~Closed~ Viva Glam Gaga + MAC KHK Bear Giveaway

Hello Guys and Dolls!

This Giveaway is closed.

Congrats to MaddiSparkles!

“My favorite TV shows are modern family, big bang theory, how I meet your mother, and RuPaul’s Drag Race!”

Great choices! I love All those shows as well!

Last year a few days after Christmas  I was shopping at MAC and I realized they still had a few of the Kids Helping Kids Bears left over from their Holiday launch and it made me a little sad- A) The bears are adorable, and B) they go to a great cause. The Bear is made by GUND and is made of  Tartan Patchwork- SO CUTE! So I decided to pick one up and do a giveaway with a Viva Glam lipstick this year on World Aids Day (December 1). If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you most likely know that I’ve been having computer issues, so the timing of this isn’t as perfect as it could have been, but I’m still really happy about this giveaway. Viva Glam and Kids Helping Kids are both great organizations and I urge you all to look at Viva Glam Lipstick & Lipglass when you shop at MAC- every penny of the selling price goes to the MAC Aids Fund- MAC even eats the cost of making the lipstick. MAC has raised over $224 million dollars since it began the MAC Aids Fund in 1994.  This and the Back to MAC program are two major factors as to why I love MAC so much!

OK so here’s the “official rules” ^_^

The Prize for this giveaway is (1) Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick, and (1) Kids Helping Kids Bear.

You must be subscribed to my youtube channel -these giveaways are a thank you to my subscribers.

You Must be Over 18 or have a parents permission to enter- I’m going to ship you something, and I don’t want anyone’s parents to freak on me!

To Enter: Simply leave me a comment for THIS BLOG POST stating your YOUTUBE USER NAME and tell me what is your favorite TV show of the moment. No “enter me” comments, you will be disqualified- c’mon, it’s just lame guys!

ONE entry per person. If you accidentally leave more than one comment, then contact me through You Tube’s messaging system and I will fix it for you- but only if you contact me..… if you enter more than once  you will be disqualified. If you have a question regarding this giveaway please direct it to my Youtube inbox.

This is open world-wide! The giveaway will end Wednesday (December 7th) night at 11:59 pm PST.  The winner will be selected though random.org and will be announced no later than Saturday night on my Facebook/Twitter pages, and announced on THIS post, so bookmark it! If the winner does not contact me (through YouTube’s messaging system) within 48 hours I will choose a new winner.

That’s all! Sorry for all the bold print but you’d be surprised how many details are unseen when people are excited! Have a great day and I hope you win!

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  1. Ivette · November 29, 2011 Ivette

    I’m HerNameIsBLEH and my favorite TV show(s), at the moment is Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and Glee…also Supernatural never gets old. (:

    • alexis · November 29, 2011 alexis

      youtube name:143franns
      my favorite TV show(s) is teen mom 2,la ink and cupcake wars lol haha

    • Monica · November 29, 2011 Monica

      My name is MastaChef2000 and I absolutely and OBSESSED with Sons of Anarchy at the moment. The show will rock your SOCKS!!!

    • abbey oswalt · November 29, 2011 abbey

      cherrybomb365, the vampire diaries and glee :)

    • Katie Noelle Clark · November 29, 2011 Katie

      Youtube name cheering4jesus07 My favorite TV show is BONES! With New GIrl a close second…. :)

    • Randi · November 29, 2011 Randi

      My YouTube name is joygirl09 and my favorite show at the moment is Once Upon a Time :)

    • Ashley Anderson · November 29, 2011 Ashley

      My youtube name is blazianful… I’m in LOVE with the vampire diaries, but the season just ended so know I”m suffering from show withdrawals! I hate waiting for new seasons to come, but I’ve got to stay faithful to my show! =D

    • Keshia · November 30, 2011 Keshia

      Youtube Name: CrunkKitty1

      My favorite TV show: The Glam Fairy. The stupidity and hilariousness of the TV show keeps drawing me in and keeps making me watch it! haha 😀

    • Andrea · November 30, 2011 Andrea

      I’m xxxanity on youtube and my favorite TV show of the moment is without a doubt Sons of Anarchy. My boyfriend made me start watching it with him and now I’m completely obsessed with it.

    • Michelle · November 30, 2011 Michelle

      I’m totally loving TRUE BLOOD right now. Never really watched it before, until Tarte made that palette now i’m catching up on all the seasons. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway.

      YOUTUBE USERNAME: eyechelledow

    • Lizzy · November 30, 2011 Lizzy

      Hey, my youtube name is xxdizzylizzy
      and my favorite tv show(s) i would have to say are cupcake wars, Dexter, and how do i look. :3 I”m absolutely obsessed with them 😀

    • Alexandra Colon · November 30, 2011 Alexandra

      okay so my username is Shelady588 and i must say my favorite show right now would have to be glee. glee. glee. GLEE. GLEE!!!!!!!!!! all the way lol. my other one that is running against for the top spot would be Bones. BEST SHOWS EVER!!!!!!!! so yea :)

    • Jessica · November 30, 2011 Jessica

      my username is jessix17

      and my favourite show is House! I`m obsessed! 😀

    • yolanda salazar · November 30, 2011 yolanda

      username: YOLIBEARC8
      FAV TV SHOW IS AN ANIME FROM LIKE THE 90’S CALLED RANMA 1/2…I watch it on youtube and its simply amazing lol

    • Marissa S · November 30, 2011 Marissa

      My username is musicluv86 and my FAVORITE TV show is Doctor Who :) I can’t help but be obsessed with it! (Can’t wait until the Christmas special.) <3

    • nimrod.Jennifer · November 30, 2011 nimrod.Jennifer

      yt: nimrodjennifer

      show: the walking dead! MMMM BRAAAAIIINNNNSSSS!! xoxo

    • claudia joung · December 1, 2011 claudia

      youtubename: boredclaudia
      my favorite show right now is X FACTOR. <3

    • Howabouthemdragontales:).im sane i swear · December 1, 2011 Howabouthemdragontales:).im

      SORRY i kno u said no double commenting but i swear this is cause i put my email instead of my youtube name..i feel stupiddddd but my youtube name is omgtakerusan

      plz dont take me out of the competition..im just really clumsy

    • MissTiff · December 3, 2011 MissTiff

      xbrokenheartedx (i hate my name)
      As cheesey as some people may find it, I don’t care, but my favourite show on tv atm is American Horror Story annnd probably Community =D

    • HilyBee · December 3, 2011 HilyBee

      YT name: eehsiuqs
      My favorite TV shows right now are Bones, The Big Bang Theory, The Community, Parks & Rec., and New Girl. 😀

    • Jolene · December 3, 2011 Jolene

      Hey,hey, hey, Im Justarglrfrankiefan on youtube and my favorite show right now (and possibly top 5 of all time!) is Adventure Time. It is THE cutest show of all time! It has everything i think ive ever wanted in a show when i was little. the story is cute, the artistry is phenominal and when i watch it, i feel…surene and reminisent of childhood days. it just isnt something i am able to put into words. to some, i guess its just a kids show on cartoonnetwork, but to me, its definitely much more than that. it brings my sisters and i closer together since its the only show we can agree on to watch all together. (theres 4 of us, 18-2, so that really is a feat!) BEST SHOW EVAR!! ^_^

    • Crystal Bartsch · December 4, 2011 Crystal

      youtube name: crystalizexx
      fav tv atm: grimm

    • Brielle · December 4, 2011 Brielle

      Username: Nikki1939

      Favorite TV show: Spongebob, even though I’m 18 😛



    • Jessica · December 5, 2011 Jessica

      My name is kiisskiiss101
      and y fav tvshows at the moment are: Castle, The lying games and pretty little liars!

    • Katie · December 5, 2011 Katie

      katjkub87 and my favorite tv show right now is Desperate Houswives :)

    • Lissi B. · December 6, 2011 Lissi

      Hey! I’m LissiSays on YouTube.

      My favorite tv show at the moment is an unbreakable tie between Glee and Dexter. I just can’t pick one. (Trust me, I tried!)

  2. Sarah Hensley · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    My youtube name is LivingBlackRose and I don’t currently have just one favorite show, I love Glee and House and Pretty Little Liars though, probably my top three. :) Love your make-up tutorials btw!

  3. Courtney Curry (@Dazzles83) · November 29, 2011 Courtney

    My youtube username is Ursalina and my favorite TV show at the moment is The Next Iron Chef (foodnetwork junkie, what can I say!).

  4. Jessica · November 29, 2011 Jessica

    I’m Jessmanchester and my Favorite Television shows of the Moment are Supernatural, Grimm, Lost Girl and Once Upon a Time. ( Still Voting Hardcore as possible for king of the Web )

  5. Natalie · November 29, 2011 Natalie

    youtube username: trixonbrixton
    my favorite show as of right now is either Glee or Stargate (:

  6. Joanna · November 29, 2011 Joanna

    yt: jojozbeauty
    Tv Show: Heart of Dixie…love love it :)

    Thanks and Happy Holidays

  7. Sofia · November 29, 2011 Sofia

    My YT name is s0fiefbaby and my favorite show at the moment is Dexter! :)

  8. Rachel D. · November 29, 2011 Rachel

    Pawn Stars

  9. Anna · November 29, 2011 Anna

    yt user: montybabe13
    tv show: American Horror Story(AHS)

  10. Aimee · November 29, 2011 Aimee

    youtube name mspinupgirly

    Favorite tv show AMC The Walking Dead …. sooo good

  11. kokofemme · November 29, 2011 kokofemme

    My YT name is: Kokofemme (◠‿◠)
    One of my Fav TV Shows right now is: Facing Trauma (on the Health & Discovery network). Great cause and I too support Viva Glam and Aids Awareness!!

  12. janel · November 29, 2011 janel

    Yt- mizerylovescompany77
    Hey cora! My favoritist(<—- wth 0_0) t.v. show right now has to be ghost adventures….lol hands down I'm such a paranormal kinda gal, I wonder, do you watch those kinda shows too??? Love and peace girlfriend,love and peace….

  13. Amanda Culley · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    My Youtube Name is Makeupmadeeasy and my favourite television show is Sanctuary

  14. Cristina Araujo · November 29, 2011 Cristina

    Youtube User: MrsMinx224
    My favorite show at the moment is The Walking Dead !!!!!

