effect as the better/expensive stuff. Thanks!!! Love your blog and channel. keep it going! Your Awesome!

  • Username: AceBellamanx

    As for my favorite song, its probably a tie between “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, and Glee’s version of “Fuck You”.

  • 9hazzac9

    At the moment I have a lot of favourite songs but here are the top 5:
    Fall Out Boy ‘This Aint A Scene,Its An Arms Race’, 30 Seconds To Mars ‘Closer To The Edge’, My Chemical Romance ‘The Kids From Yesterday’, The Used ‘I Caught Fire’ and Bullet For My Valentine ‘Bittersweet Memories’
    Yeah thats right I’m a rock chick XD

  • My favorite song at the moment is by Tiesto- Escape me he’s an awesom dj he makes me wanna dance!!

  • CoffeeIsMyCrack <— youtube account =]

    fay vor eet songsss at the moment: dirty diana(michael jackson), Bump n grind(r kelly), splish splash(bobby darin), good times(styles p), anddd time(pink floyd)

  • jol1299

    Lady GaGa “Born This Way”, “Monster”, “Dance In The Dark”, “Teeth.

    Katy Perry, “FireWork”

    Rihanna “S&M”, ”Love The Way You Lie”, ”Only Girl In The World”

    Underground artist

    Erickacatoure Aviance “My Pumps”, “Behind The Waterfall”, “All Eyes On Me”

  • ThePassion396 is my youtube user name

    and my favorite song right now would have to be all the lights by kanye west

  • YT: SkyFatale

    Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me” and “till the world ends”
    Rihanna- “Skin”

  • Lafayettful
    My fav songs are: Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition,Paper Route – Carousel, Two Door Cinema Club – I can talk and others.. 🙂

  • Yali14

    My favorite songs are Britney Spears “Out From Under” Pink “Fucking Perfect” Sam Tsui’s cover of “Hold it Against Me.”

  • SpiritlessNight

    My 3 current favorite songs;
    Buried Alive and Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
    Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars

  • My YouTube name is JennyJ3393 and my favorite songs at the moment are Orson Brawl and Wandering Minds by 100 Monkeys, Rumour Has It by Adele, Porcelain Doll by The Ferocious Few and Creep by Radiohead.

  • my youtube username is lalalaura511

    my favorite songs at the moment are:
    1) Jessie J- “Do it Like a Dude”
    2) Brendan James- “Green”
    3) Sara Bareilles- “Gravity”

    Thanks 😀

  • Youtube Name: MsAnnDee

    Favorite song right now is a toss up with Kill Bill Vol. 1 The Lonely Shepherd, X-Ray Dog’s Eagle’s Wings and Put the Lime in the Coconut by Harry Nilsson!

    Love your video’s! 🙂

  • my youtube name is dustydawnn
    and yes that is my real name!!!
    i think its cool so i had to point that out.
    my favorite songs are by Meatloaf yes i’m totally old school my favs of his are when you say nothing at all and for crying out loud. Really i love all his music but those are my favs!!!

  • My YouTube name is illusica

    3 Top Songs ^^ of now and forever!

    1) Vanilla Twilight – OwlCity
    2) Iris- GooGoo Dolls
    3) Inside out – Eve 6

  • Please don’t disqualify me! I accidentally posted before I could put my favorite songs! 🙁
    My favorite songs right now are: Na Na Na and Sing by My Chemical Romance, especially if you watch the official videos for them, they are the same story line and are awesome! And my other favorite song right now is a little on the older side but is perfect for dancing: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

    My youtube username is MarinaAM709

  • purplepie334

    Gee – SNSD (Girls Generation)
    Good to You – Marianas Trench
    Because of You – Kelly Clarkson

  • redhairblueyes04

    fave song of the moment…I’m really liking “Paper Bag” by Anna Nalick, and “Ours” by The Bravery <3

  • My absolute favorite songs right now are:

    “I Never Told You” – Colbie Caillat.
    “Just Tonight” – The Pretty Reckless.
    “The Sex Is Good” – Saving Abel


    “House Carpenter” – Nickel Creek!

    Hope you have a greeeat weekend, Cora!

  • YT Username: CielleRavyncatt
    Favorite Songs: I can’t pick just one!
    2 Falken – Faun
    Wytches Brew – Omnia
    Cat People – David Bowie
    Rev 22-20 – A Perfect Circle

  • Youtube User name: Cha0sxwazxh3re
    My current fave songs are Situations by Escape the fate , Dancing for rain by Rise against , Hero of war by Rise Against and thats about it =^.^=

  • LaGueraGordita

    my fav current song is actually a old one lol but the runaways “cherry bomb”


  • Youtube.com/Silvermagic222

    ^_^ My most fave songs right now are Through These Eyes Of Pain – Combichrist and As Long As Your Mine – Wicked.

  • YouTube Username : prettynelly1

    My favorite songs at the moment are:

    Miguel – Sure Thing
    Lil Wayne – 6’7
    Rhianna – Man Down

  • My YouTube is: ChaosKarloo

    And my current favorite songs are:
    Cure my Tragedy by Cold
    and then the other one is Scar Tissue by Kerli. ♥
    Those two songs mean a lot to me, well the messages behind them.

  • my youtube username is hannabeez and my favourite song right now is The Writer by Ellie Goulding.. which is also an Elton John song 🙂

  • Youtube name: Mermaidia93

    My favorite song for the moment is:
    Ayano Tsuji – “Kaze ni naru (Become the wind)”
    It´s japanese so I understand nothing. But it´s so damn cute and cozy to listen to.

  • My YouTube user name is whiskeyromance and my current favourite songs are:
    – “Rolling In The Deep” – Adele
    – “Dark Blue” – Jack’s Mannequin
    – “Not Like The Movies” – Katy Perry and
    – “Colorblind” – Say Anything

  • my yt user name is VivaLaMe04. My favorite songs are: Maybe- Sick Puppies, What are Words- Chris Medina, Farmers Daughter- Crystal Bowersox, Scared to Death-HIM, Raise your Glass- P!nk, and Fuckin Perfect- P!nk

  • Jessie J-do it like a dude
    Marcy playground-sex and candy
    I know they are not really currwnt etc but i love them lately
    I love these and live in holland where I cant get them!!

