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Hi Guys and Dolls!

I know that’s it’s a bit of a trend of the moment (really when isn’t this in trend?) to have one accent nail of a different color, so I wanted to share my current cream & glitter Mani! I’ve been curious about the Milani one coat glitter polish for a while now, and I’ve got to tell you- it’s pretty awesome! It’s not too hard to remove and it has a matte finish (the pictures here have a glossy topcoat). As for the “one coat” claim- eh, I’m not sure. I’d say with a base color, yeah, these do the trick with one coat. Maybe they would also be one coat with just a base coat. I don’t know, I’m a nail polish amateur. As evidence see my poor application and dry cuticles. Hey! I use hand sanitizer maybe 20 times a day (and no I don’t have OCD; I’m a makeup artist, so it’s necessary)

Near a window with Flash:

No Flash:

What’s YOUR current mani?

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