  15. Andrea · November 29, 2011 Andrea

    My youtube name is andruhbetch and my favorite tv shows right now are how i met your mother.. or walking dead.. probably walking dead but they just had the mid-season finale :(

  16. Lizzie Tupman · November 29, 2011 Lizzie

    Heyyy my username is LizzieTupman and my favourite TV show at the moment the Misfits :)

  17. Curlyloon · November 29, 2011 Curlyloon

    my youtube name is thecurlyloon

    My fav show at the moment is The Walking Dead but it just finished their mid-season finale :-<

  18. juanita · November 29, 2011 juanita

    youtube name: vampchick121
    favorite show: psych

  19. Sarah · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    My Username is Sarah30444 and my favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory and NCIS!

  20. Katherine Burton · November 29, 2011 Katherine

    Username: KatherineBurton2013
    Favourite show: QI

  21. Asia · November 29, 2011 Asia

    Hai! redblaze82 @ yt and i love fringe, bones, & house =)

  22. Wendy · November 29, 2011 Wendy

    My username is BentleyBlonde and my fave show is american horror story! :) thanks cora! xo

  23. Ray · November 29, 2011 Ray

    Youtube: mylittlecasey1
    My favorite TV show at the moment is Once Upon A Time. :) Thank you!!

  24. Deziree Sullivan · November 29, 2011 Deziree


  25. Vanessa Corwin · November 29, 2011 Vanessa

    My youtube name is nesspoo1984 and my favorite tv show is American Horror Story. So addicting!

  26. Mariel · November 29, 2011 Mariel

    my youtube name is maralyssa1016 & my favourite tv is How i met your mother :)

  27. Caitlin · November 29, 2011 Caitlin

    My Youtube name is CaitlinCatastrophe4 and my favorite show right now is CSI, I have always loved the show <3

  28. Patti · November 29, 2011 Patti

    My YT is angelface14363703 and my fav show right now is ghost adventures! and have been for years

  29. Miranda Blanchard · November 29, 2011 Miranda

    youtube UN: teefinyomouf
    favorite show: Project Runway (guilty pleasure haha)

  30. makirama · November 29, 2011 makirama

    My youtube name is Makiramaz
    My favourite shows right now are Doctor Who, Misfits, Once upon a Time and How I met your mother!

  31. Lexi Torres · November 29, 2011 Lexi

    Favorite tv would have to be The Walking Dead, be cause I LOVE ZOMBIES! and Glee, because i just love the lady with OCD! haha

  32. Liz Elsner · November 29, 2011 Liz

    my youtube username is lizzfizzle92 and my favorite show at the moment is how i met your mother! seriously it’s legen……DARY. and come on who doesn’t love them some neil patrick harris?

  33. Kiana · November 29, 2011 Kiana

    YT: khumiston22
    my favorite show is on youtube actually- its not tv but a show :)))) i love the SHAYTARDS!

  34. andrea1028 · November 29, 2011 andrea1028

    Hey!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway, lady! Very cool! My YT name is ndreaftw1989 and my favorite shows (because I can’t choose just one) at the moment are Ridiculousness, The Regular Show, I Used To Be Fat, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Celebrity Rehab… yeah, reality TV is my guilty pleasure. But yeah, THANK YOU! Good luck to everybody

  35. Lindsy · November 29, 2011 Lindsy

    YouTube username: LindsyPaige
    I have so many favorite shows, but my newest favorite is Breaking Bad! :]

  36. BrendaS · November 29, 2011 BrendaS

    My favorite tv show right now is Grimm, that show is so crazy awesome XP

  37. Desiree · November 29, 2011 Desiree

    YT Username: MissDeadlyDesire.
    My favorite shows right now are Once Upon A Time, Ringer & American Horror Story!

  38. Karley · November 29, 2011 Karley

    Username: photography19
    Favourite tv show: Revenge

  39. cece · November 29, 2011 cece

    yt: ccn1005
    what not to wear!!

  40. Elyssa Kathleen · November 29, 2011 Elyssa

    Username: LyssaXCarnage
    Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory<33

  41. Kina · November 29, 2011 Kina

    :3 I’m Kinatakins, and my favorite show right now is Supernatural, I’m also rewatching alllll of Friends.

  42. Katt · November 29, 2011 Katt

    Youtube name: KattBrody09

    My favorite tv show is Supernatural, i love everything related to spooky things, ghost, legends, and all that <3

    Misfits, I love that show, all there superpowers, and they always get into trouble xD, although i miss Nathan :(

    Also The Walking Dead, because zombies are awesome!!!!!

  43. Katerina Matias · November 29, 2011 Katerina

    YouTube username: kayystarrr
    Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad

  44. lauren · November 29, 2011 lauren

    my youtube username is lacat96 and the show Im loving right now even though its kinda old is cupcake girls! :)

  45. Ettty · November 29, 2011 Ettty


    I’m watching the Big Bang Theory about everyday to catch up lol

  46. Shannon · November 29, 2011 Shannon

    youtube: smilingshannon
    My favorite is definitely Adventure Time or Regular show, me and my boyfriend love watching wacky cartoons together like those!

    This is such a lovely giveaway, by the way, lovely cause, and I always like the bright pink one better than the nude, though I never got my hands on it, haha. Have a lovely day, good luck everyone. :)

  47. Ashley Muche · November 29, 2011 Ashley

    My YT Username is: StaveCandy
    My fave shows on tv right now are: Haven, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Heartland, 90210, Swamp People, IRT, the Vampire Diaries, and Grimm… Sorry I couldn’t just pick one show cause I am pretty much addicted to them all haha… awesome giveaway… and I hope you win Queen of the Web, I voted for you with all my votes :)

  48. Tessa · November 29, 2011 Tessa

    Youtube username: FunkyBassist3910

    My fav TV show of all time is a tie between Seinfeld and Daria both are awesome and I would watch any time :)Always my favourites 😀
    Good luck guys

  49. Sara · November 29, 2011 Sara

    Im sunshinesara06 and my favorite show of the moment would be Modern Family:)

  50. BROWNBROWS · November 29, 2011 BROWNBROWS

    My YouTube name is BROWNBROWS. My favorite TV show is The Braxtons.

  51. Krystal · November 29, 2011 Krystal

    Username: krystallake88
    My favorite t.v show right now is Two Broke Girls!!! Love it!! 😀

  52. Olivia Y. · November 29, 2011 Olivia

    law and order svu

  53. Kevin Richard · November 29, 2011 Kevin

    HI ! 😀 my Youtube user mane is awesomepowerofmakeup and my favorite TV show of all time and also at the moment is Ghost Whisperer

  54. Veronica Candido · November 29, 2011 Veronica

    arcanechoes, and definitely Game of Thrones!

  55. Kim Teague · November 29, 2011 Kim

    My youtube name is CountryBunny0409. Currently my favorite show is Criminal Minds, closely followed by Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle. I love cute stuffed animals to sit on the shelve about my desk and that little bear is just so adorable!!! You’re such a kind person to do a giveaway and make videos on youtube, you truely are an inspiration.

  56. Amy · November 29, 2011 Amy

    My YouTube name is YellowCrayon13.
    My favorite tv show right now is Once Upon A Time :)

  57. Marian · November 29, 2011 Marian

    youtube username: morganified
    favourite tv show: Once Upon a Time i’m pretty obsessed with this show right now, i love it!

  58. Monica · November 29, 2011 Monica

    That is great MAC has raised so much for the cause..
    Best TV show: Love & Hip Hop

  59. Kelly · November 29, 2011 Kelly

    Username is Guiltyoffacecrime
    and my favorite TV show at the moment is The Vampire Diaries! lol. I don’t have cable but I’ve been watching it on Netflix so my “favorite show” changes often. :))

  60. Rena · November 29, 2011 Rena

    My YouTube username is MsRenaLouise!
    I can’t choose only one TV show.. I have three favorites! They are Cake Boss, The Walking Dead, and FaceOff! I love love lovvveee them all! :-)

  61. Becka · November 29, 2011 Becka

    Youtube Username: TheQueenOfHEarts146
    My favorites show right now are Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, and Revenge.

  62. chonu · November 29, 2011 chonu

    my youtube username is chonu and my favorite show at the moment is vampire diaries and iron chef! im just addicted! i love your site and channel i hope you win queen of the web! =] happy holidays <3

  63. Jessica · November 29, 2011 Jessica

    My youtube name is CheapAutumnStorm and my favorite show right now is The Biggest Loser, i love it because its all about starting over and saving your life. Its nice to see a good show, thats not all about sex and gossip 😛 Good Luck At Winning Queen of the Web! <3

  64. Marissa Montano · November 29, 2011 Marissa

    YT name: tbagmarz. Oh def The Walking Dead…sooo sad this seasons over :)

  65. Sherhonda Perez · November 29, 2011 Sherhonda

    My youtube username is grieversangel07
    and my favorite tv show at the moment would have to be Once Upon A Time. Im actually watching it right now LOOVE IT!!!

  66. becca · November 29, 2011 becca

    yt: beccabear08
    i’ve been loving mock the week & russell howard’s good news, british comedy shows, and they’re HILARIOUS!

  67. Jessy · November 29, 2011 Jessy

    youtube user name: “doubtingthomas6042” My favorite tv show right now is Enlightened. I’m a sucker for Mike White productions.

  68. Emily · November 29, 2011 Emily

    My youtube name is UhhSpork, and my current fav show is Once Upon A Time <3 What a lovely giveaway from a lovely youtuber 😀

  69. Marylou · November 29, 2011 Marylou

    Hello! Youtube name is mehreeloo. My favorite show right now is Walking Dead!

  70. Crimilda · November 29, 2011 Crimilda

    Hi thanks so much for doing this giveaway.

    My YouTube name is: jensenandjaredfan .

    My favorite TV show is SUPERNATURAL and my username in youtube is in honor of the actor of that tv show.

  71. Dragana Ivanov · November 29, 2011 Dragana

    I am SmileySun84 and I am a tv Show addict :)

    At the moment i watch a lot of shows, some old, some new. From new ones i love Terra Nova, Hart Of Dixie, Once Upon a Time….. but probably my most favorite new one is Game of Thrones, i can’t wait for the second season.

