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Hey everyone!!! My name is Andrew and I’m 19 years old. I’m a make up artist that works for Dolce&Gabbana MakeUp in Milan.
This is a look that I made for a contest that is going on in MVParamount’s channel. The name of the contest is The Death of the Sun Contest.

I had to made a look based on the death of the sun. It could be instant death of the sun, or gradual over time, or eons later!!
I already watched the other looks and most of them are creative looks made with latex and special effects stuff. I thought that it’d be cool to create
a look based on the same thing but at the same time with a little bit of fashion creativity inside.

My inspiration was: Futuristic Trashy Discoloration.

It would be cool to see yours recreations of this look =)
I’m going to list all the products that I used but you can easily use other products to get the final result.
This is the video for the contest:


Kryolan Aquacolor in Yellow, Red and Black

Base fixed with powders-
Black Black pigment by MAC
370 (Matte Yellow) by Inglot
Red color by Zoeva 88 Matte Palette
Cashmere 15 Bronzer by Dolce&Gabbana MakeUP (Orange intermediate color)
Yellow concealer by Zoeva Camouflage Palette (to make the weird symbol)

Eyeliner in gel by Inglot N° 77 on waterline, later fixed with Carbon by MAC
False eyelashes by MakeUpForever n° 137 added on lower lash line, later painted with Inglot gel eyeliner n°81


Black eyeliner n° 5 by Dolce&Gabbana MakeUp
Sealing Gel by Illamasqua
370 (Matte Yellow) by Inglot

Brus Used

Sephora foundaton brush n° 47
Dolce&Gabbana Blush brush
MAC 224
MAC 208
Stefania D’Alessandro L1 lip brush

Thank you very much! =)
Greetings from Italy

********A Note From Cora*********

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