~CLOSED~GIVEAWAY: Wet ‘n’ Wild I ♥ Matte Palette


Hello Guys & Dolls!

****The Giveaway is now Closed. The Winner is MAKEUPJUNKEE08****

I wasn’t able to get a tutorial up for you this week so who’s up for a giveaway? I bought a second I <3 Matte palette this week to giveaway and I bought the Silent Treatment Trio to giveaway ages ago! These aren’t terribly costly prizes, but they are not available in all areas!

OK so here’s the “official rules” ^_^

The Prize for this giveaway is (1) I <3 Matte Palette from Wet ‘n’ Wild, (1) Silent Treatment Trio. and (3) Color Icon Eyeliners, the ones that came with the Baked SHadow Palettes, may you’ll like them more than I do.

You must be subscribed to my youtube channel -these giveaways are a thank you to my subscribers.

You Must be Over 18 or have a parents permission to enter- I’m going to ship you something, and I don’t want anyone’s parents to freak on me!

Only enter once… if you enter more than once  you will be disqualified. If you accidentally leave more than one comment, then you should delete it to avoid confusion. Again,  leave just one comment. If you have a question regarding this giveaway please direct it to my Youtube inbox.

To Enter: Simply leave me a comment for THIS BLOG POST stating your YouTube user-name tell me whatmusic you’ve been liking lately. No “enter me” comments, those will be disqualified- c’mon, it’s just lame guys!

This is open world-wide! The giveaway will end Wednesday (November 16th) night at 11:59 pm PST.  The winner will be selected though random.org and will be announced no later than Saturday night on my Facebook/Twitter pages, and announced on THIS post, so bookmark it! If the winner does not contact me (through YouTube’s messaging system) within 48 hours I will choose a new winner. That’s all! Have a great day and I hope you win!

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on “~CLOSED~GIVEAWAY: Wet ‘n’ Wild I ♥ Matte Palette
1,635 Comments on “~CLOSED~GIVEAWAY: Wet ‘n’ Wild I ♥ Matte Palette
  1. Sweet!! I’ve been really loving finding new-to-me music on YouTube lately. Pomplamoose, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn all make me very happy lately. I’ve also been really enjoying listening to Incubus again, especially with their new stuff. Great stuff!

    Also, I’m thelaynie on YouTube!

  2. YouTube username: naomiicarolhainanx

    Right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Lady Gaga, Biffy Clyro, Dimmu Borgir and of my course my ever faithful Nirvana.

  3. heyy, youtube name: kelliezee

    my fav type of music now is mostly rock and alternative, but i’m starting to get hooked on kimya dawson 🙂 also i’m really into the new Blink-182 album, it’s really good if you like their music 🙂

  4. I’m emac059 on YT and as for music, I find myself flipping through semi-oldies (like, 90s->now) and pop and even country lately … used to be all modern rock/ alternative all the time!

  5. my youtube is beautybybee, And the music i have been loving latley is maroon 5 moves like jagger, and the new rhcp rain dance maggie. those 2 songs i can listen to all day everyday. lol..

    thanks for this giveaway cant wait to see who wins.

  6. seeminglyxsimple — I’ve actually been loving Skrillex lately. When it comes to dubstep, I’m always super cautious. But my brother had me listen to their music and I got hooked!

  7. Youtube username: nikkileeriot
    I’ve been really into the Pistol Annies, and Jessie J recently, kind of an odd combination but I love so many different genres of music 🙂

  8. youtube username: BrutalPhotographer
    I’ve been listening to death metal and grindcore for a long time but nowadays I switched to dub-step like Skrillex etc.

  9. Hey I’m Suca101 some recent likes I have been listening to lately is kiane and um yeah I can listen to them all day and also that band that plays pumped up kicks love it!

  10. My YT user name: YamiJay

    I’ve been listening to VOCALOID a lot lately. Seriously… Especially “I Wanna Be your World”. Very pretty song.

    And the matte palette… I need matte colors!

  11. Hi!
    YT name: idiBibi
    I made a compilation of Twilight Soundtracks songs, and I am in a cloudy/rainy phase now, so that’s what I’m listening to. I guess I should have made up something cooler, since I’m probably too old to admit that I even know Twilight exists.
    Take care,

  12. Youtube name: Cookye85

    And the music I been listening to lately would be beyonce…i love her. She is amazing..and my fave song of hers right now would be 1+1.

  13. youtube username: kanbiyume
    Music wise I’ve been really into Girls Generation and other sort of asian music and stuff, but also Panic! At The Disco, who I ADORE. Been listening to them so much lately, can’t get enough! 🙂

  14. HI!!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!! It stinks they don’t make these pallets more available for everyone!

    My username is kandygrlx and I have been loving the song Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer and New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. Both great songs to get up and get ready to – reminds you to put a smile on your face for the day!


  15. YouTube User Name: axhollywood

    Music that I have been loving: Pretty Lights, Lena Del Ray, Mumford and Sons, Skillrex, Purity Ring, Anjulie, Crystal Method, Sia, Imogen Heap and so many more. Looking at that list now, I realize my music taste is ALL over the map, haha! Some oldies and some newer artists in that list for sure 🙂

  16. violynn12

    I have been obsessed with Evanescence since they started in 2003, and their new album just came out, so I’ve been listening to it nonstop. Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep and ambient/trance/dance/industrial, whatever you want to call it. I like the heaviness of it. 🙂

  17. Youtube: fritolayz01

    I’m really into Fanfarlo, my favorite song being Comets. They’re sort of folk-y and cool. 😀 But Mika too, he’s so great, but I had no clue he existed until my french teacher told me about him!

  18. I’m SofiLee on youtube and I’ve been rediscovering my love of Metric lately (: amazing band, *do* check them out! I really wanna win ’cause these won’t be popping up in Canada since it’s Walgreens exclusive…

  19. my ytname’s LifeLikeLiz 🙂 my favorite music of all time is Paramore ^^
    gosh, I would love wet’n’wild to be available where I live, but it’s jsut not… would love to have some products!! 🙂

  20. YT name: EgoSlayer

    Favourite music lately is liquid drumm and bass… fantastic rich stuff to float away to and there’s no shortage of producers. 😀

  21. I am ldswordpainter on youtube. I’ve been listening to a lot of dance/electronic music lately. Stuff like Gaga, Cascada, Bass Hunter, Blaqk Audio, and Kaskade. I’ve also been listening to a lot of youtube musicians like ALL CAPS, Tyler Ward, Alex Day, and many more. There music is so catchy and they have so much talent.
    Thank you for all the energy and effort you put into your videos. 🙂

  22. HI! love you airbrush video btw!
    well I just came back from a Evanescence concert a long with The Pretty Reckless. So yeah, I have been listening to them not stop. Amazing concert I strongly recommend it, if you are into those bands. 🙂

    Youtube username is: zeroantibeauty

  23. YT: MissyABQ
    I have been in love with more darker matte browns. I find myself reaching for them when I get ready to put on my eye shadow in the morning!