    Have a great day :))))

  72. Meghan Moreno · November 29, 2011 Meghan

    Meghanchristine88 my favorite show is glee 😀

  73. shannon · November 29, 2011 shannon

    theshannigee and its always sunny in philadelphia

  74. Veronica Vannoy · November 29, 2011 Veronica

    My Username is Starlanna4307. My favorite tv show is Gilmore Girls! They don’t have new shows but I have all 7 seasons on dvd..so I watch it religiously. lol. love you girl!

  75. emmanouela · November 29, 2011 emmanouela

    ytusername: emboo84
    favorite show: sons of anarchy
    thanks doll!!!

  76. Mollie · November 29, 2011 Mollie

    My name is Mollie, My username on youtube is: OllyMoe.

    My favorite show is “I Used To Be Fat” on MTV.
    The reason is because I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time, and it has really put a damper on my life.
    I use to hide behind my makeup and my clothes, and be really self conscious, but now I’m more comfortable with myself and I’ve learned to except myself. ::)
    I find it very inspiring when I see the people on the show actually striving to reach their goal, getting their families involved, and making it a habit to be healthy.
    I’m on my way to loosing a ton of weight too, and this show really keeps me going when times get rough. <3

  77. Virginia · November 29, 2011 Virginia

    YouTube Username: doubledipped912
    Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl

  78. Abby · November 29, 2011 Abby


    PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ! & CSI Las Vegas :)

  79. Kelsey Anderson (@sexi2damexis) · November 29, 2011 Kelsey

    I’m smexilady29 on youtube. :)
    My favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy.
    Thank you for such a great giveaway <3

  80. Maria · November 29, 2011 Maria

    YT: graciemarieb…..Current favorite TV show of the moment (so embarrasing) Perry Mason..Yes…I love black and white shows and it always puts me to sleep…so I get an awesome nap..Win! :)

  81. Cec · November 29, 2011 Cec

    Hey, Cora! I’m cecilly91, so original, I know. I am IN LOVE with Ringer right now!! Besides its the comeback of SMG the show is just so edgy and addictive! haha

  82. Elle AKA shimeringlipgloss88 · November 29, 2011 Elle

    Right now my Favorite TV show hast to be a tie between Once Upon a Time and Law and Order SVU. The Bear is extra cute:) Learned something new I had no Idea MAC did that!

    My youtube name: shimeringlipgloss88
    I really hope you win Queen of the Web, Have with my bonus votes 20 votes for you tommorow!! :)

  83. Ruth · November 29, 2011 Ruth

    my youtube username is flippensweet24 and my fave tv show at the moment is watching the next iron chef on foodnetwork lol! i like to watch cooking shows. thanks!

  84. Brittney · November 29, 2011 Brittney

    Hi, im sweetnothings1675 and my fav tv show of the moment is……. well i have three
    1) America’s Next Top Model (i know lame)
    2) So You Think You Can Dance (awesome show btw)
    3) and last but not least ( and on a completely opposite end of the spectrum) The Walking Dead

  85. lisa waslh · November 29, 2011 lisa

    lisalovesmakeup1 sadly i dont watch tv but my book of the moment is the celestine prophecy

  86. Judy · November 29, 2011 Judy

    My YouTube username is BrigadeOfOctopi and my favorite TV show is Supernatural. :) Love you! Good luck with Queen of the Web. 😀

  87. Valeria Mary · November 29, 2011 Valeria

    my favorite show right now is the walking dead & terranova <3333
    thanks for the giveaway!

  88. Val · November 29, 2011 Val

    Username: ValxMae
    Favorite TV Show: Heartland <3
    Thanks! :]

  89. Meg · November 29, 2011 Meg

    I’m Malice1993, and my favorite show is probably Sons of Anarchy.

  90. Kayla · November 29, 2011 Kayla

    Username: TheBasicsonBeauty
    tv show: Hart of Dixie!
    Thank you for holding the giveaway!

  91. Saoirse Cassidy · November 29, 2011 Saoirse

    YT: Dangerousfayth

    Glee and The Secret Circle ^^

  92. Mikayla · November 29, 2011 Mikayla

    Hello! My username is RavenClawPoet and my favorite television show at the moment is a tie between The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire! :)

  93. yung chun · November 29, 2011 yung

    User name: Painfulheart92
    My favorite TV show is BONES!!!

  94. Tabby · November 29, 2011 Tabby

    msdill21 :)) my favorite t.v. show is law and order, and here recently my husband has got me interested in sons of anarchy! thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  95. Aja · November 29, 2011 Aja


    I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, it’s Misfits. I’ve gotten my friend into it and she is ADDICTED.

  96. Kristin · November 29, 2011 Kristin

    Youtube: vacantalleyways
    My favorite TV show right now is without a doubt Sons of Anarchy!

  97. Madison Henderson · November 29, 2011 Madison

    My youtube is MaddiSparkles
    My favorite TV shows are modern family, big bang theory, how I meet your mother, and RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  98. Pretty Witty (@hawtpie) · November 29, 2011 Pretty

    Hi, I’m MsHawtPie on Youtube and I’m a Fringe fanatic. Actually it’s kind of a tie between Fringe and Supernatural. Can’t help myself! 😉

    So nice of you having bought that teddy bear! Thanks for doing this :)

  99. cachouski · November 29, 2011 cachouski

    hey cora I’m cachouski on youtube and my favourite show right now is 21 jumpstreet…..yes the 80’s series….It’s adorably kitsch, what can I say!

  100. Ashley Sevilla · November 29, 2011 Ashley

    Hola! My username is LADiFEELGO0D. My absolute favorite shows at the moment are a variety of different shows that are of random taste. This would include:

    1. America Horror Story, it’s really starting to get bad (but in a good way) 😮
    2. Glee, always love the drama!
    3. True Blood, my all time obsession for life.
    4. Degrassi (Surprisingly I really love the new cast more then the old cast, sorry drake.) :p
    5. Family Guy
    6. American Dad (will always be top in comparison to Family Guy, sorry once again!)
    7. The United States of Tara. Once again I really don’t know why they would cancel the show, I really don’t care about low ratings. It did NOT have a low rating in my heart. </3
    8. The Regular Show. I started watching Adventure Time for some random reason. I guess I was bored, and the this is how I found out about The Regular Show. So hilarious and stupid at the same time, I can't get enough of that show! I usually don't watch cartoons either.

    And that's pretty much it. I usually don't have time or the desire to watch shows these days but for these shows I will make all the time in the world for!

  101. Kayla · November 29, 2011 Kayla

    Youtube: dockay21
    My favorite TV show is Heart of Dixie

  102. Lady Andara · November 29, 2011 Lady

    Youtube: LadyAndara

    My favorite TV show is Doctor Who.

  103. Ericka · November 29, 2011 Ericka

    My YouTube name is calivillegas and my favorite tv show is law n order n other crime shows

  104. Kaitlin Harvey · November 29, 2011 Kaitlin

    Youtube Username: kroseharvey
    My favorite tv show at the moment is New Girl!

  105. Jennifer Farias · November 29, 2011 Jennifer

    youtube name—- “TheeeCupcakeFresh”

    I have a million fav shows lol but a few are: house, bones, vampire diaries, dexter, and many more! =]

  106. Daniele · November 29, 2011 Daniele

    Favorite Tv show at the moment is either Mythbuster’s or How it’s made. I am such a geek!

  107. Cleana Cynthia Francois · November 29, 2011 Cleana

    youtube name is naurlind

    and my favorite tv shows right now are Glee and Survivor ;3 *Also RuPauls Drag Race starts again in January!!! EXCITED*

    • Sarah · December 2, 2011 Sarah

      My youtube name is sarahpuppymom08 and my favorite tv show at the moment is How I Met Your Mother :-)

  108. janmarie · November 29, 2011 janmarie

    Username: TheSarcasticbeauty
    My favorite Tv shows are: glee, vampire diaries, make it or break it, gilmore girls(even though it no longer airs), and friends(same as previous)!

    Good luck on your campaign i have been voting for you!!! 😀

  109. Fiiiii · November 29, 2011 Fiiiii

    YT name: sdovwvn
    and my favourite tv show right now is desperate housewives (:

  110. Nicole · November 29, 2011 Nicole

    Username: icyqueen2006
    My favourite TV show is Supernatural!

  111. Jacquelynn · November 29, 2011 Jacquelynn

    My channel is Gerardlover62 and my favorite TV show at the moment is Ru Paul’s Drag Race :)

  112. Kathleen Zhou · November 29, 2011 Kathleen

    I’m aliceinvunderland, and my favorite show right now is Castle, though I’m also really liking “Once Upon a Time.” It’s really sweet of you to have this giveaway, especially for people who can’t afford MAC! Thanks a bunch, Cora :)

  113. YamiJay · November 29, 2011 YamiJay

    Okay, so my YT is YamiJay and my current favorite shows are Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami and ONce Upon a Time.

  114. Catherine · November 29, 2011 Catherine

    xHappzx is my YT username, and my fav show of them moment is Big Bang Theory. I used to hate it, but after watching a few episodes I fell in love with it. I’m such the nerd myself, I think that’s why haha. GL everyone and thank you Cora for the giveaway!

  115. Leonela Sivec · November 29, 2011 Leonela

    YT: LeonelaSivec

    My favorite show is Supernatural and Criminal Minds

  116. rarity · November 29, 2011 rarity

    my yt id is mimiej1972

    My fave show at the moment is Breaking Bad! It’s badass!

  117. Tayteebear · November 29, 2011 Tayteebear

    My YT username is Canadianbookworm. I don’t really watch much tv but when I do I watch hockey or football :)

  118. Brittany · November 29, 2011 Brittany

    Britttit169 my current fav tv show is the big bang theory. I just started watching so I have to catch up on previous seasons. Lol love your channels keep up good work

  119. Jocelyn · November 29, 2011 Jocelyn

    Thanks for the giveaway. Youtube: jocelynmyers. My new favorite show is Kevin Spencer I found on Netflix. This giveaway ends on my Birthday. :)

  120. Erin Kelley · November 29, 2011 Erin

    My youtube name is eak03. My favorite show of the moment would be Pan Am. I love the makeup on the show!

  121. Jennifer Fernandez · November 29, 2011 Jennifer

    youtube name- “lilgirlinheart”

    My favorite tv show at the moment is How I Met Your Mother, Mike & Molly, and I know this is lame but the Housewives of Atlanta, Beverley Hills, and New Jersey I am addicted: )

  122. Nicole Pitts · November 29, 2011 Nicole

    My Youtube user name is Feurety430 and my favourite tv show of the moment has been Castle!

