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Hi Guys and Dolls! Today I’m sharing with you my swatches and thoughts on Lit Cosmetics! I love their glitters and I’ve had them for a while, but they were hiding in the back of a drawer-FOR SHAME! Anyway now that I’ve brought these bad boys out into the light I’m really digging them. I was going to do a simple beauty-tutorial this week but once I remembered how GORGEOUS these are I was completely inspired to do something a little spicier! Tutorial on my review-makeup coming very soon to a computer/smartphone near you!

Anywhoots- the folks at Lit Cosmetics love glitter. They sell about a grillion different colors, sizes and finishes. I must admit I’m still no pro at explaining the differences between the shapes/sizes/finishes, but so far I think my fave is the Metallic finish (Yoda is a Metallic for reference). I highly recommend checking out their site and e-flipping though their catalog of glitter goodness, if only for the Funk/Dance music (normally music on sites irritates me to no end, but their selections make me dance in my chair! I listened to Dancing Queen 4x today- it was glorious). Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that if you’re looking for a specific glitter they probably have it. The glitters sell for $12.95 a jar, which isn’t the cheapest, nor the most expensive I’ve seen glitter.

Glitter swatch-porn!

L-R Gunsmoke  Roxie Rolla  Twisted Sistah

Gunsmoke (Solid/Size#2)- very fine silver/grey glitter

Roxie Rolla (Solid/Size #2)- very fine Cranberry-Magenta glitter

Twisted Sistah (Solid/Size #2)- very fine lilac glitter

L-R Yoda, Beach Baby, Pretty Hot Pink

Yoda (Mettalic Size #2) smooth metallic kelly-green

Beach Baby (Solid/Size #2) very fine pewter-gold

Pretty Hot Pink Shimmer/Size #3) larger transparent pink that reflects blue and teal

So it’s no secret that glitter doesn’t adhere well to dry skin. Luckily LIT sells a hardworking glitter base (which I used to the swatches above). It comes in a clear glass jar with a screw-off lid & an opening wide enough for a brush. I’m torn over how I feel about the packaging. On the one hand I love that it’s a glass jar and therefore recyclable. However because it’s so open you have two choices: pour some out ( bit awkward to do, and I seem to ALWAYS over-pour wasting it) or dip something in to get it out. I went into detail in my video about my thoughts on this so I won’t bore you here. Long story short I love the actual product and I think it works well, but I feel like the packaging could be improved (A dropper?) This sells for $22.95

They also sell a few brushes, I have the Liner ($15.95) & the Round($16.95) brushes.  The liner brush was too flimsy and the hairs splayed out so I don’t use that one, but the round brush is great; it’s a bit thicker so you have better control, the hairs still look brand new despite many many uses- and used with the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base and glitter it is the perfect applicator for instant glitter liner. I’ve also used this brush to apply water-activated cake liner along with the CLGB and I’ve liked the results.

What about the inevitable:  glitter fall-out? Lit sells a “Spark-L Duster”. Eh it’s really cute, and it does work, but I don’t feel it works any better than a kabuki brush with a little face powder. But it’s also pretty cheap($1.95) and comes for free in many of their kits.

And Finally, Lit sells a single eyeliner called Vanilla ( 17.95)- it’s a soft-white that’s not too stark and not drying at all so it works great as a base or in the waterline. I don’t think it’s intended for the water line, but what I’m telling ya, is that’s where I put it! It’s not too stark so I don’t walk around with that “Hi! I put white liner on my waterline” look.

Alrighty, that about sums it up!

What? Lit Cosmetics


Vintageortacky Seal Of Approval? YES!

Update: The good people at LIT saw my review and they want to make a special offer to my subscribers! For any-size order, if you type “Vintage or Tacky” in the comment section after the checkout they will send you a free glitter! Apparently it’s an unreleased color from the land of glitter!!! Would it be weird to use my own coupon code? Gonna do it anyway!

Also I have a MiniMe Lit Kit to giveaway, so make sure you’re following me on Facebook and/or twitter where I will most likely announce the giveaway, or simply bookmark my blog :)

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