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Today I’m finally sharing my swatches and thoughts on Inglot shadows! For those of you who are out of the loop here’s a brief breakdown: Inglot is a makeup company that started in Poland about 20 years ago. They’ve been in the US for a while (though they’ve only had 2 stores, and until very recently no way to buy online) Luckily Inglot recently launched an online store for the U.S. – YIPPIE!

It took me several days to fully figure out what shadows I wanted to get (pouring over every swatch I could find on the internet & comparing notes), but here’s my first 10-pan freedom system palette!! I tried to get a rainbow-of sorts, and one of each finish! In a nut shell: I LOVE THESE!

I know picking out colors can be really difficult, so I gave you guys a lot of swatch pictures after the jump!

All of the above swatches were on the inside of my forearm, DRY, with my  finger, no more that 2 passes, no base.  Awesome eh?

The 2 pictures below are the first swatches I did. I have the shadows swatched in the same order as above (how they appear in my palette) but  with an eyeshadow brush, over a foundation as a base, on the back of my hand.

The freedom system works like this: You buy a palette, and then you select the freedom system shadows you’d like to fill it with. Inglot’s regular shadows will not fit in the freedom system palette (they are larger and round, the palette is obviously meant for square shadows) The shadows have a varying price point of $7-$4.50, the more you buy the less they are. When you add the shadows into your cart the price of your palette goes down to $50.  My 10 shadows came to $45, so they whole palette is only $50! That’s a killer value!

Inglot has 5 different Eyesahdow finishes and a few different weights depending on finish;  I got at least 1 of each:

Pearl (2.7 gms)

Shine (3.5 gms)

AMC (2.7 gms)

Double Sparkle(2.5 gms)

Matte (2.3 gms)

I find the Shine & Pearl to both be shiny with a pearl that seems different from the base color, but the 46 shine has mirco-glitter as well. AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Component- whatever that means. I don’t think I can tell the difference between the AMC’s and the DS’s. The mattes I find to be almost satin-like (not too dry looking) and are super silky.

Ok, now for some shade descriptions!

46 Shine- Pearl cream Pink with Pink frost and Silver/multi micro glitter- creamy feel

361 Matte- True coral- not too pink or too orange. Satin-like Matte (not dry looking)- somewhat creamy feel. Very powdery when touched with brush/finger.

74 AMC- Red-violet (muted magenta?) satin/matte base with Silver/Pink & Teal mirco glitter- ever so slightly grainy feel- nothing too major. powdery when touched with a brush/finger.

494 DS- Deep blue- based violet, satin/matte base with Gold & Copper micro glitter- wonderfully pigmented, and surprisingly smooth! – A  better version of Kat Von D’s Rad Purple. Doesn’t disturb as easily as the others.

446 Pearl- Deep plum with slight brown undertones and grapey-purple pearl- creamy feel-doesn’t disturb as easily as the others.

474 DS- Bright/cool sunny yellow matte base with yellow & multi micro glitter

58 AMC- True matte/satin grass green base with gold & copper glitter- the glitter on this one doesn’t transfer as well as some of the others, slightly grainy feel,not as pigmented as some of the others- but not bad pigmentation at all..

372 Matte- PERFECT matte/satin Aqua! somewhat creamy feel. I thought it would be like MAC’s Jewel blue, but JB is bluer, 372 matte coming in a bit more of  a true aqua. Very powdery when touched.

480 DS- true blue matte/satin base with silver-only shimmer. from swatches online I thought it had copper shimmer. This is probably my least fave- I was hoping for something a bit more unique.

64 AMC- matte black base with gold, green and copper shimmers! YIPPIE! This is such a wonderful dupe for one of my fave MAC shadows from a holiday palette a few years ago (Velvet Lady) and Tijuana from the Kat Von D Momento Mori palette. The best part? That glitter hangs on!

Now I do have to mention something unfavorable, because it would be unfair to leave it out. My box arrived with the top crushed in. Thankfully everything was ok, but I do feel that they could have done a better job carefully packing up my box (I know I joked about it in my April fools video, but you really could just reach in my box when it arrived). Shipping also took over 2 weeks- BUT i’m sure this company is getting slammed with orders, so I’m not going to knock them any cool-points for that.

My 5 Faves & Recommendations:

46 Shine- Amazing, almost duo-chrome like pearl, great for highlighting!

74 AMC- This one is great on its own or to mix with others to brighten/pink it up.

494 DS- Fabulous deep purple with copper glitter!

64 AMC- Black with Multi-colored glitter? MINE!

361 Matte-  This works well as an eyeshadow and as a blush!

Where to buy:

How Much: My Palette with all 10 shadows was $50, $64 after shipping etc

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Everything in this post was purchased by me. I am not influenced by, nor do I represent any company.

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