    U rock

  • PandaLOVE013

    Right now my favorite songs are Pink “Perfect”, Avril Lavigne “What the Hell”, Raney Shockne “Broken Arrow”, and The Dear Hunter “Life and Death”

  • Youtube username: anewglamour

    My favorite songs at the moment are:

    Beautiful World- Carolina Liar
    If You Ever Come Back- The Script

  • youtube name is Bornthisway1332, my favorite songs of the moment are ‘Super Bass’ by Nicki Minaj ‘ Tiny Dancer’ by elton john, ‘smack you’ by kimberly cole and ‘ boyfriend’ by big time rush

  • ModernMissyMakeup

    My favorite song right now is a tie between Usher’s “More” and Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x”

  • My favorite songs right now have to be White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons, Passing Afternoon by Iron & Wine, and My House by Kids of 88 :0)
    My youtube username is darkparis08

  • My youtube user name is TheKawaiiQueen. And for my favorits songs these days i have to say that i loveee born this way ! Another song that i listen alote lately is F****ing perfect by pink ^.^ <3 I luv your videos tks for the give away ! <3

  • Hey Cora, I LOVE your name by the way. I’m partial to “C” names, obviously because I have one too, and because it’s not one you hear very often.

    My youtube name is cecilly91

    Songs I’m digging at the moment are; Tim Curry “I do the rock”, Florance and the Machine “The dog days are over”, The Ready Set “Love like Woe” and Freddie Mercury “In my defence” :]

  • my youtube username is mickeyy67

    my favorite songs are:

    Imagine by john lennon
    kiss by a rose- seal
    i cant help it -michael jackson


  • Hey! 🙂

    My youtube username is EtherealHeart

    My fav songs atm are The Birthday Massacre-Goodnight Stonesour- Say You’ll Haunt Me & Ellie Goulding- Under the Sheets….thats a weird mix, but then again thats me all over hahaha

    Keep up all the good work hun! 😀


  • my youtube username is xAyuChiix

    and my favourite songs are 2ne1’s ”Go away” , Jessie J’s ”do it like a dude” and Madcon’s ”Freaky like me”

  • My username is ninimke.

    My favorite songs right now are where we belong by thriving ivory, rolling in the deel by adele, trainers in love by ALL CAPS, born this way by lady gaga and rubik’s cube by athlete.

    dftba 😀

  • crazeddancer101

    We Could Happen – AJ Rafael
    Fuckin’ Perfect- Pink (P!nk)
    The Ballad Of Mona Lisa- Panic! At The Disco

  • Youtube name: Beccablueyes

    Favorite Songs: When I come around by Green Day, Take me Home Tonight by Money,

  • youtube username: mtmpanic

    my favorite songs right now are “Rolling in the deep” by Adele and Katy Perry’s “Extraterrestrial”.

  • Youtube User Name:MakeUpWhore1019
    Fave Current Songs:1.” Grenade” by Bruno Mars 2 .”The Nicest Thing” by Kate Nash 3.”E.T” by Katy Perry and 4.”Sure Thing” by MIguel =)

  • I have so many favorite songs right now: Celo Green “Fuck You”, Lady Gaga “born this way” Jennifer Lopez’ “On the Floor”

  • My Youtube account name is xMizxMuffetx
    My favourite song is probably Tough Lover from the movie Burlesque 😉

  • youtube name – Skylark713

    and my favorite songs right now are driven under by seether and the remix of pretty girl rock by keri hilson & kayne west

  • My YouTube user name is XInvida and some of my favorite songs right now are “Journal of Ardency” – Class Actress, “Ironical Sexism” – Revolte (Grum Remix), and “Skeleton Boy” – Friendly Fires (Grum Remix). Thanks so much to you guys for the giveaway!

  • Hi! Thanks for doing the giveaway!! My favorite songs atm are (like you) Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”, Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me” & Sara Bareilles – “Bluebird” — & a bunch of others b/c I looove music!!! Haha.

    • Crap! Forgot my YT username & don’t know how to edit my original comment — can I still be counted please? 🙁 My username is stainedinyou.

  • My youtube name is Sue24301. My favorite songs at the moment are “Pretty girl Rock” by Keri Hilson and “On the dance floor” by Jlo.

  • Youtube Username: yoitsquel
    Favorite songs:
    -“Not Like The Movies” : Katy Perry
    -“Erase Me” : Kid Cudi
    -“We Could Happen” : Aj Rafael

  • My username is: independentmissj89

    My favorite songs are:

    Nikki Minaj-Moment 4 life
    Enrique Iglesias-Tonight I’m lovin you
    Pink-F*** perfect
    Rhianna-only girl in the world

  • I’m youtuber “silverstory1” and my fave songs right now are “The Commander Thinks Aloud” by The Long Winters, “Favor House Atlantic” by Coheed and Cambria (will be a life-long fave), and “Australia” by The Shins. Thanks!!!!

  • My youtube username is xxxanity and I don’t know if it’s my favorite song, but I’ve had Rancid- Time Bomb in my head alllllll day.

  • Thanks so much for holding this ^_^

    Username: xoxRufus


    After School ‘LOVE LOVE LOVE’
    Orange Caramel ‘Magic Girl’
    The Princess & the Frog ‘Almost There’

    Sorry they are kinda of strange favourites two are korean and one is disney XD


  • hey! my youtube name is Gorehoney and my fave song at the moment is Cavalera conspiracy- the doom of all fires.

  • theconstant100 :my youtube name

    My favorite songs are I Never Told You What I Do For A Living – My Chemical Romance
    The New National Anthem- Pierce the Veil
    Superbass – Nicki Minaj

  • XcoosX
    my favourite song… i change all the time its a hard one
    leave me alone (i’m lonly) from p!nk is one i always like!

