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Once again M.A.C has brought out a great new launch that I just had to get my paws all over- this time around it’s skincare minis! I love beauty minis (especially fragrance because I can never use a 3.4 oz bottle of juice) and I’ve been wanting to try a few of M.A.C’s obnoxiously popular Strobe Cream so when I was picking a few other things up, I had to get a few skincare minis too!

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Here is a list of all the skincare minis coming out:

Fix + $10*

Pro Eye Makeup Remover $10*

Demi-Wipes $15*

Strobe Cream $15*

Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil $10*

Studio Moisture Cream $15

Green Gel Cleanser $15

Oil Control Lotion $15

Cleanse Off Oil $10

I love that these are about half-price their full-size counterparts; it makes it easier to test drive some new skin care products without dropping $30 on a moisturizer you don’t know if you’ll love. Also these are all 1oz- so they are airplane approved! Granted I’ve never set foot on a plane (slight fear of flying) but for those who do this is perfection! Also I like using empty Fix + pump/bottles for my brush cleanser/water combo for spot-cleaning brushes, so the mini one is going to be awesome for travel!

Another thing is I’m pretty sure these will be eligible for “Back to M.A.C” – B2M is a recycling program where you bring 6 empty M.A.C containers to a M.A.C counter or store and they will give you a free lipstick of your choice! At stores it get’s even better because you have the option of getting a Lipglass or Eyeshadow! I know, I love it too! There are some restrictions so it’s best to call your local store/counter to get the scoop on the details.

Here’s a few pictures of the products I picked up:

M.A.C Sized To Go

Launch Date- June 9 North America (available at MACPRO.com now)

Price- $10-$15

Where to buy: Maccosmetics.com; M.A.C Stores;

All products shown were purchased by me; I am not influenced by nor do I represent any company.

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6 thoughts on “M.A.C Sized to Go

  1. Ame Ma

    When I saw this I thought, “Oooh! Looks like X-mas is early!” Because I’ve always wanted to try out a few MAC products but, they are a little out of my budget but those prices for those sizes put a couple of the really good looking items with in reach.Oil Control Lotion, you are mine and there nothing you can do about it.

  2. Crystal

    Awesome! I’ll get to try these w/o having to spend a crap ton of $$$!!!!!!! Thx for the post Cora!!!!!!!

  3. Missa

    Freakin perfect !!! I also wanna try a few of their products, one being the oil contro lotion, I didn’t want to pay $30 actually I almost did but they happened to be out, so thats good now I can wait for this and get something else with the other $15 I’ll be saving ! Win-win =)


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