Wet ‘n’ Wild Baked Collection -Walgreens Exclusive!

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I explained these pretty well in the video, so I’m not going to make you read what you could watch, so here’s a Swatchapolooza. These were swatched with a bit of MAC’s Fix + on my arm- not exactly very wet, but a bit moist, with my finger. I built each one up just as I would on the eye, some took 1-2 passes, some 3.

As I mentioned in the video, these are not labeled, so I used a silver Sharpie to label mine.

Baking a Cake Palette


No Flash

Bake-Off Contest Palette (isn’t the name a little Redundant redundant?)


No Flash

Baked not Fried Palette


no flash

Each palette sells for 4.99 at Walgreens!

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