  • Hi Cora, my youtube name is bubbletealuver2996 and my favorite songs atm are : yeah x3 by chris brown, one in a million by neyo and human nature by michael jackson. 🙂

  • My youtube name is ThirteenaGraves

    And lately I’ve been listening a lot to “The replacement” by the british band Birdeatsbaby 🙂

  • Youtube name: Sn0wdude

    At the moment my favourites are “Whip my hair” by Willow, “Dental care” by Owl City and “Runaway” by Maroon 5 🙂

  • katwatson007

    Hmmm… favourite song is hard… I’m a classical musician still studying at school, and I haven’t listened to pop music in a while!
    I really like “black rainbow” by St. Vincent.

  • username: Squallberry

    Right now, I am in love with “The Prayer” from Kid Cudi and anything from “Tangled”…ahaha.

  • youtube username: sylverainukshuk
    fav. tracks right now are adele “hiding my heart” and lil’ wayne “paradice”.

    love ya! xoxo

  • Hi .. My current favorite songs are ‘Born this way ‘ by Lady Gaga and ‘If I die young’ by The Band Perry (totally random.. I know) My youtibe name is ‘tracimiller2’ 🙂

  • youtube: limararwot

    current favorite songs: basically all of adele’s latest album 21. my top favorites would have to be rolling in the deep and rumor has it.

  • YouTube acct – aries16xox
    Fave songs at the moment. Super bass – nicki minaj, moment 4 life – nicki minaj, hey daddy – usher 🙂

  • my fave songs…
    hmm, not so much songs, but i have been loving sara bareilles’ latest CD! and i think my friend just made me a mix CD, so that’s awesome too!

  • YT- CabeGirl

    My current favorite songs rigt now are:
    – Cee Lo Green – It’s Ok
    -Big Sean- My Last ft Chris Brown
    -John Mayer- Free Fallin

  • Hi Cora!! My username for Youtube is zepallica123

    and my favorite song for EVER are Fade to black-Metallica
    and other favorites are “aint it fun” guns n roses
    “mother” pink floyd
    “blue powder” steve vai


  • PrincessBitterful

    My favorite songs right now aren’t too recent..but I <3 Blind by Lifehouse and Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. 🙂

  • My username is imasweetangel9586. My favorite song of the moment is jessie j’s-who you are. He voice is so beautiful..

  • Ok so as of now my all time fav. songs is Jar of hearts, and Price tag by jessie J!!!! As yyou can see my youtube usrname is nikathao!

  • sunniedlght

    Favorite songs right now are Adele “Someone Like You” and William Fitzsimmons “You Still Hurt Me”.

  • My Youtube SN: Nadezhda07
    I’m currently loving Toni Braxton’s album Pulse. I also really like Sara Barrielles’s new album Kaleidoscope Heart, all the songs are great but my favorite is Uncharted and King of Everything
    you’re such a beautiful talented person, keep up the great videos.

  • Hiii Coraaa !!! =D
    First of all… amazing giveaway ! I want W&W on my contry but it´s almost impossible :s OMG !
    Hehe anyways… My YT username is:


    Haha and the song that I can´t get out of my head is Born This Way by Lady Gaga ! =D I love her !!

    THANK YOU DOLL !!!! Amazing giveaway !
    Hehe thanks to Mr. VintageorTacky ! Kisses for both of you !

  • My youtube name is lilcarchick.
    My favorite songs right now are:
    1. Somewhere with you: Kenney Chesney
    2.Someone else callin you baby: Luke Bryan
    3.This is country music: Brad Paisley

  • My username is DanielleDBeauty

    My favorite song at the moment would have to be Fuckin Perfect by P!nk 🙂

    Thanks for this! I can’t find these babies anywhere!

  • justlikeshuddi

    my fav songs:
    “E.T by” Katy Perry
    “Fading” & “CKB” by Rihanna
    and “Back to december” by Taylor Swift
    + a billion others, i just can’t choose 🙂

  • Hi,

    my youtube username is fatzgirlzz

    the songs that are on repeat is:
    la roux – in for the kill
    Dance Gavin Dance – The Backwards Pumpkin Song
    and Stoned – Silverchair
    i just wanted to say i love your channel and i wish you the best with everything. thanks xoxo

  • crakisthecure

    some of my favorite songs right now are
    amanda palmer-map of Tasmania
    neutral milk hotel- song against sex
    nada surf- blonde on blonde
    Pete Doherty – for lovers


  • juanes365

    Right now I’m sooo in love with The Temper Trap- “Sweet Disposition”… it never gets old!
    And also I got hooked on “Bette Davis Eyes” all over again, originally by Kim Carnes but i love the Leighton Meester version too!

  • My YT account name is Kaoticdarkness

    My Fav (pick me up songs) of the moment are both from Pink, Fucking Perfect, and Raise your Glass.

    You always have amazing videos. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • wameru23
    My fave songs right now would have to be “Nicest Thing” by Kate Nash, “The Ghost Who Walks” by Karen Elson, and “Through Glass” by Stone Sour :]

  • My youtube user name is crazydiamond38 my favourite songs are adele someone like you ..oasis songbird ..alicia keys dosont mean anything
    fab giveaway thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hey 😀 My YT username is: yangstababe
    (I know… the babe part is VERY tacky, but I made this like yearrrrssssss ago. lol)

    My favorite songs of the moment are…:

    Chris Medina – What Are Words
    New Heights – Peaches

  • “Through the Glass” by Stone Sour, “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons, and “Gold Lion” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. (:
    [[I have parental consent, just saying!]]

  • My YouTube: sundaywoah

    Right now I’m obssesed with Linkin Park album “Reanimation” . And the best trak is number 20 “Crawling” remix. I just looove it!

  • My youtube is Avoidingnemo11 (yes the opposite of finding Nemo!!)