  123. Vonnie · November 29, 2011 Vonnie

    youtube name is coverufan and i LOVE leverage as my fave show. smart, funny, COOL :) dexter is great too

  124. kawaiimiriam · November 29, 2011 kawaiimiriam

    username: kawaiimiriam
    my favorite tv show lately has been new girl and the big bang theory they are both really funny! thanks for this giveaway!

  125. Diandra Cole · November 29, 2011 Diandra

    My youtube name is Diandra19902007 and my favorite show you T.v. (The only one actually watch) is Bleach. ^_^

  126. Gabriella · November 29, 2011 Gabriella

    My You Tube username is gabbbbbriella and my favorite TV shows at the moment are How I Met Your Mother, Boardwalk Empire and The Big Bang Theory.

  127. Katelyn Cottrill · November 29, 2011 Katelyn

    My youtube user name is “itskatiefools” My favorite tv show right now would have to be pretty little liars because the mystery & story is so interesting <3

  128. Shelby Coto · November 29, 2011 Shelby

    My user name is RazzburrySherbert. My favorite tv series a the moment would have to be vampire diaries.

  129. Soline EDMOND · November 29, 2011 Soline

    My youtube name is : ThePrettyUs972 … My favorite show is BONES <3

  130. Bianca · November 29, 2011 Bianca

    Youtube Name: Fantasyfrenzies

    My favorite TV show at the moment is Project Runway.

  131. Sandi · November 29, 2011 Sandi

    YT name: shugazerfem
    Modern Family!

  132. Brittany · November 29, 2011 Brittany

    Youtube: CaNdYaPpLe1021
    My favorite tv show right now is Love and Hip Hop. Gotta love the drama!

  133. rkwak · November 29, 2011 rkwak

    My youtube name is rachaelksd

    I just love Modern Family!!! there is a reason it keeps getting best comedy awards XD Speaking of comedy, New Girl rocks too(and I’m secretly wishing you would do a Zooey Deschanel-ish look soon)

  134. Bambix · November 29, 2011 Bambix

    My youtube name is BellatrixBambi & my favorite tv show is pretty much anything on food network lol. Especially now that it’s all the christmas food shows… yaaay for food! xx

  135. Jim-Terra Bonte · November 29, 2011 Jim-Terra

    My youtube username is: bontes6
    My favorite show is: Grey’s Anatomy

  136. Kwegyirba · November 29, 2011 Kwegyirba

    hi hello!
    my youtube name is ekuakcroffie
    it has to be a tie between Glee and New Girl! I’ve been a Gleek since day one but the New Girl is right up there!

  137. Nathalie · November 29, 2011 Nathalie

    Mrscolorme on youtube.:)…. Im loving the walking dead right now and started watching breaking bad like a month ago which im liking a lot, too.
    Thank you!

  138. Jennafer · November 29, 2011 Jennafer

    Hey! I’m jcamxxo. My favorite tv show right now is probably Breaking Bad (even though the season just ended, I love it!). Been voting for you everyday! Good luck girl! :”)

  139. Natalie · November 29, 2011 Natalie

    My youtube name is natalie31535 and my current favorite show is American Horror Story although True Blood is my all time fave (:

  140. Jessica · November 29, 2011 Jessica

    My YouTube name is Spiffyspence. My current favorite tv show is Grimm. I am loving it!

  141. SnapwingOnTheTube · November 29, 2011 SnapwingOnTheTube

    Hi there! On YouTube, I am SnapwingOnTheTube. My current TV obsession is Project Accessory. I love the show because I design & make mixed media jewelry, and the show features people who design and make all types of jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts, etc. Awesome!

  142. Dsnie · November 29, 2011 Dsnie

    My fav tv show at the moment is def The walking dead. Its such a good show and the special effects makeup on there is incredible! My fav tv show of all time tho is True blood. But I have alot of fav tv shows!

  143. Claire · November 29, 2011 Claire

    My username is MissClaire1994x and my favourite tv shows right now are Criminal Minds, Glee, New Girl, Two Broke Girls, The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars. As you can see, I have a very eclectic taste!!

  144. Mandi · November 29, 2011 Mandi

    my username is TheGirlBeyondTheLies and my favorite tv show….it’s a tossup between House, Fringe and Glee! (by the way, I love the new blog background. I usually only follow you on youtube, so I don’t see it very often lol)

  145. Megan · November 29, 2011 Megan

    Username: MeganCapet

    And I’m sorry, but I will never get over LOST. I still watch an episode or two a month to remember the good times.

  146. Tiarra perez · November 29, 2011 Tiarra

    User name :misstiarra25
    My favorite show at the moment is GREYS ANATOMY. :)

  147. michelle · November 29, 2011 michelle

    yt name 6526587

    my fav show as of now is lost girl, its about a succubus :)

  148. jhoffphx · November 29, 2011 jhoffphx

    How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, and Fringe.

  149. MissHellcat · November 29, 2011 MissHellcat

    My YT username is MissHellcat13 and my current favourite tv shows are The Walking Dead and American Horror Story!

  150. Amanda Marshall · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    HIYA! I’m “FierceIncluded” =) My favorite TV show at the moment is really ANY of the “Animal Cops” shows that are on Animal Planet in the morning/early afternoon.

  151. Laura · November 29, 2011 Laura

    hi my name on yt is lullaby92lullaby 😀 i don’t have a fav tv show, in Italy tv sucks! >.<

  152. Amanda · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    youtube name: sharpiie

    the best show on right now is The New Girl! its hilarious!!!!

  153. Megan · November 29, 2011 Megan

    My Username is SparklyyMegan . I like the show cupcake wars. Its so addicting :)

  154. Ashleigh · November 29, 2011 Ashleigh

    YT: ashkatXO
    my favorite show is Criminal Minds and Parenthood. I love these two shows, they’re my favorite! :)

  155. Stephanie · November 29, 2011 Stephanie

    YouTube name project Steph

    And I am just addicted to hoarders

  156. Krista · November 29, 2011 Krista

    Youtube username: singinglawnchair

    My favorite TV show right now is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :)

  157. fetisha · November 29, 2011 fetisha

    my youtube username is fetisha6670

  158. Andrea · November 29, 2011 Andrea

    Hi my name in youtube is NeferSonne and my fav tv show… The big bang theory, New Girl, Raising hope.. yeah I like comedy XD And to say one is not comedy… I also like bones 😛

  159. Miranda · November 29, 2011 Miranda

    YT: maxsom132009

    My current favorite TV show is Modern Family!

  160. yasmin · November 29, 2011 yasmin

    youtube name is hunnybee1226 and i love friends oo yean and top model :)

  161. lynn haack · November 29, 2011 lynn

    2 Broke Girls

  162. Ashley Moore · November 29, 2011 Ashley

    Hai! My youtube name is xXRoxxieRazzorXx and my favorite tv show is the big band theory. I also consider youtube to be tv so of course your on my top list of youtube “tv” then its mizzchevious. Love you girl keep them coming!!! I might start doing tutorials all because of you..thanks for being my muse :)

  163. Krista Garrett Haley · November 29, 2011 Krista

    YT: Ferbiesawesomeness

    I’ve been liking a lot of shows lately, but at the moment I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time and really liking it. :)

  164. lynn haack · November 29, 2011 lynn

    Username – babeehaack03
    Fav show – 2 broke girls

  165. Cassandra Carroll · November 29, 2011 Cassandra

    show-mad men……oh how i loves it.

  166. Elle · November 29, 2011 Elle

    Ravenkitty27 is my Youtube name and I am obsessed with American Horror Story, it is so freaky/crazy…luv it

  167. Hulya Dolen · November 29, 2011 Hulya

    Hi, my youtube username is hulyadurrani and my favorite tv show is American Horror story, The Closer and My ghost story. Have a great week.

  168. Amanda · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    Youtube: mandalilpanda

    My favorite tv show is American Pickers!

  169. Lucy Ta · November 29, 2011 Lucy

    My youtube account is lucyimh0me. My favorite show is One Tree Hill! :)

  170. Madiha Ahmed · November 29, 2011 Madiha


    Pan Am – LOVE the outfits :) and the co-pilot is so cute

  171. Tammy · November 29, 2011 Tammy

    Youtube user name is coloradogirl1978
    My favorite show right now is Criminal Minds. =)

  172. Amber · November 29, 2011 Amber

    Youtube name is dotdotdotdelete. My favorite tv show(s) is a three way tie between Supernatural (pretty obsessed with it actually..lol), True Blood and Sanctuary.

  173. Ada · November 29, 2011 Ada

    My Youtube user name is adab2 and my favorite tv show of the moment is Modern Family….soooo funny! Grey’s Anatomy is an all-time favorite but it’s pretty old now. Thanks for the contest!

  174. Sarah · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    Youtube: campalamp1212

    And my favorite TV show at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy.

  175. Jazzmine Pittman · November 29, 2011 Jazzmine

    Kosmetickritter- I don’t have a tv but when I go to my moms house my son and I watch “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That”

  176. sarah · November 29, 2011 sarah

    my youtube name is stinkypeanut12. my favorite t.v. show is Chelsea Settles

  177. Amtul Changasi · November 29, 2011 Amtul

    Hi, my YT name is changazein, and my favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars! :)

  178. Alicia · November 29, 2011 Alicia

    My Youtube name is richardjsbabygirl.

    My favorite tv shows are True Blood, Spartacus and Reed Between the Lines.

  179. Fatima E · November 29, 2011 Fatima


    My favorite tv show at the moment has to be Desperate Housewives since I love all the drama and over exaggeration of it. I also love every show on the food network.

  180. Agustina · November 29, 2011 Agustina

    I’m afbraneiro and my favourite tv show is Gossip Girl :)

  181. fattyinrevolt · November 29, 2011 fattyinrevolt

    Hi! My youtube name: cathmoney217 and my fave show right now: The Walking Dead.

  182. Marieta · November 29, 2011 Marieta

    My youtube user name is iLuvHamstersMK and my current most favorite show is Ringer and Supernatural(my all time favorite) on CW network. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  183. jasmine · November 29, 2011 jasmine

    My YouTube User Name Is JasmiineMacTavish

    my current favorite TV show iis bigbang <3

  184. Lacey Harmon · November 29, 2011 Lacey

    My favorite TV show is Doctor Who!!! A close second is Criminal Minds.