  24. Hello!
    So long time fan, first time trying to win something 🙂 But before all of this I want to say THANK YOU! I have been watching you for a little over two years and I finally got the courage to start doing eye shadows. I rock a red lip when I am way to tiered to get up in the morning but I am officially in love with bright vibrant colors.
    So thank you for introducing me to all these great product companies!
    My YouTube Name is “ThisNerdKaty” and the music I like to listen to.. well it is everything! But I have found myself listening to is Disney Music. I was practically raised there (yay for living in FL!) AND I was just thinking that you would like to know but yes I am over 18..actually I am 18 but turn 19 in Feb. so I don’t know how that will be…

  25. youtube username: TheSarcasticbeauty

    lately the music i have been really into is Oasis, and the footloose soundtrack from the original movie. As well as Lady Gaga i cant get enough of her.

  26. YT: RaynyDae

    I’ve been really into a lot of cute little country songs, which arent really my forte, considering
    my favorite bands are like, Mariana’s Trench, but I’ve found some really cute songs I cant get out of!♥

  27. You Tube name: jensenandjaredfan.

    Lately i´ve benn listening to Adele,Maroon 5 and lots of dance trance.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway.U are awesome.

  28. YouTube username: xFadeToGreyx
    I haven’t really been listening to much of anything lately, just playing far too much Sims so that the little doo-doo tune gets stuck in my head >.< The most recent song I got obsessed with and had to have is 'Beautiful'-Joydrop, though, so maybe that kind of counts?
    Anyways, thanks for the giveaway 🙂 The blue in that palette is insanely beautiful, and we can't get Wet n Wild over here.

  29. YouTube;; MrRyeex
    I’ve been on an Alexisonfire kick since I’ve just recently found out they’ve disbanded. Unfortunately, I’m a year late seeing as they broke up last December):

  30. yt username jennryan00
    ive been listening to some 80’s baby!!im super excited about these new pallettts they look so amazing!!!! ty for these swatches ,review and contest!

  31. youtube name FairyInBlackBoots
    Lately, I’ve been listening to the recent Mayday Parade self-titled album everyday.
    This palette looks so amazing! I wish I could get it here! 🙁

  32. Hi my you tube username is omylove and i have been listening to rihanna alot lately, her new song qe found love has been on constant repeat, and her last album was awesone.

  33. Youtube username: Finsternissan

    I’ve been LOVING sugar pill burning heart pallet, and for music I’m loving 2NE1. TV shows would be modern family, the office, person of interest, and home land 😀

  34. Youtube Username: KriziaaIsamar

    Recently for the past few months I’ve been obsessing over Skrillex and deadmau5 and many other dubstep artist.
    I love love love dubstep because it just gets my energy up and I find it great to listen to dubstep while doing homework.

  35. YT Username – SarahsMascara

    I’ve been loving Michael Buble’s Christmas album lately, and I’ve been rediscovering my love for Paramore. It makes for an interesting mix of songs that are stuck in my head. 🙂

  36. My youtube name is QuartzCrystalSparkle. I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Christmas music lately, it may be too early, but I LOVE this time of year! It’s my favorite!

  37. youtube username: wucekaczka

    Lately I have gone crazy with Bjork! I’m also a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses, Britney Spears(but only with the new album ‘femme fatale’) and Adele! She’s my number one for now, I adore her lovely voice:D I also love Polish hip-hop, but only a few of the artists, like O.S.T.R or Paktofonika 🙂 Oh and Katy Perry, my favourite song like forever is “Thinking of you” I never get bored with it ^^

  38. Youtube= TheBlushedBeauty. Yeayy I am so excited that you found these in your area. I keep finding the displays, but the spot for the I heart Matte palletes are empty. I love your swatches!!

  39. My youtube is OurVoiceOnTheWorld and I’ve been loving Mindless Self Indulgence and Marianas Trench so much because I’ve gotten tickets to their shows!

  40. YT user: MissMandaiii

    About my music i think i’ve been a lot into a band called A Day To Remember, and into a band called Close Your Eyes. but actually i loved the Sucker Punch movie soundtracks!!!!<3
    Keep on rollin'!!!!

  41. YT name: NWeezy103
    I’ve been getting back into my old favorites so Mason Jennings, Xavier Rudd, Ben Folds have been in a constant rotation on my iPod 🙂

  42. youtube username: adelazemkova

    Lately i’ve been listening so much to Example. I simply love the vibe, the dubstep parts and the amazing energy overall. I recommend “change the way you kiss me”.

  43. jasll186 I have been listening to oldies and a lot of motown lately. Makes me think of being a kid and watching my Dad dance and sing along to it. Great memories.

  44. YT: amaijala9792
    I’ve been listening to a lot of Family Force 5 lately since their new cd came out. They’re one of my favorite bands and they make great music 🙂

  45. Youtube name: Sarahdoodles

    Music I’ve been listening to recently has mainly been the Moulin Rouge soundtrack..it’s one of my favourite films and for some reason I can’t get enough of it recently.
    p.s. I love you!
    also bye!

  46. Youtube username: mysticwings018

    Music I’ve been loving lately:
    Lady GaGa-“Heavy Metal Lover”
    Placebo-“My Sweet Prince”
    Adele-“Set Fire to the Rain”

  47. Youtube: MrsMintzPlasse
    Music: I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep, pop, and rock lately. I really like Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore, Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger. I listen to a lot of different types of music and songs.
    Haha, thanks for the giveaway! <3

  48. Youtube username: kkelseyxann

    I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep lately, especially Skrillex.

    I LOVE the colors in this palette especially the blue and purple. I wear purple eyeshadow quite often but I have a hard time finding the perfect purple and I think this just might be it!

    Great videos btw! 🙂

  49. YT user: Luvs2sing1901

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift, top 10 on itunes, and christmas music! Yes i know its early but I absolutely love it hehe<3 Thanks for the giveaway!

    anyway, I’m maryee222 on YouTube. (just found your channels yesterday, and spent about 4 hours glued to my iPhone watching your face!)

    Currently been listening to the World beats station on Pandora, an totally digging the Latin guitar stuff!

  51. youtube: Strifehart78

    Well right now i’ve been re-obsessing over my favorite band who are Rise Against. My other favorites are Kings of Leon, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, and Coldplay. 😀
    I can’t wait to go to Walgreen later today to buy the baked collection! Thanks!!

  52. Hey Cora! awesome giveaway! I too <3 matte 😀

    Current music I've been listening to is "the vincent black shadow, Those dancing days, Girl in a coma" I think you should check out Girl in a coma they're AWESOME! If you do let me know what you think 😀

  53. YT : Xezbethnovitch

    I’m in love with Tony Kakko’s voice since 1999, his voice is like magic. You HAVE to listen to him if you never heard him before.