    My current favorite songs are Hallelujah by Allison Crowe, One Last Day to Live by Jeff Black, and Do it like a Dude by Jessie J. I can’t ever choose just one song.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  • youtube: kalpal040507

    favourite songs: lady gaga “born this way” – slow version, bruno mars “grenade”

  • YT user name: filipinomami79

    Current Favorites: Who You Are – Jessie J, Marry You – Bruno Mars, Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out – Mayer Hawthorne

    One of my all time favorite songs: Do For You – HEAVy

  • beautifiedbybailey

    My favorite song would have to be play the game by queen, its probably my favorite song of all time 🙂

  • natassia9

    The Killers – Read my mind
    Andrew Jackson Jihad – Bad Bad Things
    the Beatles – Can’t buy me love

  • Top 3 Songs at this moment:
    -Timshel, by Mumford & Sons
    -Sparks, By Coldplay
    -Empty House, by Arcade Fire

    Youtube username: ToAnExtent

  • Hei! My youtube-username is JanneKaizer.
    I listen to a lot of music, so this one is a tough one ^^,

    I have to say “Det Var Jag – Familjen”. Can’t stop listening to it 😀

  • xXGaticaXx same as on twitter n_n

    Favorite songs of the moment, Born this way – Lady Gaga, Oh no! – Marina and the Diamonds and Obsessions – Marina and the diamonds…
    Yeah I just discovered Marina and the diamonds, lmao. >.< She's so cute! haha.

  • k6schielke

    hmmmm. My current favorite song(s) would have to be Wanted by Bon Jovi, most songs by Lincoln Park, Say You’ll Haunt Me by Stone Sour.

  • My yt name is: katiebrookeee

    my fav song of the moment is jar of hearts (like everyone) and are you that somebody by Aaliyah oh and changes by Tupac…im on the older stuff this week lol and im also very indecisive

  • nicolejohnson624

    we r who we r – kesha
    gernade- bruno mars
    dirty bit- BEP
    hold it against me- brittany spears

    thanks for this great giveaway … i haven’t been able to find these anywhere !

  • Hi there my name us KameoElemental (aka Ashlee) and my favrites songs are sugar rush by cash cash we r who we r by ke$ha I got u babe by sunny and cher love me tender by elvis presley will u be there by michael jackson and anyy celtic music. I love ur channel so much and I hope to hear from u

  • Hey there hey my fav songs currently are
    sing by My Chemical romance
    Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
    Walk this Way by Aerosmith
    I’m not Okay by My Chemical Romance
    Killer Queen by Queen

    and my youtube username is Angelqueen55

  • feelingdownlately101

    City and Color “The Girl”
    Kat De Luna ft. Akon “Push Push”
    Diddy Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey “I’m coming home”
    Pink “F***ing Perfect”
    Justin Beiber ” Never Say Never (feat. Jaden Smith)”
    I Am X-Ray “Pretty Rave Girl”

  • My username is “Amechankawaii” !!

    You probably won’t know this song, but my fav of the moment is “Tonight”, by Big Bang 😀

  • my youtube username is: KimiToxxxic
    and my favorite song right now is Lady Gaga “Born this Way and Government hooker from Lady Gaga

  • Youtube user: IFIMHER

    My favourtie songs are:
    18th Floor Balcony by Blue October. Because of the beautiful lyrics.
    Bubbles by Biffy Clyro for its hellamazing rhyme.
    And Just Like Heaven by The Cure because who doesn’t love The Cure :0)

  • youtube: nyqtpie1134
    fav songs: Fuckin Perfect by Pink
    A little piece of heaven by Avenged Sevenfold
    and Born this way by lady gaga 🙂

  • Grievousig101

    I like the songs

    Nymphetamine Fix – Cradle of Filth
    Enter Sandman – Metallica
    Awake and Alive, Monster, Hero, and Comatose – Skillet
    Business Suits and Combat Boots – The Agonist
    Filth in the Beauty – The GazettE
    Big Balls – Ac/Dc

    I like rock/metal in general

  • Username: YamiJay

    And current favorite songs… I have to say “Tonight” by BIGBANG, “F*cking Perfect” by P!nk and “Alone Again” by Alyssa Reid ft P. Reign. Very diversed right now.

  • Omg super excited because i haven’t seen this in drugstores at all!! Ok well my fave song is S&M by Rihanna at the moment!!

    Youtube Username: Peruvianchick06

    Ps. Maybe you can check out my channel and tell me what you like and don’t like =)

  • Hi there. Youtube name is : Lessthanjeni

    Im a loyal follower/stalker. lol.

    My current favorite songs are:
    Indestructable- Robyn
    The time (dirty bit)- black eyed peas

    Thanks! I’d love to win these. Ive seen comfort zone everywhere but can’t find the BLUE! Thats the one I want super bad.

  • My fav song of the moment is ‘The Bleeding’ from Five Finger Death Punch… I know it’s a old song but I just recently discovered the band here in Belgium. I can’t stop listening to both of there albums… A 3th record is coming this year! Oh, i am hoping that they come to Belgium for a concert! I am going to be front row, for sure 😉

  • Thank you for having this giveaway! =) My YouTube name is TianaDMS and my 2 all-time favourite songs are “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Dream Academy (although for a lyrically version I like the Muse one!) and “Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny. Thanks! =)

  • Hi! I thought I’d enter even though I never win anything, so my youtube user name is TheDollyVlog and my song of the moment is “Jar Of Hearts” by Christina Perri. Good luck to everyone!

  • electrocameratricks

    my favorite songs are
    -push: avril lavigne
    -super bass: nicki minaj
    – august 28th 3:30 am: automatic loveletter
    -ill be in the sky: b.ob

    thanks for doing this you are so awesome!

  • youtube name: couchtigers

    My favorite song at the moment is an old one. It’s “Wicked Game” from Chris Isaac.
    I don’t know why, but from time to time old songs tend to recycle themselves back into my favor.
    I also love “make me wanna die” from Pretty Reckless. I sing along to it – horribly wrong and loud – whilst driving 😀

  • youtube username: devilcoolgirl666

    my favorite song at the moment must be Kerli – Goodbye or Dax Johnson – Rain

  • YT: thesirencall

    My favorite song at the moment is After the Storm by Mumford and Sons. Such a beautiful song.