  185. Marisa D. · November 29, 2011 Marisa

    My user name is madebb24 and my favorite tv show of the moment is The Biggest Loser!! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  186. Sam · November 29, 2011 Sam

    My YT name is Samelevennn. My favorite TV show is Lost – even though it’s already over! I’ll always be a Lost fan.

  187. janier · November 29, 2011 janier

    My youtube name is kawaiiiskawaii and my faverite show right now would have to be, cake boss! i love it so much <3

  188. amanda nordman · November 29, 2011 amanda

    My name is Amanda, my username is babyyclementine
    I’ve been voting my heart out hope you win xoxo
    My favorite TV show of the moment, is dollhouse, I know it’s no longer running, but you know I LOVE ME SOME JOSS WHEDON. c;

  189. Tresha Taylor · November 29, 2011 Tresha

    Youtube: treshamarie

    My favorite shows are American Horror Story and Paranormal witness!
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  190. Felicia · November 29, 2011 Felicia

    My username is: flossybutt25
    My favorite show at the moment is Ringer! It’s amazing! I love it! But my all time fav would have to be “I Love Lucy” haha, and The Wild Thornberry’s…
    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I really hope you win the King of the Web contest! We’re voting!

  191. Mallorie K · November 29, 2011 Mallorie

    My youtube user name is mknappert & my favorite shows are Doctor Who & Arrested Development :-)

  192. Julianna · November 29, 2011 Julianna

    my youtube name is Xx666jewl666xX and my favorite tv show at the moment is Once Upon a Time since I am a fairy tale junky.

  193. LimeyGirl · November 29, 2011 LimeyGirl

    My youtube name is 13HauntedNightmare13
    My favourite tv shows are Glee, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Big Bang Theory, House and One Tree Hill.

  194. Jane · November 29, 2011 Jane

    My Youtube name is janealexandraharder,
    and my favorite show at the moment is 2 Broke Girls.

  195. Alyssa G · November 29, 2011 Alyssa

    Hello! :)
    my name on youtube is alyssaisraddx
    and my favorite TV show is New Girl!

  196. Elizabeth Bonafede · November 29, 2011 Elizabeth

    My youtube user name is twilight151483
    and my favorite show is ghost hunters….

  197. Sara · November 29, 2011 Sara

    yt username: esseyareey
    my fav tv show currently is it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.. i love it! :)

  198. Aidee · November 29, 2011 Aidee

    youtube name:soldiergurl69

    my fave tv shows @ the moment are big bang theory, walking dead, supernatural, crimimal minds, psych

  199. Sharon · November 29, 2011 Sharon

    Hello, my name is Sharon and my youtube is http://www.youtube.com/user/zeroantibeauty?feature=mhee
    youtube name is zeroantibeauty The show I have been obsessing over recently is The Walking Dead. LOVE this show! I recommend it to everyone. Its amazing how well written it is. Hell you would think we actually experienced a zombie apocalypse before, because of how well you can relate to the characters. Every episode gets better and better. The fight for survival and personal morals are always being questioned in this show. This show makes you cry, scared and excited all at the same time. Now, that what I call drama. Heh its a really awesome show a specially if you are into zombies. Which brings me an idea that you should do a make up look of a zombie for the show one day. There are so many fans out there that would find it really awesome. Even though Halloween is over, but still a fun look to try. thank you for this opportunity. :)

  200. MegE · November 29, 2011 MegE

    My Youtube name is TheAlmightyChick and my fav show right now is Castle! I just cant get enough of Nathan Fillion! YUM

  201. jenny · November 29, 2011 jenny

    My youtube name is ax051005.. I have a 6yr old and really don’t have time for t.v ’til about 9pm in which I watch a spanish soap opera….

  202. Melissa Z Cifci · November 29, 2011 Melissa

    youtube – silentdoedeer
    tv- secret circle , once upon a time , whitney

  203. Dani · November 29, 2011 Dani

    my youtube user name is xthelostnekox
    and my favorite tv of the moment is what not to wear :)

  204. hannah · November 29, 2011 hannah

    REVACCC on youtube. i’m loving the abc showe “revenge.” i love the plot twists and that the protagonist is a strong, young female. thanks so much!

  205. Genista · November 29, 2011 Genista

    My youtube username is floodedreality and my favorite show (well, I have tons of “favs”, but the one that cheers me up the most) is How I Met Your Mother!

  206. Brandy · November 29, 2011 Brandy

    YouTube name is svain75
    My fav show…there’s many lol…The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Secret Circle, & many reality shows lol! Aloha!!!

  207. Dustin · November 29, 2011 Dustin

    My YouTube name is poodlelova!!! Mt favorite TV show rightn now is a draw between “Ringer” and “Revenge.” They’re both AMAZING!!!

  208. Karen · November 29, 2011 Karen

    I have so many!
    Well, my username on YouTube is innerbeauty34
    and my favorite shows of the moment are 90210, Glee, Terra Nova, America’s Next top Model All Stars & some other ones! LOL

  209. Melanie · November 29, 2011 Melanie

    Hola Chika!

    I’m mgaspesie on youtube!

    Right now I’m crazy for The Walking Dead! It’s my BF fault (he got me into this) sayin’ that it is to perfect my defense skills in case of an invasion!??!!?!?!!! lolll

    LuvYa xxx

  210. lisadeecanada · November 29, 2011 lisadeecanada

    My username is lisadeecanada and I’m loving The Office right now.

  211. Sloan · November 29, 2011 Sloan

    DollfaceXOXO18 My fav tv show at the moment is “Moderen family” I think its the funniset show ever! <3 hope you win king og the web by the way!<3333

  212. Danna · November 29, 2011 Danna

    mybelle81:favorite tv show right now is american horror story,very excellent show like the thriller type genre:)

  213. Jenny · November 29, 2011 Jenny

    my username is makeupgurl2687 and my current favorite t.v. show is THE BIG BANG THEORY!!

  214. Desirée V. · November 29, 2011 Desirée


    My favorite shows are Project Runway and Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is hilarious! <3

  215. Mattie · November 29, 2011 Mattie

    Hi! My YT username is MattieQueenJoker and my favourite tv show is SUPERNATURAL! Best show ever!

  216. Keri Smith · November 29, 2011 Keri


    Homeland on Showtime

  217. jasmine perez (@queencess1418) · November 29, 2011 jasmine

    yt name: queencess1418
    fav show at the moment is the walking dead…:( we have to wait til feb to see it again…tear

  218. Eliana Banuelos · November 29, 2011 Eliana

    YouTube Username: EllieLopez09

    My favorite show at this moment are Whitney and The Office. My forever favorite show is CSI Maimi… i know it ooses of cheese but i LOVES it :]

  219. Barbara · November 29, 2011 Barbara

    YT name – Sparkleeone
    My favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly.

  220. Tammy · November 29, 2011 Tammy

    YouTube Name: missredneck24

    My favorite show of the moment is Vampire Diaries!

  221. Julianna Sorensen · November 29, 2011 Julianna

    HI!!! my username is pippyanna1. My favorite tv show at the moment is The Walking Dead on AMC. Awesome show.

  222. Tori · November 29, 2011 Tori

    torinoduh and i love glee!

  223. Tiffany · November 29, 2011 Tiffany

    Hi Cora!

    My YouTube username is xsilhouettelove and my current favorite show is Bones!

  224. Sarah Andersson · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    Hey hey! evilswede90. I am loving big bang theory and psych right now!

  225. multicoloredmirrors · November 29, 2011 multicoloredmirrors

    Youtube username: lablancheneige
    Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory!

  226. Candace M. · November 29, 2011 Candace

    Youtube Username: Candyglass1

    My favorite TV show is Vampire Diaries… I really don’t know how that happened as I don’t watch much TV at all and usually am not a fan of vampire shows, but theres just something about how its shot and everyone on that show is so darn pretty its unreal LOL

    My favorite show before that was V. Sadly it got cancelled, I raged for months!!!

  227. thepinkmandm · November 29, 2011 thepinkmandm

    im thepinkmandm
    my fav tv show is glee!

  228. Jenni Chante · November 29, 2011 Jenni

    YT Username: JGerard211
    My Favorite tv show at the moment is Deadly Women because it has different women from different lives and the only thing that have in destroy themselves by murdering someone to make life “better” for them.

  229. Nicole O. · November 29, 2011 Nicole

    Hi Cora!

    ——————————————- Youtube Name: saucyfbaby

    ——————————————- I don’t watch tv too much, but I do like Project Runway.

    Thank you for the chance! :)

  230. Barb Olson · November 29, 2011 Barb

    youtube username: bolson62
    My favorite TV show is “The Middle”.

  231. Ashiie · November 29, 2011 Ashiie

    My youtube name is: MikiiImperfection
    and my favourite show on at the moment is Once Upon a time which is the most original storyline i’ve ever seen.

  232. sarah · November 29, 2011 sarah

    yt: pixiepfanz
    i looooove Grays anatomy it’s wonderful

  233. Linae Ventura · November 29, 2011 Linae

    My youtube username is Ruttcarolina and my favorite TV show at the moment is Fringe. I love the series dealing with blood, fiction, and that your know… recommend much it

  234. Chassy Dimitra · November 29, 2011 Chassy

    Username: ChassyCalifornia
    Favorite TV show at the moment: House!

  235. Tanisa B · November 29, 2011 Tanisa

    hey there. my youtube name is queenbtrb. and i so luv ur channnel. my fav tv show rite now is love & hip hop…thx i hope i win : )

  236. Sarah · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    Hi! My name on YT is SarahxMenard! My favorite tv show is DEFINITELY hands DOWN the Walking Dead! The makeup is amazing.

  237. Devon V · November 29, 2011 Devon

    My YouTube user name is GakkedOutStrategy and my favorite TV show is Friends. Friggin’ timeless, I say!

  238. Amanda Harvey · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    youtube user name: amandapaigex09 and i have two that i’m currently obsessed with: 1. is an oldie but i never get bored or it which is Friends and 2. is Law&Order SVU :0)

  239. eva j · November 29, 2011 eva

    youtube name: watlife11
    my favorite tv show at the moment is American Horror Story

  240. April A · November 29, 2011 April

    My youtube name is apurr25 and my favorite show is The Big Bang Theory.