    He’s main singer of band Sonata Arctica but he also appears in many other songs and he is also in a band called Northern Kings wich is well worth listening!!

  54. YouTube: the wixter

    You have to listen to VersaEmerge. They’re full length, “Fixed At Zero”, is absolutely fantastic. It’s very orchestral and complicated. The two members of VersaEmerge love film score, and I think there’s a reflection of that in the music.

    Check out The Maine as well. They’re new album “Pioneer” is coming out on December 6th. They have a new song on their YouTube. Well worth the listening. I’ve been listening to them since they started and I have never been more proud of them!

  55. TY for the giveaway <3
    I love Portishead and since it has been raining and beautiful and gloomy it has been playing from my Ipod for a few days now , also Concrete Blonde ( i love that woman) Depeche Mode , The cure and Sisters of Mercy, hence the wonderful weather it's perfect for the mood .

    You're channel is awesome!

    You tube Username: 3LOADED

  56. My youtube name is sassysmart75

    I’ve been into upbeat pop music lately (guilty pleasure that I am totally admitting to for the sake of the give away) I’m talking Cobra Starship and Maroon 5. Don’t tell anyone!

  57. Hi! My youtube username is RamenIkanariUka.

    I’ve recently gotten into K-pop, which if you don’t know what that is like I didn’t..it’s Korean Pop.
    I started listening to K-pop when I saw boybands were still popular in Korea. (Gosh I miss boybands. My whole childhood revolved around them!) And then wham, I was into it. No regrets on it, they’re all very talented!

    Thanks for doing a give away! I can’t get Wet ‘n’ Wild products in Canada!

  58. I’ve been listening to a lot of hardcore, post-hardcore and emocore music lately, such as Asking Alexandria and Blessthefall.

    My YT username is AriiOkashi

  59. YouTube: Piiksiiii
    Lately I’ve been into Christmas music and no, it’s not too early:D
    Also I’ve been loving:
    Kasabian – Underdog
    Hurts – Sunday
    Mötley Crüe – Girls Girls Girls

  60. My youtube: liangel23

    I’ve actually been listening to Foo Fighters much more recently and this girl called ‘SairahBella’ on youtube, she’s an amazing song writer, I enjoy her videos(:

  61. I have been loving me some 90’S MUSIC. Marky Mark and the funky bunch. Good vibrations has been on repeat lol. Any way my you tube user is darkskindiva36

  62. gildedpink

    And well, I’ve been loving “Last friday night” ever since it came out, because on the week days it makes me look forward to friday and on fridays it just makes the day a tad bit better !

  63. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS I LIVE IN THE UK AND I HAVE NEVER TRIED WET N WILD I REALLY WANT IT WIN !!! anywhoo i have been OBSESSED!! with aerosmith lately i go thru these stages that i become addticted to songs and yeaah thanks so much even though i know i probz wont win but Hey your still greaat xx

    yt name henaayan

  64. My youtube user name is firecat182 and lately Ive been listening to of mike falzone on youtube. Hes hilarious and I love all the covers he does. Other than that I love the new Blink 182 cd and A Day to Remember.

  65. My YT name is VengeanceCosmetics. I’ve been listening to a lot of German hip-hop lately and even though it’s a bit early for that I’ve been listening to Christmas music, old stuff like Ray Charles or Frank Sinatra, but also more modern stuff like the Christmas album by She & Him.

  66. Mooisapig
    I’m obsessed with The Wanted!
    Their more recent releases ‘Lightning’ and ‘Battleground’ are on repeat all day.
    I’ve also been loving Michael Buble’s new Christmas album. It is spectacular!


  67. My youtube name is NeferSonne

    The music I’ve been listening lately is Adele, I really like her voice. And Mago de Oz and Melendi from my country I like so much their music!! 😛

    Thankyou very much for this giveaway!!! Specially because they don’t sell Wet&Wild palettes here in Spain and I love them!!! Hope I can win 😛 Thankyou!!!!!! =)

  68. Youtube name : ManDollyn

    Lately i have been going trough hard time with my bf, so i listened to more of sad songs, top fav that time was Christina Perri – Jar of hearts. But now i don’t listen to music much, coz i started playing cool singing game, so yeah xD And last days my top fav positive song is Someone Like Me – Luke & Ryan…Thay are youtubers, but that song is sooooooo positive, exactly what i need ^.^ sorry for this post being so long. Have a good day/night. 😉

  69. Hey doll!! I love you!! I have been listening to Scotty McCreery I absolutely love him…and Adele’s 21 album and I lov listening to a youtuber delongmusic she is awesome

    youtube name: Azmiar454

  70. YT: ohfaciq
    I recently discovered a gentleman called Daley. He has an amazing voice; it’s so refreshing to listen to a song which actually has lyrics that have meaning not just simple rhyming words… I highly recommend his song called “Be”

  71. I have fallen in love with She and Him for beautiful and vintage style music (check out In the Sun) they just make me smile!!

    Im from the UK and we dont get Wet and Wild so I always get very jealous of these amazing products!!!

  72. My youtube name is AVenomousKitten 🙂
    I’ve been really into some indie music and old riot grrrl punk music lately! Also Johnny Cash! Who doesn’t love some Johnny Cash!

  73. Youtube Name-OfficiallyStelzer, I have been listening to Country, but more specific Miranda Lamberts new album, and when Im not listening to that Christmas music!More by force since they started playing it the day after Halloween! lol Thanks for the giveaway!!

  74. My youtube name: DaughterofAzrael

    Last night I was listening to all the songs from The Sound of Music, the one I like the most is “How do you solve a problem like Maria”. And I like Tarkan’s Kuzu Kuzu

    Love from Argentina

  75. beautyblossoms
    i’ve been in love with the glee mashup of rumor has it/someone like you -adele
    and youngthegiant cough syrup 😛
    ohh and beyond the sea sung by bobby darin

  76. YT USERNAME: gagadavid14

    I have really been loving Cher, and Mariah Carey lately. With christmas coming, Mariah’s christmas album just gets me in a Mariah Mood!

  77. Youtube Name- Pink4life123
    I have been listening to old school rock and roll, Journey like crazy!!!
    P.S. im obssessed with mattes <3 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  78. biancabiianca, I’ve been listening this amazing girl named Lana del rey, she has a unique voice, Blue Jeans is the must wonderful song, is just differente of is simply wonderful and different of everything that i heard

  79. YouTube name: bubbelitobejkon

    I have actually been listening a lot to the Swedish band “Kent” recently, they play wonderful alternative rock.

    Thanks so much!

  80. yt username: MsRaider88

    I am all about Adele and Thrice lately. I love Adeles older style voice, I can’t stand some of this new style music. lol I grew up listening to Janice Joplin so Adele sings right to my heart.

