Wet ‘n’ Wild Baked Collection -Walgreens Exclusive!

Hi Guys and Dolls!

I explained these pretty well in the video, so I’m not going to make you read what you could watch, so here’s a Swatchapolooza. These were swatched with a bit of MAC’s Fix + on my arm- not exactly very wet, but a bit moist, with my finger. I built each one up just as I would on the eye, some took 1-2 passes, some 3.

As I mentioned in the video, these are not labeled, so I used a silver Sharpie to label mine.

Baking a Cake Palette


No Flash

Bake-Off Contest Palette (isn’t the name a little Redundant redundant?)


No Flash

Baked not Fried Palette


no flash

Each palette sells for 4.99 at Walgreens!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Cora (vintageortacky)


  1. JoJo
    November 12, 2011 / 5:01 am

    Love the Baked Off contest palette and the baked not fried. Great swatches..:)

  2. karlalesly
    November 12, 2011 / 10:50 am

    Hello I watch you all the time and I loveyoure tutorials. So hopefully I get to win this time I never do so anywho thanks and goodluck to everyone

  3. November 12, 2011 / 9:25 pm

    Baked Not Fried is the perfect palette for me because I’ve been looking for a neutral palette that a) doesn’t cost a lot & b) doesn’t have SO many colours that there seem to be a bunch that are almost identical ! Hoping I can find these in Canada!

  4. Amber
    November 12, 2011 / 10:18 pm

    username: amberlovesbrittaniLT
    I love pop music and my favorite artist currently is Katy Perry! They have been making some good songs lately<3

    • vintageortacky
      November 13, 2011 / 1:39 am

      This isn’t the post to enter the contest, you must do that on the contest post.

  5. Jess
    November 12, 2011 / 11:28 pm

    Bake off contest instantly reminded me of the Kat Von D metal orchestra palette! Hoping I can find these around me!

  6. Lisa B.
    November 13, 2011 / 1:00 pm

    My local Walgreens store is out of them. 🙁

  7. Anastacia mosher
    November 15, 2011 / 5:01 pm

    so after five walgreen stops in and around my area I’ve concluded that ny may not sell these…if you know anyone who would want to send them to me thatd be amazing 🙂

  8. Letty valero
    November 17, 2011 / 11:16 am

    Ahhhh I found them and bought them all …. 🙂

  9. Kara Hogarty
    November 19, 2011 / 6:18 pm

    I went to give different walgreen’s to find the I ♥ Matte and the baked palettes but it was so worth it.

    • Kara Hogarty
      November 19, 2011 / 6:19 pm

      Give = five*

  10. raquel Wilson
    November 29, 2011 / 7:35 pm

    OMG, these or soooo pigmented!!! I wis we had a walgreen’s here!!

  11. December 4, 2011 / 2:57 am

    Wow, the colours look really pigmented and gorgeous. I wish we had Wet n Wild in Singapore. Looks like another internet buy for me!


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