Dear Cora,

What kind of makeup should I wear to get a guy to notice me? I want to catch his eye, but I don’t know how.

-Anonymously Crushing

Hey Anonymous Crushing!

Trust me, no guy is going to ask you out based on your makeup- at least not any guy worth dating. But there is one thing I do know: Guys tend to prefer minimal makeup; a sort of effortless look. My best advice? Β Either minimal makeup, or whatever that makes you feel pretty, flirty and confident. As human beings (male or female/gay or straight) we’re attracted to confidence, so be who you are, and to quote Charlotte from Sex and the City “Just you go flirt a little!”. If he still doesn’t ask you out, here’s a wild thought : Man up and ask him! Maybe he’s shy. Maybe he’s clueless (boys are notoriously aloof). If he turns you down the good news is you’re still awesome, he’s just not that into you and that’s his loss.


Best of luck,



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