  81. OMGitsacookiez on youtube
    Lots of Nirvana because I can never get sick of them. <3 Also, I've been loving The Frustrators and Sham 69 with a little bit of Sonic Youth. 🙂

  82. YT name: eehsiuqs

    Music: Chevelle, anything classic rock… Skillet, Bullet for my Valentine, Evans Blue, Imogen Heap, Linkin Park, Staind, Zac Brown Band… I like just about any type of music. 🙂

  83. yt name Risong5
    OMG I love all your videos and I am so happy that I found you on youtube. You have definately broadened my horizon. Thank you so much! <33333

    • haha I was so excited I forgot my music! Yesterday I found my december underground cd from AFI and was listening to that the entire way to work. its the simple things in life (like listening to a tune) that really make your day better 🙂

      yt Risong 5

  84. YT: cwalflower

    I just got back from a roadtrip with my cousin and the whole month long trip he insisted on listening to country, so i had to learn to like that. But since returning home i’ve been detoxing with some old favorites like sinatra, reel big fish, and the dead 60’s (and the occasional secret indulgence in some 80’s hair metal, so bad)

  85. My YouTube User Name is: TamaraLM3.
    I have been listening to a lot of Oldies on my spotify, like The Doors, Aerosmith, The Beatles, and so on. I am addicted to my spotify. 🙂

    Do you have like a PO Box address so I can send you a Christmas Card? I know that may sound weird, but I like to do Christmas Cards.


  86. Youtube: Yuethefox

    Its really up in the air about the music. But most of it has been An Cafe, music from the 90’s, tv show theme songs, and 70’s german disco.

  87. My youtube name is tinyzombie19, and I’ve been getting back into techno a bit lately… today has been HeadhunterZ and trance remixes of a few pop songs!

  88. My youtube username is mariannenn
    I’d love to win because I can’t get any wet ‘n wild products where I live.
    The music I’ve been liking lately is piano music, anything that is played by a piano.
    I love your videos
    With love from holland!

  89. Youtube name: schuldig28

    Lately I’ve been listening to Akanishi Jin who is this amazing R’n’B Japanese singer and to Mezzanine De L’alcazar Volume 2.

    Lots of love from Romania <3


  90. YouTube name: Twilightloveralexis

    hmmm i’ve been listing to alot of Adele and Rihanna :)My favorite songs right now being Someone like you and We found love, i swear i could listen to those two songs all day and never get tired of them! 😀 Oh and im just dying to go get the Bake-off contest pallet!! It’s so darn pretty!

  91. Youtube name: fawnatron

    I’ve really a lot of acoustic, indie stuff. One song I keep listening to the past few days is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It’s so adorable <3

  92. I’ve been really really listening to deftones and a perfect circle…I guess this winter weather brings me nostalgic feelings,I used to listen to apc back in high-school when it rained, so everytime it rains I listen to them…..:) how bout you? What are you loving these days cora?

  93. YT username: sweetnspice1221

    I’ve been listening to Michael Buble lately especially the song “Just haven’t met you yet”….his voice is so dreamy <3 lol

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Hope I win! 😀

  94. YT username: isarango

    I’m in love with what I’ve heard so far from Florence and The Machine’s new album. But I can’t stop listening to Incubus, Brandon Boyd is the freaking man of my life.

  95. ashmain08….
    The music Ive been listening to lately is Ska music. Like big d and the kids table and streetlight i dont know its just very uplifting and always puts me in a good mood =]

  96. YT Username: RottenRemnants

    I’ve recently fallen in love with a song called ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay. I’ve always hated their music, with the exception of the song ‘Don’t Panic’ — but I heard ‘The Scientist’ on the radio the other day and loved it. But my all-time favorite band is undoubtedly Nine Inch Nails. I don’t know how much of their music you’re familiar with, but you should definitely give them a solid listen if you haven’t already. Personally my favorite album is ‘The Fragile,’ followed by ‘The Downward Spiral,’ but you really can’t go wrong with any of their albums. <3

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  97. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I’ve been looking at this palette with hearts on my eyes for so long, but we don’t have WnW where I live. You’re the most awesome, Cora! (Is that even well said? Idontknow…)

    Anyway, I’m a total geek and lately all I’ve been listening to is The Legend of Zelda soundtracks. How lame am I? xD But I love them! :3

    My YT name is Myownnightmare.

    Thank you for this! 😀

  98. I have been listening to a lot of Christmas lately, which is weird because thanksgiving has not even happened. Oh well! I would be so excited to win this! Makeup palette! I love your videos! <3
    YouTube name: jhklmao9o
    Thanks for this awesome give away!
    <3 becca!

  99. Youtube name: fecarretta
    I love your tutorials so much! <3 I REALLY hope to win the I <3 Matte palette, cause sadly we don't have wet n' wild here in Brazil ): So I'm really excited for this! <3 The colors are gorgeous!!
    I've been listening to You Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless, I love Taylor Momsen, she's gorgeous and have an awesome voice! I've been listening to Avril Lavigne's new album, Goodbye Lullaby, too. I love her <3

  100. Youtube user: MyStupidCat101

    I am always listening to a mixture of genres depending on my mood, but it tends to go back and forth between KPOP and HipHop usually and throw in a little bit of alternative rock, lol. Fave songs of the moment: Big Bang-Lollipop 2, BrownEyedGirls-Cleansing Cream, SNSD-Trick, Dirty Money- Loving You No More, Kelly Rowland- Lay it On Me, Tablo-Bad….thats just a few.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  101. TheMoiRubio – I love the Beatles, they are what I listen to most, but I also really like the Gorillaz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Simon and Garfunkel, and Blink-182 😀
    You’re amazing Cora! I love all your videos <3

  102. YouTube user name : lillerella
    Music: I have been thrashing “Florence & the Machine” ceremonials new album it is Soo good ! Crazy good! You would love it!

  103. youtube name: truelyindescribable
    i am a huge fan of Sleeping with Sirens. and for some reason the oldies are hitting a soft spot on heart too. (:

  104. Hi!
    my user name on youtube is: ViKixiCki.

    I’ve been into so much music lately! my taste really varies.
    but, i recently re-fell in love with Breaking benjamin,
    i soo wanna go to one of there concerts before i die lol:)
    but omg, i would so love to win<3
    thank you for atleast giving me a chance!

  105. aiminglow86

    I’ve been kind of all around the map with music lately. At the beginning of the week, I was on a Mariah Carey “Butterfly” throwback, then it was country music from like 10 years ago, now today I have Britney stuck in my head.