    Thanks for this giveaway Cora!

  • YT – onyxfaith

    Hmm… I’d have to say Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Imelda May’s “Johnny Got a Boom Boom” and Robyn’s “Indestructible” stick out as ‘current favorites’ since they keep looping in my head. Hah!

  • My username is MorganMcOfficial and my current favorite songs are “Outside Looking In” by Jordan Pruitt, “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne, “More” by Usher, “Written in the Stars” by Tinie Tempah and Eric Turner, and anything Paramore! Good luck to everyone!

  • My youtube username is yumemisakai (:
    my favourite songs right now are:
    Fucking Perfect – Pink
    Kickstarts – Example

    I think you’re an adorable person and I love love love loooooooooove your youtube videos! Such an inspiration to me, I’m going to a make up school next year in LA! (:
    Thanks for being on youtube!

  • SW33TNSASSY8 is the name on Youtube 😀 and currently my favorite songs are Look at me Now by Chris Brown and turn on the lights by kanye west

  • My YT username is SceptigalGal

    My fave songs are:
    The Wanted- Gold Forever
    Olly Murs- Thinking Of Me
    Justin Bieber- Never say Never
    Cody Simpson- All Day

    Thanks for this comp, without it I would have no chance in getting these <3

  • Username – missmcpay

    Hmm, I’ve been listening to Adele ‘Someone Like You’ loads at the moment and singing at the top of my lungs, also ‘Crazy’ by Aerosmith coz I love the video so much and it totally made me have a HUGE girl crush on Liv Tyler when I was young and finally been listening to ‘Night By Night’ by Chromeo coz it’s one of the best songs ever fr dancing to and check out the vid coz it’s so sexy it hurts!! 😀

  • Hey vintageortacky,
    My YouTube name is shiningstar118,
    However I’m not expecting to win as I’ve only found your channel tonight and have just subscribed but I thought I’d share my songs with you as I’m that kinda girl :oD soooooo my top3 songs at the moment have to be Jessie J’s song titled ‘Price Tag’ love it and her style she has an amazing voice, I’m also loving Adele’s ‘someone like you’ As well as her other current song ‘rolling in the deep’- Adele is sooo amazing she has such a stunning voice and comes across as real to herself.. Love her….. My last fav song at the moment is magnetic Man – ‘I Need Air’ a great party tune….. Give them a listen and see what you think hun….. Ooopsy that’s four songs but hey x

    Take care sweetie :o) x

  • My username: hugedis4ster

    Metallica – The day that never comes
    Megadeth – Symphony of destruction
    Aerosmith – Dream on

  • My youtube name is flavoredcorpsebloppo :). My current favorite songs…

    Suzanne (by Leonard Cohen) covered by Scala and Kolacny Brothers, What If- Coldplay, Old Whore’s Diet- Rufus Wainwright

    My favorite songs always:
    Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen, Somedays- Regina Spektor, Padam Padam- Edith Piaf

  • My YouTube Username is icequeen7734. My favorite songs right now would be Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”, Katy Perry “Firework”, and my favorite new group from South Korea 2ne1 “Can’t Nobody”.

  • hmm, i love all types of music, r&b, oldies lol, rap country classic rock… a couple of favs are brantly gilbert “you promised” jessie j “do it like a dude” lloyd banks “i dont deserve you”

  • My current favorite song is “Buried Alive” by Avenged Sevenfold…
    I can listen to this song over and over and never get bored…!

  • Username: SaixScreamo
    My favorite song at the moment is P!nk’s “Fuckin’ Perfect.”
    It’s a song that is very very important to me, and it makes me very emotional every time I listen to it, or watch the video.

  • YN: RaggeddyyAnne

    Wow. my favorite songs at the moment are Caraphernelia by Pierce the Veil
    And If I’m james dead your Audrey Hepburn By Sleeping with Sirens

    I hope you do listen to the songs, all though its way to many to listen to all of them, and i hope u don’t think i have pooor taste in music :p

  • Youtube username: xwinterlimbs

    Fave songs: Christina Perri – Jar of hearts, Lady Antebellum – Need you now, Anberlin – Break the silence, Eminem – I need a doctor

  • My YouTube username is StephFerRealz and my fave songs atm would have to be… Poetic Tragedy by The Used and It’s All Over Now by Saosin 🙂

    Thanks for being so awesome and making great videos for us!

  • YouTube username: mrsp0tter23

    My current faves are:
    Rolling In the Deep by Adele
    For the First Time by The Script
    Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars
    Sing by My Chemical Romance

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • loulouapple

    Oh at the moment it has to be Adele – Someone like you. It’s just so emotional and moving. Adele’s voice is incredible ahhh and at the brits she was amazing!! 🙂

    Ps. I love your new hair!

  • My youtube name is frienzynoise

    Hmmm, my favourite song atm would have to be Big Bang’s “Tonight” 😀

  • my username on youtube is beccasbest…my fav song is one my husband made for me…he called it “my girl”.

  • My username is ThatAriana

    My current favorite song is a tie between Long Distance Call by Phoenix and Evermore by Barcelona!

  • Hey my Youtube user name is elle3331 and my favorite songs at the moment are we’ll be alright- travie mcCoy and Adele- someone like you ps I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! 🙂

  • My username is Lt73me, and my new fave song is Britney and ” Hold it against me” …you gotta love the comeback kid.

  • YT: Hermionebubble

    Fave songs of the moment: I can’t stop listening to DJ Earworm’s 2010 top hits mashup, “Don’t Stop the Pop.” It’s weird because I really don’t care for most of the songs used in the mashup on their own, but within the mashup they all work together great. I’m also loving the club remix of Amanda Palmer’s “Map of Tasmania.”

  • I loove ur videos Cora 🙂 but my youtube user name is sasygrl79 and my fav song would have to be Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri!

  • My youtube account name: eatmyapplemeow

    My favourite song at the moment is keane-bedshaped and Phoenix- too young…kinda old but I love them!