  241. Veronique · November 29, 2011 Veronique

    Hiey!!! My youtube name is Sunnydiva1976 and my favorite tv shows are anything reality tv. I love all of the cheesey ones like jerseylicious, basketball wives, t.o. show, la la full court life, teen mom, bad girls club, the braxtons, chelsey settles… and so on and so on and so on…

  242. Caroline Lajoie · November 29, 2011 Caroline

    Hello! I’m Elanor21!

    (Thanks for the giveaway, btw!!)

    My favorite show of the moment would be… The Big Bang Theory. Those guys (and gals) crack me up every time!!!

    (Closely followed by True Blood!)

  243. Danielle · November 29, 2011 Danielle

    My youtube user name is firecat182 and currently my favorite TV show hands down is Sons of Anarchy. I have also been really into the reruns of The Big Bang Theory when I need a laugh. I love those nerds!

  244. Jasmine · November 29, 2011 Jasmine

    Youtube Username: Meowbby
    Favorite Tv Show: Storage Wars! :)

  245. Samantha · November 29, 2011 Samantha

    Hi Cora!! I’m psychobitches2686 on Youtube!! I found you not too long ago and am absolutely in love with your tutorials!! I love bold colors and there aren’t many tutorials out there that use bold colors that don’t look ridiculous to wear!!

    My favorite TV show at the moment is The Office….probably one of my fave shows of all time…so funny!!!

  246. piaa · November 29, 2011 piaa


    my favorite tv show is the walking dead :)

  247. Lin · November 29, 2011 Lin

    YouTube: LossBeauty
    My favorite TV show right now is Twin Peaks.

  248. Renée Gschaid (@Vampire_Renee) · November 29, 2011 Renée

    I’m totally in love with 2 Broke Girls. I didn’t think it was going to be as funny but Kat Dennings never fails.

    Youtube: EndlessXLove666

  249. Megan · November 29, 2011 Megan

    my youtube name is Azmiar454
    My favorite tv show right is acctually a toss up between how i met your mother…2 broke girls…and a gifted man!!

  250. beccathebex · November 29, 2011 beccathebex

    cheeerrydarling The Walking Dead,I love zombies since I was very young,and this makes me super happy,in special because I’m in love for Daryl Dixon *-* and CSI(LV) never gets old,come on I’m 20,and this tv show lives with me for 12 seasons.

  251. Tania Alvarez · November 29, 2011 Tania

    my youtube username… MyLifeTania my favorite show is. teen mom

  252. Thalia · November 29, 2011 Thalia

    my YT name is Specialnightmare , and mij fav show is vampire diaries and true blood , im in a vampire mode these days haha

  253. Sam · November 29, 2011 Sam

    YN: everythingwithsam
    Favorite TV show at the moment is Glee. :) I love music and besides Puckerman is absolutely irresistable!

  254. joanna · November 29, 2011 joanna

    Hello im mak3up4ever86 on youtube, and my current favorite tv show has to be All American Muslim on TLC.

  255. Arielle · November 29, 2011 Arielle

    Hi, my youtube username is lounon. And favorite show is: The big bang theory…! :)

  256. Kristi · November 29, 2011 Kristi

    My you tube name is kreesstee. My favorite show at the moment is actually a rather old show that I just LOVE….Sailor Moon. I work with a girl that has all of the episodes and so I’ve spent a real good portion of my time watching it…:) Such a good show too bad they don’t show it on regular tv again.

    p.s. Good luck on king of the web, I’ve been voting everyday for you!

  257. Shenelle · November 29, 2011 Shenelle

    YouTube: D1mpzy
    Fav TV show: True Blood

  258. mariarose · November 29, 2011 mariarose

    hey cora my youtube username it maria189092

    and at the moment i am obsessed with american horror story!!!

  259. Melanie · November 29, 2011 Melanie

    Youtube name: Azzurah
    My favolrite TV show at the moment: Vampire Diaries :)

  260. Heather · November 29, 2011 Heather

    Heffey7 The show I love right now is Law and Order SVU. I know that’s kind of heavy, but I just love Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. Those are the cops I want to have my back! BTW, LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND THANK YOU FOR DOING IT!!!

  261. Barbara R · November 29, 2011 Barbara

    My Youtube username is BieMrsPotato
    Right now am obsessed with NCIS, Law and Order CI, food network :)

  262. Joanna · November 29, 2011 Joanna

    Hello my youtube username is xbloodymiseryx and my favorite tv show at the moment is how I met your mother even though friends is great too!! ^_^

  263. Magali · November 29, 2011 Magali

    My username is blaackstar13 and my favourite tv show is CSI (i always watch it with my mom, and it’s special x3)

  264. Diana · November 29, 2011 Diana

    I’m destructodolldee and my favorite TV show right now is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! (Yes I am over 18 :P)

  265. Kelly Cann · November 29, 2011 Kelly

    I’m kellycann50 and favorite TV show is Bad Girls– hahaha it’s so stupid I can’t quit watching it :)

  266. Jenn · November 29, 2011 Jenn

    My youtube name is novocainedreams

    Favorite TV of the moment…gosh…umm either Once Upon a Time or Revenge…love Glee too, haha.

    I think it’s awesome you’re doing this…AIDS awareness is super close to my heart as I lost my Uncle to AIDS 16 years ago.

    xoxo Jenn

  267. Kavita Alejo · November 29, 2011 Kavita

    Yt: vita717
    My face show this season is the secret circle :)

  268. Brett Mabley · November 29, 2011 Brett


    my favourite tv show of the moment is new girl :)

  269. Kelli · November 29, 2011 Kelli

    I’m Livingalife, and I’m enjoying Jerico, its canceled but still awesome.

  270. fiction writer · November 29, 2011 fiction

    Thank-you so much for the giveaway :) I’m fictionwriter04 on YouTube and my current Favourite TV show is The Big Bang Theory :)

  271. Emily · November 29, 2011 Emily

    My name is Allyfearem. I’ve been watching Raising Hope and My Little Pony FiM- I know I’m not the only one who’s over 18 who’s watching it. >.>

  272. krissy · November 29, 2011 krissy

    youtube name: krissytehpink
    fav show: well i have a few, big bang theory, house, supernatural, storage wars, hoarders(how good is it!!!) and so many many more! loves, krissy.

  273. Hannah · November 29, 2011 Hannah

    My Youtube name is YaynessFerever and my favorite show(s) right now are storage wars and new girl. :)

  274. Emmy · November 29, 2011 Emmy

    yt emmybear411
    I LOVE keeping up with the kardashians such a guilty pleasure of mine<3!!!
    THANK YOU:D!!!

  275. Emerald · November 29, 2011 Emerald

    Youtube name: Overwork78

    Right now i’m obeseed with The Big Bang Theory, 1000 Ways to Die, and Bizarre ER

  276. juliana · November 29, 2011 juliana

    juli0725, criminal minds!!!!

  277. sehin habte · November 29, 2011 sehin

    my youtube username: sippinonfirewhisky
    favorite show: big bang theory, it’s amazingly nerdy and perfect!

  278. Mai Xia Vang · November 29, 2011 Mai

    Hello Cora! My name is Mai Xia, and I LOVE watching “THE HAUNTED” on History Channel. I forgot what NUMBER channel it was on, but I had experienced alot of GHOSTS before… and I think its interesting hearing what other’s had experienced. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you probably might think I’m weird… but hopefully you won’t O,o LOL!
    Youtube User: BeautfiedSMILE

    P.S. I am subbed to you! I’ve joined many giveaways before, and I don’t think I’ve had won b/c they can’t see my SUBSCRIPTIONS box.. :( Idk what happend to it. I accidently hid it once & can’t get it back! But plz check your SUBSCRIBERS list! I promise you I’m one of them!

  279. Marge · November 29, 2011 Marge

    Hey Cora :)

    youtube username : skullgryd

    zomg… i have watching Walking Dead like a hawk!!! i never miss an episode!! :)

    thanks for the sweet giveaway :)

  280. Holly · November 29, 2011 Holly

    I love Dexter!!!! Best show.

  281. Maria José · November 29, 2011 Maria

    Hi Cora!!
    I’m Ithilien26 in youtube and my favorite show right now is The walking dead! ^_^

  282. Crystal Nichole Estrada · November 29, 2011 Crystal

    youtube name: missmakeuplovexoxo
    favorite t.v. show(s): so hard to decide! right now I’m LOVING the walking dead, and grimm! I think they are both AMAZING shows! I would love to learn how to do special effects makeup! :)

    good luck everyone!

  283. Cilla · November 29, 2011 Cilla

    My youtube username is VioletteDray and I’m a big sucker for sci fi orginal series and I just started watching Terra Nova and Alpha’s. WHOAH NELLY. Soo good.

  284. accfsqueenofbelville · November 29, 2011 accfsqueenofbelville

    Hi, I’m accfsqueenofbelville and my favorite show is weeds (:

  285. Brianna LaFave · November 29, 2011 Brianna

    My YT name is 3OHBri
    Favorite show would have to be either American Horror Story and Misfits

  286. Antoinette Brooks · November 29, 2011 Antoinette

    My YT name is bodlotion…My fav tv show at this time is The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  287. Sarah · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    Youtube: SarahsMascara

    Favourite Show: Glee, hands down. New Girl and Big Bang Theory are my favourite comedies though.

  288. Katie · November 29, 2011 Katie

    My yt name is TheKayla2492 and my fav tv show is crimanal minds i mean come on its the best show on tvlol

  289. Evette · November 29, 2011 Evette

    my youtube channel name is jadoremiger

    My favorite shows are (there’s a lot of them…):

    New Girl
    2 Broke Girls
    Gossip Girl
    The Good Wife
    Lost Girl
    Once Upon a Time
    Tough Love

  290. Mollie Schakel · November 29, 2011 Mollie

    My youtube name is blackwidowmollie and my fave tv show is The Big Bang theory because I am a nerd AND a makeup freak! Oh and I LOVE Doctor Who!