  106. Hi Cora!
    My YT username is MichCoccaBene! I love music and always have it playing! Lately, I’ve been into classic rock, my local station is a great rock station (Rat radio), and I love Pink Floyd! Thanks for the chance to win! xoxo Michele

  107. My YouTube username: beckylacelle
    I have been listening to a lot of the Billboard and Top 40 music, which is really weird for me, considering I am more into the rock sort of genre. I love how dance and pop can really make me feel happy. I’ve never felt so rejuvenated as I do after I dance around to a pop song! 🙂 I really suggest that after a long day at school or work or after just a stressful day.. to put on some type of happy, dance song.. and just feel the bass in your bones and dance. I love it! I used to always listen to rock and stuff because I loved the lyrics, but I still haven’t felt this happy in soooo long.
    And, I’m not trying to make pop seem better than rock; in no way or form are they comparable, I’m just saying, that changing from one genre to the other has a happy effect on me. 🙂

    P.s: I absolutely LOVE that palette. It’s gorgeous! But I don’t think I could get it here D:.. I live about 3 hours away from a store. The only store that is here is a tiny corner store that only sells food and has a gas station. So winning really would be a gift to me. Not to make it into some sort of sob story or anything, but ever since I was about 13 I’ve been really passionate about makeup. (Yes, I’m only 15, but I have parent’s permission), and winning something –anything– from you, would make my life. I look up to you 🙂

  108. YouTube name: kerismith24

    I’ve been loving Adele lately. she has such a soulful voice I love it!

    You’ve helped get me out of my comfort level when it comes to color with your videos! Thanks Cora!!

  109. Hey Cora! youtube name is Jenniet2002. I am obsessed with all 80s music-anything from Madonna to Cyndi Lauper to Journey to Foreigner. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  110. YT: effingmiiaa

    Hey Cora! So this may be a little cliché but I’ve totally been obsessing over the amazingly talented, Adele. Good music is hard to find lately, and I was like a kid in a candy store when she first came out! Take care! 🙂

  111. YouTube name: SnapwingOnTheTube

    My musical taste is ever changing, but after every 2 songs on all my playlists, I always insert at least 1 Pink Floyd song. They’re my lifelong favorite!

  112. Youtube: CiaraLeanneM
    The music I’ve really been listening to a lot lately is actually Justin Biebers new Christmas album ‘Under the Mistletoe’ I’ve never been a huge fan of Justin but I love his Christmas songs!

  113. YT username: Leguizombie07

    This is kind of dorky (for someone who usually listens to Rock and Metal), but lately I’ve been getting into some of the indie music I’ve heard on the Vampire Diaries like Ron Pope’s “A Drop in the Ocean” and Ryan Star’s “Losing your Memory” (super sappy romantic stuff)

  114. YT: chelsm89

    I’ve been loving Deadmau5 lately. I just discovered them not too long ago looking for some new techno/dance music to listen to. I love that there is generally no lyrics in his songs either. Just a nice beat that makes you wanna move. 🙂

  115. Hello 🙂 my yt username is hiphopr1. I’m really loving foster the people lately..pumped up kicks is the best song evaaaaaaaaaaa!!! And Evanescence’s new stuff. its really good! I’ve missed them so much.

  116. Youtube: rosepettal23
    Hi there! I have been listening to a lot of Bruno Mars lately…gotta admit, I kinda love him! Also been loving me some Jason Derulo, his songs are so darn catchy!

  117. OMG please enter me .. I’m from Malta so we don’t get wet n wild and i have to pay like £15 to get this and I love Greed and Pride cuz I got those too to get off ebay 😀 .. I’ve been liking Lady Gaga and Adele lately.. Oh and Jessie J too… 😀 My youtube username is xxxdynaxxx and my email is xxxdynaxxx@gmail.com 😀 xxx tysm xxx

  118. My Youtube account is: BubbleGumDexter23

    I’ve been really into Late Night Alumni for the longest time now, they’re just so amazing and chill. Having Kaskade in their group also makes them fun. The most angelic voice by Becky jean williams! Great music like this should be played more! 🙂

  119. Hey, 🙂 My username on YT is healthywithwhitney.
    Lately I’ve really been into Pink Floyd (mostly their lighter, softer stuff) as well as the Twilight soundtrack. I know it sounds funny, but there’s some really amazing songs on that OST, you should check it out 🙂
    You’re awesome Cora

  120. YT name: punkgal126

    the music i have been in to lately is pop punk, but from 2007 -2008, i’m not sure why i’m just not a fan of some of the new stuff that has been coming out lately

    Have a good day:)

  121. kasai0494
    I’ve actually been on a bit of a 30’s, 40’s, 50’s kick lately. I’ve even been sticking with more vintage hair styles, makeup, and clothing. :3 But I’ve especially been addicted to the Andrew’s Sisters. 😀

  122. My youtube username is OHfersherr and I’m usually always listening to Deftones but I’ve been feeling really Christmas-y so I’ve had Motown Christmas on repeat!

  123. I have been LOVING Demi Lovato. But then again I always have. My youtube name is PringlesRAshley. Goodlick to everyone, and I adore your work ^_^ Keep it up Cora.

  124. YT account is alldevilgirl.

    I’ve been back into my VAST kick recently, and also been listening to Wolf Gang since I saw them in concert about a month ago!

  125. I am TheEarthDragon on youtube and I have been switching back and forth between Florence + The Machine Ceremonials album and Jeesh 8 bit music mixes. Andyou were so excited on the video that I couldn’t help but get excited too 😛 I would go straight to Wallgreens right now but unfortunately I have to get ready for work >.< But I'll go after work maybe 🙂

  126. yt: beccabear08
    i’ve been listening to the national- so amazing.
    thanks for the giveaway: i live in Canada and so I tend to miss out on a lot of drugstore products that I hear tons of people raving about, limited edition or not. So thank you!!

  127. Youtube name: LoosingOrion

    I love that you’re having this contest btw.

    Music I’ve been into lately, cartoon theme songs. My son is into the channel Sprout and the wiggles always come on, I find myself singing along like a child lol.
    Yeah lame, but so much fun.

  128. arosepurr……..Been loving Florence and the Machine. All of their music I got to see her and the band perform over this past Summer at the U2 concert and have liked them alot ever since.

  129. Hey Cora,

    It’s Stacey!! So yeah the new hair, LOVE ITTTTT your eyes look sooooo blue :] I’ve totally been stuck on Adele and I found this new band called Ben Harper and he’s really good! Skrillex has totally been killing it in the dubstep world btw hahaha “First of the year(equinox)” is super crazy!!!
    I hope everything’s good with you!!!!

    Staceyblue123 (youtube name)

  130. Hey there, my username is Castaliaowns and I’be been totally into old school music that I’ve rediscovered. I dont mean like really old or anything, I just mean like “Destiny’s Child” and stuff like that haha XD

  131. hey! My youtube username is broadwaygirl29 and I’ve been listening to Fitz and the Tantrums lately. They’re really fabulous if you haven’t checked them out already.

  132. My name on Youtube is Malkavianhand and the music I have been listening to lately is, oddly, a lot of Rihanna and techno. These shadows are gorgeous!