  • My youtube user name is: rleahbanana

    My fav songs atm are: Taylor swift, Fearless; Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts; and Skillet, Monster. 🙂

  • YouTube: heart2heartify

    My favorite songs right now are..

    Lay me down by Dirty Heads
    Make you mine by Best Coast

    I hope you check them out =) XOXO

  • Youtube username: layc21
    Favorite songs: Adele (“Rolling in the Deep”, I Found A Boy”), Rihanna(“S&M”, “What’s My Name?”, “Rude Boy”)

  • Username: pencilcurls

    Fave songs right now: Rollin’ in the Deep by Adele, That’s it, I quit, I’m movin’ on by Sam Cooke, Enough is Enough by Jamie Lidell, and It’s Ok by Cee Lo Green!!

  • Hi girly, thanks for the giveaway! My youtube username is “Vewings”, and one of my favorites songs right now is I think it’s called ” I need a Doctor” by Eminem and Dr Dre.

  • username:froggylily97
    my current faviourite songs areee
    pretty girl rock- keri hilson
    rockteer- far east movement 🙂
    S&M- rihanna LOL

  • Youtube Name: eyesofthesouth89
    Top 3 current favorite songs:
    1. “Born this Way” Lady Gaga
    2. “Rolling in the Deep” Adele
    3. “How they Do that” Master P (haha Had to rep Louisiana! )

  • OH! I didn’t know you liked Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Right on!
    YT username: danamaze
    I’ve been listening to that “Derezzed” song from the song soundtrack and “D.A.R.E.” by Gorillaz. It makes me dance when I’m putting on makeup 🙂

  • YouTube, kuhrizzle21

    Favorite song, hmm, I’m gonna have to say “My Two Left Feet” by Erick Baker.<3

  • yt name: ihartcowboys

    my favorite songs right now are who are you when im not looking by blake shelton and i keep on loving you by reba

  • Youtube Username: purepoison333
    My current favorite songs at the moment are
    1. “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” by Panic! At the Disco
    2. “Just Can’t Get Enough” by The Black Eyed Peas
    3. “Something Beautiful” by Needtobreathe

  • My youtube name is Tieeegrace

    My fav songs are “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri, “Firework” by Katy Perry, “Up All Night” by Drake, and “All of the Lights” by Kanye and Rihanna

    Thanx for the lovely opportunity to win the palettes!!!

  • my youtube name is cascadingstarz

    my favorite song is always changing but right now is drake up all night, i know it’s pretty old, but it’s definitely way up on my love list!

  • baangchong20
    My favorite song is… hm, there is sooo many good songs out there! I think it would have to be Scar Tissue by the Red hot chili peppers:P

  • my youtube user name is kraftyking24

    my favorite song as of right now is hard….i would say i’m listening to a lot of sountrack music at the moment so it would have to be the social network soundtrack possibly the score from that or inception.

  • yt name:bunnadajaa
    my fave songs: winter winds , the cave-mumford and son
    born this way-gaga
    on the floor J Lo
    rolling into deep -adele
    speak now taylor swift

  • Hey!

    My YouTube username is: Jellybeanbritt

    My current favorite songs are: “Staring At The Sun” by Down With Webster, “E.T” by Katy Perry and “Blow” by Ke$ha


  • Youtube.com/aznsprkl3
    My fav current songs are Liquor Store Blues by Bruno Mars
    and Consequence of You by Play

  • my youtube usernaame: beautyblossoms
    my fave songs right now are born this way by lady gaga and lo mejor de mi vida eres tu by ricky martin

  • youtube name: xuopdiva

    Fav songs:

    1. Lady Gaga – Born this way
    2. Madonna – Hung up
    3. Marco V – A journey into sound

    btw….love, love, love your channel. Found it a few months ago and think you’re fantabulous! 🙂

  • sansamourhime is m youtube username. The music I like varies, from english, korean, japanese, chinese, to classical and after going from channel to channel in youtube (which how I came across your site, lucky me ^^,) I got these songs playing at the back of my head recently. Christina Aguilera – I’m a Good Girl in (Burlesque), Sandara Park – Kiss, BOM – YOU & I, Bond (Allegretto), Unexpected by Anna Graceman (from youtube).

  • Youtube user: swest72766
    The current song stuck in my head is not new but it is John Legends “Save Room” and can I just say thank you for all you do as far as videos and giveaways,very nice of you and oh yeah “Thank you Honey” too,lol,for helping out!

  • My youtube username is Fantomenoir17

    My fave songs of the moment are Lady Gaga “Born this Way”, Kings of leon “Use somebody” and Amy Winehouse “Will you still love me tomorrow”

    Greetings from mexico! =)!

  • youtube name : furheen

    favorite song….hmmmm don’t have a recent one right now, since I dont have tooo much free time with my five week old. I love the “Beethoven” chapter of Baby Einstein!

  • YouTube user name: silvertales

    Favorite songs… oh, that’s hard… of the moment? Probably:

    Katy Perry: Waking Up In Vegas
    Depeche Mode: Precious
    The Cult: Fire Woman
    Dead Can Dance: The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

    *heh* A real random selection of stuff, I know…

  • MissCheshireCatt

    She’s Not There by The Zombies
    Sun Goes Down by David Jordon
    Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • xaila13

    Favs: Love you- Free Design
    F**ck Him He’s a DJ-Ke$ha
    Till The World Ends-Britney Spears
    I want You-Savage Garden
    Wannabe-Spice Girls
    Don’t Vote- Cass McCombs

  • I’m HanonVoice on youtube
    My current fave song is F**kin’ Perfect by Pink because it is such a good sone to listen to when you need cheering up. That and Motteke Knee Socks – Lucky Star because it is a cute song and makes me feel hyper and happy =D

  • YT: Bluefrog2982

    At the moment im kinda lovin Micheal Buble, thanks to one of the gurus on YT lol. any of his songs. i also really enjoy listening to Katy Perry 🙂

  • My youtube name is sweetchic2119.