  291. Susan Santos · November 29, 2011 Susan

    my youtube username is: shutupsusan

    my favorite tv shows are probably true blood and vampire diaries.
    i’m all cliche with the vampire trend going on right now 😉

  292. eclecticodiverso · November 29, 2011 eclecticodiverso

    Youtube name : ilianafarinha. My favorite tv show is ” embarazadas y entaconadas” in Discovery home and health :)

  293. Sarah · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    My youtube username is LovelyFlume, and my favorite tv show at the moment is Friends :)

  294. Eliza · November 29, 2011 Eliza

    youtube: lillyllama
    favorite t.v. show: mad men
    thanks for the awesome give away!

  295. amanda · November 29, 2011 amanda

    my favorite show at the moment is the walking dead!! love it!!

  296. Elizabeth · November 29, 2011 Elizabeth

    My YouYube name is elizabeth1251 & my current favorite tv show is Doctor Who! I’m hooked! (I know, I sound nerdy =P)

  297. Mireya Rodriguez · November 29, 2011 Mireya

    mireyreyy (: , my favorite show is LA Ink ! ^.^

  298. Bibou · November 29, 2011 Bibou

    My Youtube name is BibouDoryIndustry =)

    My favorite tv show at the moment is NCIS =)

  299. Ayla Coe · November 29, 2011 Ayla

    User name: aylacoe16
    Fav TV show: Criminal Minds

  300. ana · November 29, 2011 ana

    anaarthur81 favorite show at the moment “breaking bad” and “dexter” Great giveaway!!! good luck on king of the web!

  301. Helice · November 29, 2011 Helice

    Youtube: Helice0415
    I have three shows that have taken over my life lately. 1, 2 Broke Girls. I heart Kat Dennings. 2, Modern Family. Easily one of my favorites of all time. 3, American Horror Story. Holy. Crap. It’s intense and insane and keeps me on the edge of my seat every week.
    I was really pulling for you for King of the Web. You’ll get ’em next year, yeah? :)

  302. Nicole · November 29, 2011 Nicole

    I LOVE at the MOMENT BBW la Ridiculousness
    youtube username is: youtube.com/nleandra

  303. Nikki · November 29, 2011 Nikki

    my favorite tv show of the moment (or ever, really) would be mythbusters 😛

  304. Victoria Rose · November 29, 2011 Victoria

    Youtube: ViKixiCki

    My favorite show? Def. has to be the Real World :)

  305. Jennifer Cotugno · November 29, 2011 Jennifer

    Makeup0bsessi0n is my youtube screen name. My all time favorite show is Bones. Thanks! :-)

  306. adairbones · November 29, 2011 adairbones

    My name is SithChick66 and I love Project Accessory!

  307. Shivers · November 29, 2011 Shivers

    Youtube name: Hermionebubble
    Current favorite TV show: Castle. Nathan Fillion + murder mysteries + epic romantic tension = awesome show!

  308. Braye · November 29, 2011 Braye

    My youtube screen name is braiye and my current fave TV show is Supernatural. Thanks for having this contest :)

  309. Ko Ching Yen · November 29, 2011 Ko

    My youtube is araxblazen and right now i’m obsessed with Terra Nova and Once Upon a Time! Thanks for the give away!

  310. Audrey H. · November 29, 2011 Audrey

    YT: audreyhunts
    favorite TV show: Fringe

  311. Natasha · November 29, 2011 Natasha

    YT Name: lookitsnatasha
    I don’t really watch many TV shows, but one I watch religiously is Biggest Loser, the transformations are absolutely amazing!

  312. berenis · November 29, 2011 berenis

    youtube name: lovelybere94
    ive been really into animal cops on animal planet <3

  313. alondra3 · November 29, 2011 alondra3

    youtube name is goidiotgo3
    great giveaway
    my favorite tv show at the moment is probably modern family for now its so funny

  314. Kelley · November 29, 2011 Kelley

    youtube username: KelleyMariee
    favorite tv show: New Girl, its ammazzing. (:

  315. MariBeth · November 29, 2011 MariBeth

    youtubename: missmaribeth80
    my favorite tv shows right now are once upon a time, greys anatomy, and criminal minds.
    I love your channel you’re awesome!

  316. Jae Fed. · November 29, 2011 Jae

    My Name Is Klassiic18 On Youtube [[ Love Your Channel BTW ]] && My Fav TV Show Is Once Upon A Time!!!! OMG I Love This Show About Snow White && All The Other FairTail Characters!!!! When Im Watching It i feel Like Ima Kid Again!!!!

  317. jeanette · November 29, 2011 jeanette

    yt: bfl111

    my current favorites shows are that 70s show and grounded for life!
    i could watch them for hours(:

  318. George Garner · November 29, 2011 George

    youtube username GeorgeLovesMakeup my favorite tv show at the moment is Glam Fairy its a makeup and fashion show lovvve ittt

  319. Saigh · November 29, 2011 Saigh

    Hello :) My username is sayjahxx and my favorite show at the moment has got to be The Office 😀

  320. C. · November 29, 2011 C.

    Hi, Cora! I’m watching American Horror Story and The Big Bang Theory, just to keep things balanced. :)

    My YT username is: caprichosesenciales

  321. Angelica · November 29, 2011 Angelica

    Youtube name:AngieMelendez26
    My favorite tv show of the moment would have to be…america’s next top model allstar :) love it!

  322. Shelby Wright · November 29, 2011 Shelby

    Youtube: iamanawesomechick1

    My favorite TV show, currently, is Friends. I watch it every night(:

  323. Chris Taddei · November 29, 2011 Chris

    my username is christy1531, and my fav tv show at the moment is The big bang theory..

  324. michelle · November 29, 2011 michelle

    my youtube name is: purpleprincessgaga and my favorite tv show is jersey shore. I also really like bones!

  325. Ananda Cardoso · November 29, 2011 Ananda

    YT: ananduhyo
    Show: The walking dead is amazing, and my fave show right now!

  326. koknockout11 · November 29, 2011 koknockout11

    I am koknockout11 and I can’t pick one favorite TV show of the moment so I must list a few: 90210, 2 Broke Girls, and Suburgatory, oooh and New Girl. 😀

  327. newnoona · November 29, 2011 newnoona

    youtube name: newnoona
    fav TV show: Dexter

  328. Ngoc · November 29, 2011 Ngoc

    My youtube name is centralcore22 — my fave show is House!

  329. Angie robley · November 29, 2011 Angie

    Big Bang Theory!!

  330. Nina · November 29, 2011 Nina

    YT name: njinja666
    show: currently watching Sons of Anarchy <3

  331. Shayna · November 29, 2011 Shayna

    My youtube username is: Ihatechristy
    and my favorite show at the moment is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  332. Olivia · November 29, 2011 Olivia

    youtube name: olipop2014 I’m in loveeeee with Once Upon a Time and Glee (:

  333. Sarah gouveia · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    my favorite show(s) right now is homeland on showtime it’s kinda awesome! :) and GLEE :)

  334. Paola · November 29, 2011 Paola

    YT Username : PAOLISIMA84

    My fav show right now is House

  335. Marta · November 29, 2011 Marta

    YT: Menezesmarta1
    We have a channel calls “Bem Simples” ( very simple ) they teach all handemade things for decorations, toys for kids (recycled ), recipes (yumm..), how to make clothes, how to paint your shoes, and many things for womens like me. 52, with a husband, one dog and a house to clean, to make a dinner, lunch…etc
    This channel helps so much!
    Great ideas!
    Cora you have a amazing heart , thinking in all people that need our help.
    Thanks for sharing your seet and amazing talent.
    From Brazil

  336. Crystal · November 29, 2011 Crystal

    username= wasteofxpaint

    favorite tv show currently: The Walking Dead!

  337. Joy · November 29, 2011 Joy

    YT: KurenaiWulf

    My favorite TV show atm?…The Walking Dead!

  338. Danielle Blindauer · November 29, 2011 Danielle

    Youtube Username is DigitalGlow

    My current favorite shows are Dr. Who, Torchwood, And Farscape. I know….little old, but still good :)

  339. Kristi · November 29, 2011 Kristi

    youtube username is: slimschick12
    My favorite tv show right now is the walking dead

  340. Kate Cunningham · November 29, 2011 Kate

    Username: kateashlen

    Current favorite television show: Chelsea Lately!

  341. Alecia · November 29, 2011 Alecia

    Hey Cora!! My fav t.v. shows are teen mom/16 and pregnant, jersey shore, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills :) Youtube user name: AleciaAnne27

  342. Sarah Reanna Cabrera · November 29, 2011 Sarah

    my YT username is: chemicallyfeline, and my favorite show right now is 2 Broke Girls. it always makes me laugh so hard, and after a long day at work, i need a good laughfest. :)

  343. Yumemi · November 29, 2011 Yumemi

    Youtube Username: yumemisakai
    My favourite tv shows at the moment are Glee, Gossip Girl, and Desperate Housewives (:

  344. Trecia · November 29, 2011 Trecia

    My youtube user name is flapunkgirl and my favorite show is, and always has been, Doctor Who.

  345. Chloe · November 29, 2011 Chloe

    XxchloexbuckleyxX – YouTube

    I’ve been addicted to Breaking Bad. It’s all I’ve watched within the last two weeks.

  346. Katie · November 29, 2011 Katie

    Youtube Username: Muffin0816

    My favourite tv show is How I Met Your Mother… Though i have to watch it via Internet, because in Switzerland they’re a little late with the seasons….

  347. Arianne · November 29, 2011 Arianne

    YouTube username is lilaznshorty883 and my faveee show right now is The Walking Dead!!! woohoo!

  348. Jay · November 29, 2011 Jay

    I recently started watching Dead Like Me on a recommendation by another YouTuber, and I’m totally obsessed! My username is J4l3n3. :)

  349. Alexandria · November 29, 2011 Alexandria

    My Youtube username is AyeeBroskii. My favorite TV show? Oh gosh.
    Chuck, 2 Broke Girls, Law & Order: SVU, CSI, The Haunted, Chelsea Settles, Grimm, Planet Earth, Late Night, Pan Am, Operation Repo, World’s Dumbest, Ghost Whisperer, Suburgatory, My Strange Addiction, Trauma: Life in the ER, and Mystery Diagnosis . I’ll just stop there. (: I hardly ever have anything to do so I watch a lot of television. Cora, thank oyu so much for this giveaway. Sadly I just found out about your running for King(Queen) of the Web, but I put in my 10 votes. (: Good luck.