  133. YT Username: SuzieLivesInHerHead
    I’ve been really into rock-a-billy lately… ala Wanda Jackson. But it has carried over into a psychobilly obsession as well. So my iPod is chock full of recently added Wanda, Horrorpops & Imelda May etc etc… I’m also getting into British songstresses like Florence Welch & Adele & Pixie Lott. I like to branch out =]

  134. comatoseangel : I’ve been listening to Scissor Sisters – I can’t Decide and Rogue Traders – Voodoo Child. Those 2 songs have been locked into my brain ^__^

  135. YT Name-kellywolstenholm1
    I’ve been listening to Pistol Annies, they are a trio of very country girls singing old fashioned country songs, so classic and great!!!

  136. neaface on youtube, and I’ve been listening to lots of Skrillex, Infected Mushroom and deadmau5 recently. Saw #1 and #2 live last month — totally awesome!!

  137. YT name: Rayleeniebobeenie
    The music I’ve been loving lately is Adele, Muse, Coldplay, and I’ve been listening to Panic! at the Disco’s first album again.

  138. gitarae1. I have been kinda bsessing ove cuntry music lately. even though i have never really gotten into it. carrie underwood, jason aldean, taylor switf.

  139. Youtube name: CoolSnygg1
    I’b been into piano music for a while, so when I found Rihanna’s Love the way you lie – Piano vers. I was so happy! 😀

  140. Username: KatieAnne777

    Lately I’ve been loving Dev. Her songs just make me want to get up and shake my butt. 😛

    Also, I’ve literally been stopping at every Walgreens I see. I can’t find it!! I’m so sad we have like 10 Walgreens on my city and none have had it yet. 🙁

  141. Youtube name: BoomerLady0825

    I’ve been listening to Florence + the Machine. I love her sound and her voice is awesome!
    You’re awesome for this give away 🙂

  142. MissBrainsford
    I have been listening to lots of Regina Spektor, She & Him, and John Mayer lately.
    Although I have been slowly mixing in The Smiths and The Strokes 🙂

  143. YT: TheMisstwist

    I have been loving justin beiber haha yeh yeh i know i know! But I can’t help it everything is soo catchy. I watched his Never say never and omg I just fell in love with the little guy! ha ha not romantically but yeh you know what i mean! 😛

  144. YT User: lalabell

    What’s on my playlist these days has been anything by Maroon 5/Queen/Jessie J.& Adele
    (^O^☆♪ “Dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind.”

    P.S.: Loved your hair!

  145. Ajanicoe904 < I had a typo when creating my username. Yum. Haha. But I've been LOVING Kaskade lately. To me it sounds like holiday shopping music. I love it! 🙂

  146. YT name: bobie8675

    I’ve been listening to Christina Perri, Dia Frampton and Death Cab for Cutie aLOT lately. I also really like listening to covers of songs I like on YT! 😉

  147. Youtube user-name is fightfire92

    I’ve been listening to ‘Sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO 🙂 Usually I listen to heavy metal music but that song is so catchy and funny!

  148. YOUTUBE USER NAME : mellutrunta
    I’ve been listening to “Of monsters and men” alot.. It’s an Icelandic band (I’m Icelandic)
    They are great, you should check them out. (I really reccomend the song “Little Talks” it’s amazing).
    I’ve also really loved the Drive soundtrack, especially the song “Night Call” by Kavinsky. IT’S AH-MAZING..

    But hopefully I win the palette! We don’t have Wet ‘n’ Wild here 🙁
    LOVE YOU 🙂

  149. Ytun: sadie1307
    Been kind of listening to adele lately…to b more specific her song “some one like you”..u kind of remind me of her for some reason..n all kinds of sad depresing music lol yeaaahh break ups =/ alone for da holidays once again -_- greetings for puerto rico though! 😛 lol

  150. hi thanks for the giveaway.
    YT: timaloves

    the music ive been really into is bachata its spanish music not sure if you ever heard it. well the artist is romeo santos you should look him up. another artist is drake all day!

  151. my username is crazysillystupid
    I always loooooove Nirvana and for the last couple years my favorite bands have been Dance Gavin Dance, closure in moscow, and Pierce the Veil, (i’ll always love britney spears too lol)

  152. yt: tophatandpolkadots
    my all time favorite is regina spektor, so i am always listening to her. i love the new katy perry so cause its just soo sad =[. and way too much wiz kahlifa thanks to my little bro.

  153. Heyy!

    My youtube name is City0fDreams
    And … I’ve been listening to Adele A LOT…. not because its on the radio (actually I was an Adele fan way before she became so popular in Canada 🙂 )
    She just… finds a way to speak to the heartbreak ive been going through.

  154. YT Username: pencilcurls

    The music I have been loving lately is everything Radiohead and Bob Marley. I had never really been into Radiohead until lately (weirdo, I know!), and of course, Marley is the man!!

  155. My YouTube is amcemma7

    Lately I’ve been into any music that I can dance to. It’s my first semester in college and I like dancing on the weekends for fun 🙂

  156. Ieatchulikeadoughnut

    I have been really into KPop for about a year or so and I’m kind of addicted! I reallllly like Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense and Abracadabra!

  157. YouTube username is bleuluver

    I’ve been really into dance music recently specifically loving the song Holdin’ On by Dave Aude feat. Elijah. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  158. Youtube name: aelitameier

    I’ve been listening to a lot of random music, but for the past week I’ve been listening to Sway by Michael Buble, and Smooth by Santana. The new Punk Goes Pop 4 realeased a cover of Rolling In The Deep and I’m in LOVE with that song, its so amazing~

  159. Hey, My youtube name is InspiredBeauty18 and I’ve been trying to work myself up and make my makeup tutorials better. The music that I’m really into now more than I’ve ever been is ska. The only reason to that is because of my boyfriend who actually is a musician, normally I am a chris brown fan and music along that line. Thanks for the oppurtunity to enter!

  160. Hi im Sparklewish80

    Honestly I love a variety of music. I love country like taylor swift, Antebellum, etc, I also love Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Scooter, etc. I love Lincoln Park to Rob Zombie. I love Katy Perry, to Rhiana, Shakira, and even clasical music. If i can dance, sing, or relax to it I love it.

    I just want to say thanks for doing this through your blog. Most giveaways are through facebook and I dont have a facebook account. Great that you open this to everyone!!

  161. I literally go though phases where I just listen to one band for months. I’ve recently gotten back into listening to Norma Jean, I totally forgot they existed! My friend introduced me to a lot of bands that I’ve been loving, Band of Horses is probably my favorite she’s shown me, it’s great to have friends with different music taste than you, so they can share all the great bands you could be missing out on! My YouTube user name is J4l3n3.