    My favorite song right now is also Born This Way by Lady Gaga. I love it so much. At first I thought oh, weird but now I am in love with it. The message is amazing.

  • My youtube username is missy3612.

    My current favorite songs are:

    Playing God – Paramore

    The Funeral – Band of Horses

    Smoke – 100 Monkeys


    Me and Bobby Mcgee – Janis Joplin


  • dooditssona

    my current favorite songs are Born To Be Somebody – Justin Bieber, Last Christmas – Glee, and Bumpy Ride – Mohombi. <3 :]

  • youtube username- BellaSepulcher
    fav songs- Incubus “Anna Molly”, Pink “F’ing Perfect”, My Chemical Romance “Na na na”, The Moog “You Raised a Vampire”, among others 🙂

  • My favorite songs right now would have to be Florence and the Machine’s Dog Days are Over, Rihanna- Only Girl and Mumford and Sons-The Cave :o) My youtube user name is pinkresilience

  • wonderingheart123456

    my favorite songs are lady gaga born this way rihanna s&m and taylor swift if this was a movie & ours! 🙂

  • YouTube: xxpanicfan
    Favorite songs: Michelle; The Beatles, Up There; VersaEmerge, Mona Losa; Panic! At The Disco, and Time Bomb; All Time Low. 🙂

  • bloodynails92

    So great of you to give away such great prizes 😀
    Lost In You – Three Days Grace
    Fuckin Perfect – Pink
    Until The End – Breaking Benjamin
    Shadows Have Shadows – Eyedea
    Jar Of Hearts – Christina Perri

    Thanks again Cora!

  • youtube name: queenoftokyo

    my favorite songs right now are Firework by Katy Perry, What the Hell by Avril Lavigne, and Forget You by Cee-lo Green 🙂

  • Youtube name: 07AlyB
    Fave songs: “Look at me now”-Chris Brown, “All of the lights”- Kanye West & Rhianna

  • Youtube = bonneylovesmakeup

    I have been loving Brandon Flowers – Was it something I Said? for months now! But have also been listening to Ellie Goulding – Your Song.. long standing favourite 🙂

  • my youtube username is nikaay
    and my favourite song at the moment is dev – bass down low ft. the cataracs
    loveeeeeeee it

  • My Youtube username is GeminiAGogo and my favourite song at the moment is “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Glee cast 🙂

  • KEsimba3
    my current favorite songs are: in for the kill (skrillex remix), taylor swift sparks fly, and probably augustana either way i’ll break your heart someday. OH! i actually like ke$has song blow.. waittttttt that song.. i see you drivin round town with the girl i love and im like efffff youuuu! –love that one!

  • my youtube user name is WonderWoman3305 and my favorite songs are Katy Perry’s Firework and Britney Spears Hold it Against Me..

  • kittenluver515
    and i have to say i love Lady Gaga “Born this Way”. One of my favorites and loved her entrence in the egg on the music awards

  • Youtube user name: DollVonLust
    Favorite song at the moment are:
    The Beatles- “Hey jude”
    Nine Inch Nails-“Hurt”
    Marilyn Manson- “Coma White”
    Deftones- “KimDracula”
    Pendulum- “The Island”

  • youtube user name:jjccllnn170285
    My fave songs of the moment are:
    Bruno Mars-Just The Way You Are
    Rihanna- only girl in the world
    pink-fucking perfect
    jason mrz-Butterfly
    jason mrz-Live High

  • sarahumbrella

    My fave songs right now are:

    “In the barrel of a gun” Emily Wells
    “bulletproof” Le Roux
    “Lotus Flower” Radiohead


  • Username: jngarza7
    Current Favorite Songs: ‘Promise Me’ by Kill Hannah, ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Motley Crue, ‘Love in Cold Blood’ by HIM, and ‘Hearbeats’ by Versant.

  • Fave songs right now are “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson, “Do It Like a Dude” by Jessie J, and “Release Me” by Agnes.

    youtube username: brow2165

  • Some of my favorite songs right now are
    “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back” MCR
    “There’s No ‘I’ in Team” Taking Back Sunday
    “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” MCR

    I know some of these are older but I constantly listen to them.

  • Youtube name: superhottie89
    Favorite Songs: God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny cash and also Welcome To The Club – Manian

    Thanks for the cool contests! 🙂

  • LolaLove49

    i think my fave song is either “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who or “S&M” by Rihanna

    thank you so much for the apportunity <3
    youre amazinggg

  • My current favorite song is, tum tum tum tuumm… It’s okay by Cee Lo Green! I can’t get wet ‘n wild in my country so I’m exited!

  • i’ve been totally obsessed with “green eyes” by wavves, ‘kali” by caribou and ‘monster” by kanye with rick ross, jay-z and nicki minaj<3.

  • Evil1129

    Peacock-Katy Perry
    Bullet Proof Heart- My Chemical Romance
    It’s My Life- Bon Jovi
    You Had Me At Hello- A Day To Remember
    Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
    Time To Dance- Panic! At The Disco
    Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am- Fall Out Boy
    Fearless- Taylor Swift

  • Username: kittyanha
    Fav.song as of now: hmm, Would You Hold It Against Me by Brittany Spears but sung by Sam Tsui. It was a cover

  • youtube username: venombites1

    my favorite songs at the moment are: breath by breaking benjamin,we are who we r by ke$ha, little lion man by mumford and sons, and ignorance by paramore.

  • Youtube User name: MynxieJynxie

    My fave songs right now are probably;
    “O My Heart” By Mother Mother
    “The Lazy Song” By Bruno Mars
    “E.T.” By Katy Perry

    And the list could go on *obviously* lol
    Thanks Cora! Love your Channel! And Kudos to Mr. Vintage and Tacky for hitting up the Cosmetics Section. Have a good Weekend!!

  • My youtube name is evasmakeupdiary. I must say it is pretty difficult to find my current fave song; I really love Gold Lion as well, but I must say that Im suffering from major gorillaz fever at the moment 🙂

  • I’m Trickii420 on youtube.

