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Once again M.A.C has brought out a great new launch that I just had to get my paws all over- this time around it’s skincare minis! I love beauty minis (especially fragrance because I can never use a 3.4 oz bottle of juice) and I’ve been wanting to try a few of M.A.C’s obnoxiously popular Strobe Cream so when I was picking a few other things up, I had to get a few skincare minis too!

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Here is a list of all the skincare minis coming out:

Fix + $10*

Pro Eye Makeup Remover $10*

Demi-Wipes $15*

Strobe Cream $15*

Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil $10*

Studio Moisture Cream $15

Green Gel Cleanser $15

Oil Control Lotion $15

Cleanse Off Oil $10

I love that these are about half-price their full-size counterparts; it makes it easier to test drive some new skin care products without dropping $30 on a moisturizer you don’t know if you’ll love. Also these are all 1oz- so they are airplane approved! Granted I’ve never set foot on a plane (slight fear of flying) but for those who do this is perfection! Also I like using empty Fix + pump/bottles for my brush cleanser/water combo for spot-cleaning brushes, so the mini one is going to be awesome for travel!

Another thing is I’m pretty sure these will be eligible for “Back to M.A.C” – B2M is a recycling program where you bring 6 empty M.A.C containers to a M.A.C counter or store and they will give you a free lipstick of your choice! At stores it get’s even better because you have the option of getting a Lipglass or Eyeshadow! I know, I love it too! There are some restrictions so it’s best to call your local store/counter to get the scoop on the details.

Here’s a few pictures of the products I picked up:

M.A.C Sized To Go

Launch Date- June 9 North America (available at MACPRO.com now)

Price- $10-$15

Where to buy: Maccosmetics.com; M.A.C Stores;

All products shown were purchased by me; I am not influenced by nor do I represent any company.

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