  162. Youtube name: NecroLustOfficial

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin because they remind me of my Dad. Listening to music was always our way of bonding. Also, by listening to them I get all those cute memories we shared. :’)
    And thank you soo much for this giveaway! I myself am a fan of those Wet&Wild palettes. They have so much bang for their buck, especially for a student who spends most of her money on school! 🙂

  163. YT name: ElizaBrownSugar

    The music I have been loving lately is bruno mars and Travis mccoy (from gym class heros). I’m really diggin those artist right now. 🙂

  164. Hello, my youtube thingi is Klokl5
    Lately I’ve been a Adele maniach, I luv her so much now.
    all her music has driven me crazy rollin in the deep, someone like you, and fire to the rain my top 3… luv em all. But like always my number 1 lady gaga, that woman know how to rock it, BTW core your vids are amazing, they put a smile on my face every single time I watch them <3
    goin back to gaga, the songs aren't new but my fav right now is "THE EDGE OF GLORY" I luv that song is so precious to me :o)
    and obiously born this way….
    oh I almost forgot, Need you now is another of my fav now too…
    how many fav we needed to mention?
    oh well, that's all the music I'm in luv now <3

  165. Hey I’ve been absolutely loving Herbie Hancock and George Benson lately and also a bit of John Coltrane 😀 my YouTube name is FunkyBassist3910 and I’m from Australia 🙂

    Good Luck guys 🙂 xo

  166. YouTube name- jessikita101

    recently I have been listening to a whole bunch of Adele, paramore and my fav lil Wayne. I can’t get enough of him. Oh and drake bc I use to watch him on degrassi. Lol.

  167. Grüß dich 🙂
    I didn’t even know you had a blog since now. Just found out 🙂 And I’m happy I did 🙂
    I’ve got one favorite song lately and I could listen to it 24/7. It’s called “Vogel flieg – Silla feat Kitty Kat. It’s a german song and I just love what they say in it. Choochoo 🙂
    My YT name is: ZimtSternChen69

  168. YT- thesirencall

    I’ve been loooving Rise Against lately. I saw them in concert at LA Rising and can’t stop listening to them now. <3
    Thanks for the giveaway Cora!

  169. YT – rachelcelise

    I’m rediscovering The Smiths at the moment – had There Is A Light That Never Goes Out going round in my head for DAYS!!! Also loving The Last Shadow Puppets, Kasabian and a girl called Charlene Soraia who has done a gorgeous cover of Wherever You Will Go which is being used on an advert for Twinings tea over in the UK (although it looks like an advert for feminine products as you can see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdkcsDueSMM&feature=player_profilepage)

    So yeah, that’s what I’m listening to!

  170. my youtube is: missserendipityy

    I’ve been obsessed with this band Grouplove lately, totally hipster to a T but give them a chance they’re freaking amazing, literally discovered one song on a radio station, heard it a week later, looked up the video, in the bottom bar said they were playing near me the next day, bought tickets and went, AMAZING concert! seriously the real deal, look up colors or lovely cup, everything they do is genius but those two particularly, don’t watch the video first hipster overload haha have not been this excited about a band in a LONG time, LOVE YOU byeeee

  171. youtube name: somethingpancake

    i’ve been really into beyonce’ as of late….i’m not sure why because i never really ever got on the beyonce’ bandwagon.

  172. My youtube name is itsmekestral. Sadly I don’t do videos *yet* but I absolutely LOVE watching them and you’re one of my favs. Love your crazy awesome style! <3

    My favorite music right now is a rather odd combination of Mumford and Sons, Adam Lambert and Grateful Dead. LOL

    Thanks for the give away! ^_^

  173. Youtube Name: Shotgunromance

    I’ve been going back to my high school days lately and listening to TONS of Brand New. Specifically the Deja Entendu album, def my favorite! Along with them I’ve been listening to another older band, The Forecast. :]

  174. YT – Dulceisha

    I’ve been loving Area 51 – Bo kansion. It a song papiamentu. it’s has a great beat and the lyrics are genius. Thanks for the giveaway.

  175. YT: sweetpuppy120489

    I’ve been loving this short song called Forbidden Love from a soap opera. I have no idea the author…But it is just a little secret of mine when I listen to this song. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  176. youtube name:crackbird

    i’ve been listening to a lot of goth industrial lately. My favourite song for a very long time is bella lugosi is dead by bauhaus :>

  177. Username: Tatcarni
    Lately i have been on this blues travelers kick, but i normal listen to Perry Como and/or the Everly Brothers.
    Im kinda into 50’s love songs and swing

  178. YT: 420peaceful

    I have been listening to a lot of Young the Giant. I have always loved them but lately haven been listening to them nonstop. 🙂 You should check em out if you havent already

  179. YT: toolpendulum27

    I’ve been listening lately to The Concretes <3 the singer has such a beautiful voice and the lyrics are odd and romantic just love this band :D.

  180. YT Name: crashhcourse

    I’ve really been loving Dry County lately. They’re a country band from southern Ontario, Canada. & dubstep. Kinda weird my genres of music, but whatevers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. My youtube username is plaidword.

    I’ve been loving Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and IU (korean singer*AMAZING*). LOL

    Thank you for making this giveaway!!

  182. youtube name: Bitter4Sw33t
    Lately I’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran, he’s an artist from the UK who sings like a mix of folk rock with hip hop.

  183. yt name: sammxcandypants

    I honestly haven’t really been into newer music as of lately except for Adele, so I’ve been listening to panic! at the disco’s first album in my car lol.

  184. Been listening to a lot of Beatles and The Who! When I paint their music just makes me go crazy on the inspiration level 😀
    youtube username: MiseryPassion

  185. Hi! My youtube name is himitsusj and I’ve actually been listening to an orchestral/instrumental group called Two Steps from Hell recently. I’ve been working on National Novel Writing Month, and they’re really good music to keep me pumped up and writing when my inspiration is flagging! 🙂

  186. I recently rediscovered my love for Billy Joel and Pat Metheny after I found some old vinyls stored away (more for my on-growing collection!). But I’m still a die-hard fan of Zeppelin, Floyd, Moody Blues, Queen, AC/DC & all those awesome 70’s tunes. Long live Rock N’ Roll! (;
    My youtube name: NeyxChaos

  187. Youtube name: sweetie11707. I’ve been listening to a lot of club-like music I guess. Like Rihanna’s We Found Love and Usher and David Guetta’s Without You (I think thats the title).

  188. MissChievous78 here. I got back from a holiday to the US a couple of months ago and I’ve been listening to top 40 stuff since because it reminds me of dancing away in the clubs in Vegas! 🙂

  189. I like Lmfao right now plus all the new techno/dance music that has been brought out lately.

    My Youtube user name is RicanStarz.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  190. YT username: MsLolerma

    I listen to music alot, but I’ve really been into a few bands. Totally getting into the Christmas spirit with the A Very She and Him Christmas album! Amazing!! But also The Naked And Famous, Neon Indian, and Nick Drake, they are awesome artists.

