Wet ‘n’ Wild I ♥ Matte Palette Walgreens EXCLUSIVE

Hello Guys and Dolls!

DUDE! I’m giving one of these away this week, so this statement might sound a bit odd, but GO GET THIS! 8 incredible quality matte eyeshadows for 4.99! This can’t be beat!

I swatches these on my inner forearm with a bit of primer (too faced shadow insurance) and my finger. Some only needed one pass (like the brown-HOLY COW!) others like the purple needed 3- totally worth the effort! Enjoy the Swatchfest!

I <3 Matte Palette


No Flash


NO Flash

These limited release palettes can be a bit of a pain to trck down but this one is quite worth the trouble!

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on “Wet ‘n’ Wild I ♥ Matte Palette Walgreens EXCLUSIVE
27 Comments on “Wet ‘n’ Wild I ♥ Matte Palette Walgreens EXCLUSIVE
  1. Id been rocking out to my old school Lincoln park just because I don’t like whats on the radio now days!!!

    My YouTube name is kaylasparkles
    Thanks 🙂

  2. My YT name is, sheleahw, and Ive been listening to Beyonce so in Love, and Adele someone like you, in heavy rotation right now, and I Love your hair.

  3. just watched your vid on yt. I only have one palette by wetnwild. amazinggggg. Entering? I LOVE your videos. Heres my yt name Imperfectpictureee. <3

  4. I definitely need that matte palette. Simmer no longer looks good in the crease of my aging eye so I need a wide range of mattes. I had been thinking about getting the BH palette but because I really like to carry whatever I’m wearing I think this will be a better choice.

  5. Youtube account: rAiNiEpUn007
    Lately, I have been listening to Beyonce- Best thing I never had AND Adele- Rolling in the deep.
    I love both of their vocals <3
    I live in UK, so I can't buy wet n wild palettes. T-T I would be over the moon, if I win this giveaway.
    Thanks x

  6. Hi Cora,
    I’m still listening to my latest Joss Stone’s cd “Colour Me Free” (she has a new one I haven’t been able to purchase yet, though). Everytime I put on makeup, I just push play, cause this cd stays in my cd player! The whole cd is nice and I listen to it from beginning to end. I must have listened to it 3x yesterday, trying on makeup for my birthday today!


  7. i love love love yr super awesome videos cora.ive only been doing makeup for 3 years but you are hands down one woman i would love to make up my face,you ate so ful of life and energy and you made me love makeup,its fun,not work andyou can be vintage or tacky,thank you ao much yr amazing,and i love u.
    Bye cora

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