    Gah…I guess my favorite song at the moment is “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne or “So Seductive” by Tony Yayo. There are so many more though haha

  • LikkeEmy

    My favourite songs are..

    Lady Gaga – Born this way
    Adele – Someone like you
    Chase&Status – End Credits
    You Me At Six – Rescue me
    Chris Brown – Yeah x3
    Rihanna – S&M
    Jessie J – Price Tag
    P!nk – Fucking Perfect
    Ke$ha – We R Who We R


  • Fav songs, C Lo Green, f u, Adele, somebody like you, and Mary Mary, I’m walking to name a few. YouTube name weessaj467

  • My youtube is GeekChicBeauty and my fav songs right now are probably Jar of Hearts, Rhythm of Love, and Firework.

  • youtube name : vermilion2

    My current favorite songs are Faster by Within Temptation,Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi) by david gutta, and Thoughtless by Korn

  • My Youtube name is DecayingSoSweetly

    My favorite songs at the moment are:

    Benny Benassi – Who’s Your Daddy

    Mylene farmer – Au Bout de la Nuit

    Mylene Farmer – Oui Mais … Non

    Metric – Help im Alive!

    and Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

  • My youtube name is allennyleve and currently my favorite song is “Booty Bounce” by Dev and “2nite” by the Cataracs ft Dev.
    Right now anything with her is amazing! 😉

  • My youtube name is lissamakesmagick.
    My fav songs at te momet are:
    “Gypsy Woman” – Anarbor
    “An Awful Lot of Running”- chameleon circut
    “Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

  • My username is: BlushingElephant
    and my current fav song is by Jessie J and it’s ‘Like a Dude’

  • My youtube user name is nycki1122 my fav songs right now are Marsha Ambrosius Late nights early mornings,Adele Rumor has it,and Miguel Teach me.

  • My you tube is zyxsba! And my current fave song is Gaga Born this way! In fact it reminds me of Express yourself by Madonna!

  • My username is azdayzee78 and my fav songs are “like a g6”-Far East Movement, “down on me”-Jerimiah ft. 50 cent, and “6foot 7foot”-Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz

  • Lady Gaga – born this way
    Carl Carlton – she’s a bad mama jama
    Macy Gray – sexomatic venus freak
    Violent Femmes – blister in the sun

    to name a few 😛

    My user name is ShanCPants

  • my youtube name is sinatralove0514

    favorite current songs: “set fire to the rain” by adele and “pretty girl rock” by keri hilson

  • My Youtube name is sapheara85 and lately I’ve been listening to (and I have to thank my little 7 year old cousin for this one lol) a Quebecois (french) singer named Marie-Mai and her song C’est Moi. 🙂

  • xInsideTheTornApart

    As of right now, my favorite songs are “Home Is For the Heartless” by Parkway Drive and “Turn Soonest To the Sea” by Protest the Hero.

  • Username: Beccnoir

    I am on an Adele-high, so three songs by her I have been listening to the most are:
    Rolling in the Deep
    Someone Like You
    Hometown Glory


  • Username: jlowmanjal

    Fav songs: Keyshia Cole “Take Me Away”, Drake “Karaoke” and Llyod “Lay It Down”

  • sodeadandlovely, usher’s dj got us falling in love again. love your vids wish you could post everyday lol so i have something to watch. i know its impossible lol

  • My favorite songs right now are Will You Be There (Michael Jackson), Here is Gone (The Goo Goo Dolls), and No Surprise (Daughtry).

  • YouTube name: Sarafu89

    My favorite songs right now are “Beat the Horse” by Pomplamoose and “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzales (A cover of the song by The Knife).

  • YouTube username: TheAlexisPunk

    My current favorite songs would have to be….
    Lifeline-Angels & Airwaves
    Sins of my Youth- Neon Trees
    Unity – Operation Ivy
    Wasting Time – Reading Rainbow
    A Letter to Elise – The Cure

    Thanks Cora and keep up the good work!

  • flossybutt25

    Hmm..my favorite songs at the moment…That’s so hard! I love the band Third Day..so all their songs and “Drive” by Incubus! Love that song! And uh…Lol, “Kiss the girl” Little Mermaid version <3.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway! So sweet :).

  • Hi Cora!
    My YT name is MichCoccaBene and my favorite songs right now are 1. Pink Fu**in Perfect and 2. J Lo’s On the Floor! Thanks for the chance!! XOXO Michele

  • My YouTube name is Joie2023

    My favorite songs at the moment are “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep”, “Cold Shoulder” by Adele
    “Who You Are” by Jessie J
    “Trouble”, “Fuckin’ Perfect” by Pink.

  • Youtube user name”Brandon0800
    Favorite songs:
    Britney Spears-Breathe on me
    Trey Songz-You belong to me
    The Cure-Lovesong

  • TheMonsterHobo

    Favorite songs:
    Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
    Infected – Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack
    A Little Peace of Heaven – Avenged Sevenfold

  • My favorite song right now is Love The Way You Lie – Skylar Grey.
    Skylar Grey was the original writer of the song, and she does an amazing job on it. Much better then Rihanna’s version, in my opinion. You can actually hear the emotion in her voice, while in Rihanna’s, you can’t really.

    username: mysticaltwist

  • My user name is KittyNoir504 and at these days my favorite song is “Heavy In Your Arms” by Florence and the Machine

  • My YouTube name is sassysmart75.

    My favorite songs:

    Bonnie Rait “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

    Linkin Park “Bleed It Out”

    Adele “Hometown Glory”

    P!nk “F*cking Perfect”

  • xneonmassacre

    forget you ( fuck you ) – cee lo green (:
    Firework – Katy Perry
    && Imperfect is the New Perfect – Caitlin Crosby

  • My fav songs are ” Monster” by Kanya west, “Difficult” Eminem, “Rocketeer” by far east movement

  • YouTube name: Titideedee My fave songs as of right now is Marsha Ambrosious’s “Far Away” and Keyshia Cole’s “Take Me Away”.