  191. My Youtube username is innerbeauty34

    Lately, I’ve been having a rough time with life and I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift. She just knows what to say to make me feel better! And it almost seems like she knows exactly how I feel! haha

  192. YT Username : SaiKamiKannon

    lol, you asked for it, I’ve been listening to a top few faves from soundtracks recently:
    Eddie Grant “Electric Avenue”, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
    The Used “Burning Down The House”, Transformers 2
    TCY FORCE feat. Emyli “Champion”, Panty and Stocking With Gaterbelt
    Nena “99 Red Balloons”,The Watchmen.
    I just love buying soundtracks. Sometimes movies remind me of the songs I love the most!

  193. Thanks for doing this, Cora! It’s amazing 🙂
    My username is maguireandnina, and I always love Regina Spektor. If you don’t listen to her, you should!

  194. My youtube name is Spiceyceasar. Lately I have been constantly listening to the Black Keys…they’ve been a favourite for a while but I can listen to them anytime, in any mood STILL. Also, Them Crooked Vultures album has been growing on me lately, so I’ve been listening to them more. I would looove to have this giveaway, as I haven’t found the new wet ‘n wild palates in my country. Best of luck to all, cheers!

  195. YT Username: 13HauntedNightmare13

    I have been listening to Adele non stop! I have also been listening to music from Glee a lot (lame I know, but I love it).

  196. yt username. eldaileana

    and lately i’ve been listening to adele non stop, i think she’s a great singer and if course my favorite band for over 6 years now My chemical romance : D


    You know how you watch a movie over and over and you learn something new every time? Well I was watching Why Did I Get Married and heard Amel Larrieux “No One Else” and now I listen to it all day.

  198. YT: JenyxyCandice
    Just wanted to say that i watch your channel for some time now, and you make me unbelievable happy just by being you. Just wanted to thank you for that.
    The music ive been listening to lately, Beyonce (tho i listen to her literally 365 days a year) and Nicki Minaj (shes just so cute and wierd in her own way, and it shows in her music).

  199. YT username: williesha123

    Ive been stuck on Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way, The songs im stuck on r “highway unicorn “and ” heavy metal lover” lol and how can i forget Kelly Clarksons new song Mr. Know it all! Music is my inspiration ( i know its everyone), oh and Superchick!! Yay

  200. Hello 🙂 My Youtube user name is Njjjj143, at the moment of watching your video I had music playing in the background which are some of my faveeees. First was by Nouvelle Vague – In a manner of speaking and the Second song was Portishead – Glory Box. Hope you check them out!!! <3

  201. YT Username: musicianinmakeup

    I’ve been LOVING me sone Dahsboard Confessional lately! They’re amazing! Also since I have a bit of a problem I’ve been listening to Christmas music since that big snowstorm before Halloween. haha it threw me off a bit and put me in the mood a bit earlier than usual. =)

  202. youtube username: Marinshe

    Can’t belive how amazingly beautiful they are! I wish that I can order them online as international customer. Well, let me to answer on your question… In the latest time I love to listen Girls aloud and Roisin Murphy. 🙂

  203. My YouTube username is nickynoo000
    And the music I have been listening to lately is Rhianna and Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Pees and also I absolutely love your videos on YouTube I watch them all the time and I love all your makeup I wish I could have it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. My YT name is kmlyle2000 and lately I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep, which is a new found love that drives my husband bananas, making it even more enjoyable to listen to. 😉

  205. hey Cora, stoked to be able to enter your giveaway. My youtube name is sirenitysilvers. And I’m 18, so nothing to worry about. =3 Thanks for just being you. =3

    • Crap, forgot to say which music I was listening to, and it won’t let me delete my previous comment. I’ve been digging dubstep for the past while.

  206. My youtube username is xShiizam and lately I’ve been a bit down so I’ve been listening to a lot of Three Days Grace and Sick Puppies and the like, but for a pick me-up I love throwing some Skrillex in the mix! ^^ <3

  207. Hey girl :] My youtube name is: karleendanica
    the music I have been liking lately is house music, especially Kaskade & Mindy Gledhill songs. The beat & Mindy’s voice is soooo beautiful together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7RyZ4Zf4Dk <— link to a song called "eyes" by Kaskade & Mindy. Overall i've been loving calm house music with beautiful voices & beats. Especially while doing my makeup! I have found that it calms me down and really helps me get creative. Thank you for the giveaway & thank you for the news on the pallettes I really hope I get to get my hands on one soon! xoxo, Karleen

  208. My YT name is Thelipsofanangel90, and ive been loving easy mood, songs that makes you happy and are easy to lissen to lately. More of a metal/alternative rock girl 😛

  209. username: evilswede90
    I’ve been slightly obsessed with a band called You Me At Six lately. But I also love Ed Sheeran. Lovely voices all around.

  210. youtube name: nuttynatz2005

    i really like The Wanted (their new album has just come out in the UK) and ive been listening to them non-stop but i also have been listening to alot of old school 90’s stuff like Steps etc.

  211. Youtube username: DemonessOfPassion

    I’ve been into a bunch of Pearl Jam lately, as well as Eddie Vedder’s solo albums. That man can sing!
    I love his voice. I’ve also been into a bunch of punk rock and grunge bands as well.
    There’s this grunge band with one of my favorite actors [Michael Pitt] called Pagoda, and they’re fucking awesome. You can hear Kurt Cobain in his voice. Which isn’t a surprise since he’s very inspired by Nirvana and also acted in a movie as a fictional Kurt Cobain in the movie Last Days.
    For grunge fans looking for more modern grunge bands to listen to I HIGHLY recommend Pagoda!

  212. Hello Cora, I’m cecilly91 (original, I know, right?). Thing about music and I is that I’m kinda a slut about it, haha. I can pretty much bounce around (my version of dancing) to anything on the radio, I’m really loving Ke$ha right now, but I’m kinda being sucked back into my love of 90’s music, Train!

  213. HEY!!! =] I loved your youtube video you were so excited and it made me want them soooo bad!!! =D

    My youtube name is sweetchic2119

    I have been listening to a lot of random music ranging from Blake Shelton to Eminem. haha.

  214. my youtube name is makeupandmanga
    lately i’ve been on a lil wayne kick but recently went back to my roots listening to punk and metal and forgot how much i love atreyu

  215. I’m Usagibunnneh on youtube! Since it’s still midterm time (Seriously, it never ends. 8 midterms this semester!!), I haven’t really been listening to anything with lyrics. So I’ve been digging listening to the Spirited Away soundtrack, especially in the form of a piano suite performed by this amazing guy on youtube. No idea who he is, but I am seriously jealous of his talent.

    Oh yes, in the car on the way to school, my brother and I have been listening to Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO because it’s impossible to not like that song. I WORK OUT!