  350. Liz · November 29, 2011 Liz

    youtube: lizbeauty101
    & my favorite tv show is The First 48..!

  351. Ashleigh · November 29, 2011 Ashleigh

    My youtube username is AdmiralKathryn and currently my favorite TV shows are:

    Once Upon A Time – yes, I’m a makeup junkie so I *live* for the fairytale land flashbacks
    Star Trek – always has been a favorite of mine, and I don’t think it’ll ever change
    reruns of Mama’s Family – I’m a huge fan of Vicki and Carol!

  352. Johana Alicea · November 29, 2011 Johana

    yt: johanaalicea my fav shows right now are walking dead and 2 broke girls

  353. Amanda · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    YT username: spectrumysteries

    My favorite TV shows are Sons of Anarchy, Desperate Housewives and Bones. I get teased by friends when they hear I love Desperate Housewives but until you’ve watched it you can’t say anything! It’s hilarious! And SOA is my JAMM!!

    Love you Cora!! 😀

  354. genesis · November 29, 2011 genesis

    youtube name:gen.marrero favorite show: the vampire diaries

  355. Brooke · November 29, 2011 Brooke

    Youtube name: MACbarbie161902
    Favorite Tv Show (ATM): PAN AM :)

  356. Jess · November 29, 2011 Jess

    My YT is jessisawesome7 and my favourite TV show right now is American Dad :)

  357. Manda · November 29, 2011 Manda

    I’m PegasusFeathers :)

    My fave show is The Office, but I also like Big Bang Theory and a few of the cop shows. :)

    I missed out on Gaga so I would love you for this!

    Thanks for the chance.

  358. Nydia de la Torre · November 29, 2011 Nydia

    My favorite show is New Girl.

  359. jezebelseven · November 29, 2011 jezebelseven

    seventhjezebel on youtube, and I love Parenthood.

  360. Babyphat7094 · November 29, 2011 Babyphat7094

    Hi I’m babyphat7094 and my favorite tv show of the moment is new girl and the closer. Ok so that’s two couldn’t decide;()

  361. jessica · November 29, 2011 jessica

    youtube is SephoraPrincess24
    fave tv show is unforgettable and big bang theory :)

  362. Kelly Kaye · November 29, 2011 Kelly

    youtube name: kelly913

    fave tv shows: pan am, grimm, glee, and the big bang theory

  363. Tonya Green · November 29, 2011 Tonya

    My YT name is TonyaD1122. My favorite TV show right now is The Big Bang Theory with NCIS a very close second.

  364. Esmeralda · November 29, 2011 Esmeralda

    pinkstrwb3rry My favorite “shows” of right now are House, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice. Wow so many!!!!

  365. Janna Olynick · November 29, 2011 Janna

    my youtube name is allthatspiggy

    My favourite tv show is americas next top model.. and big bang theory!!

  366. jessica · November 29, 2011 jessica

    My youtube username is jesshercat . My fav show right now is How I Met Your Mother, too funny i watch is with the siblings.:)

  367. Kassy Lara · November 29, 2011 Kassy

    blackpink613 I’m so into Vampire Diaries right now! its so intense!

  368. Carmen Marie Segura · November 29, 2011 Carmen

    My YT name is oOKagomeOo My fav show is Inuyasha with American dad coming in second and Big bnag theory third (since I have to pick one fav lol) But I love them all the same >.<

  369. kiriath · November 29, 2011 kiriath

    Username: KirRose2
    Favorite show: two broke girls, hahaha it just make me laugh XD

  370. Laura · November 29, 2011 Laura

    My username on youtube is shortpixie89 and currently my favorite show is the walking dead :)

  371. Yomie · November 29, 2011 Yomie

    Hi my username is YomiedaVega217 and although it won’t be back on for a little bit the vampire diaries is my fav but I also love the big bang theory

  372. Lucy · November 29, 2011 Lucy

    YT: lucysushi

    fav. show at the moment: “How I Met Your Mother” <<<< very fun show, highly recommend! =)

  373. Mariah · November 29, 2011 Mariah


    My favorite TV show is Criminal MInds. I LOVE it!!!

  374. Amberguessa · November 29, 2011 Amberguessa

    youtube name: texicangirly

    favorite TV show: Doctor Who

  375. Christina8717 · November 29, 2011 Christina8717

    Hi! my youtube username is: Christina8717… my favourite tv show is currently: How I Met Your Mother

  376. Jordan F. · November 29, 2011 Jordan

    Youtube: BlitzkriegBetty

    I’m guilty of being glued to several shows! The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Psych, and I could probably go on. Tee-hee.

  377. verdineify · November 29, 2011 verdineify

    Hi! My YT username is verdineify .. And my favorite TV show… Maybe Desperate Housewives, I live in Finland so I’m wathcing the last season now : << buhuu!

  378. Jess V · November 29, 2011 Jess

    YT: horribubble
    I am really loving Happy Endings atm :) and Once Upon a Time, it’s getting better with each episode!

  379. Sydnee (@sydnee_xo) · November 29, 2011 Sydnee

    my YT is sydneexo =] and i dont really want TV but two of my fave shows are probably ones you’ve never heard of: Heartbeat which is a British TV show that ran for 18 years and Poirot (“Pwa-row”) and he is a Belgian PI of sorts living in England. (My family is English but I’m in Canada).

  380. naomi · November 29, 2011 naomi

    My YouTube name is naomigutz and my favorite show.right now is the walking dead.

  381. Jennifer Caster · November 29, 2011 Jennifer

    You are amazing Cora! Crossing my fingers for you on kingoftheweb, I’ve been voting everyday!
    My YT is: xRabidPandax
    The shows I’m loving are Psych, Criminal Minds, and an anime called Chobits! 😀

  382. jessiawesome · November 29, 2011 jessiawesome

    My youtube account is jessiawesome and my favorite TV show is COMMUNITY! SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE C’MON! 😉

  383. darlene · November 29, 2011 darlene

    my youtube name is destroydj0503 and my fave tv shows are the biggest loser and the lying games love love love them thank you so much for this giveaway sweetie i hope your thanksgiving was great much love to ya xoxo

  384. Amanda Meza · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    My youtube username is amazingamandam13 and my favorite tv show currently is Glee. I’m a huge glee fan!!!

  385. Amanda B. · November 29, 2011 Amanda

    I’m midwinterblooms on Youtube and my favorite tv show is American Horror Story!

  386. Elaya Walker · November 29, 2011 Elaya

    YouTube Username: elwluva
    My favorite show right now is Grey’s Anatomy.

  387. Celeste · November 29, 2011 Celeste

    yt – cascadestars
    fave tv show – true blood

  388. brooke (@brooklyyn86) · November 29, 2011 brooke

    YT name mrsecperalta86 and my fav tv show is hawaii five o and american horror story ! and criminal minds i love all three :)

  389. Kira C. · November 29, 2011 Kira

    YouTube Username: HI13utterfly
    Favorite TV Show (of the moment): Raising Hope ^_^

  390. Dani · November 29, 2011 Dani

    My username is: 1amaznmom
    and my favorite tv show of the moment is The Vampire Diaries!

  391. Sharon W. · November 29, 2011 Sharon

    My YT name: IVampDth

    My favorite TV shows are: Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad. And I will always, always, always love TrueBlood :)

  392. Samantha B. · November 29, 2011 Samantha

    Usename: rockbandgroupie

    My favorite shoes at the moment are the staples of The Big Bang Theory, House, and Bones; but I have also found some new shows that I am obsessed with like Revenge, Once Upon A Time, and Grimm. :)

  393. Sam S. · November 29, 2011 Sam

    YT: ComatoseAngel
    Favorite Show: Late Night with Craig Ferguson

  394. .Nekku. · November 29, 2011 .Nekku.

    Sorry, two comments. :( My YouTube username is LazyNekku.

  395. rosaguille · November 29, 2011 rosaguille

    HI <3 I'm HKKHblademaster on youtube

    My top shows are The Walking Dead, Felicity (old school), and Bones <3

  396. Alexandrea Wilson · November 29, 2011 Alexandrea

    youtube name: Sadeyez0813

    I have been watching a few new tv shows! I absolutely love Whitney, New girl, and 2 broke girls! They are all so funny! But my favorite is True blood and Vampire Diaries! love all of these shows though <3

  397. SilhouetteScreams · November 29, 2011 SilhouetteScreams

    Username: silhouettescreams

    I’m absolutely LOVING Forbrydelsen, the Danish show that The Killing is a remake of 😀 it’s such a good thriller and leaves me hanging each time

  398. Kaitlyn · November 29, 2011 Kaitlyn

    Well, I don’t watch TV very much, but my favorite show is Doctor Who. I love how crazy and out there it gets but it’s always relateable and entertaining… plus, imagining a world without any restrictions on time or space is AWESOME.
    /mini essay
    I’m caddishdame on youtube~

  399. rygurl · November 29, 2011 rygurl

    my youtube user name is rygurl

    and only one tv show? well, i’ll list my top favorites: i am soooo in love right now with the shows pan am, desperate housewives, once upon a time, suburgatory and 2 broke girls, just to name my top favorites :]

  400. Dani P. · November 29, 2011 Dani

    Youtube name: sea0fneon

    Right now I don’t have cable so I’ve been watching stuff on Netflix unless I get to go steal some tv time at my boyfriends. As for currently airing shows I have always been and will always be in love with Dexter, other than that I’ve been watching Grimm (filmed like 40 mins from where I live), Once Upon a Time (still waiting for it to get better, it’s totally ripping off Fables and not doing it justice so far), Supernatural, and Glee.

    Netflix-wise I just went through 2 seasons of White Collar, and I’m working on Burn Notice. And to break up all the USA dramas I’ll switch off to a couple episodes of Party Down or Pulling for some laughs.

  401. jessica mcindless · November 29, 2011 jessica

    I’ve been luving real housewives of Beverly Hills :)

    youtube name is rockalicion

  402. Brittani · November 30, 2011 Brittani

    YT: brittanianne

    My favorite show right now is….. The Big Bang Theory! I love nerds <3 haha

  403. Kaelee · November 30, 2011 Kaelee

    YOutube Username- Edslerson

    my favorite tv show right now is Walking Dead!

  404. Arielle · November 30, 2011 Arielle

    YT: ariellexhehe

    my favorite tv show right now is Chopped on the Food Network, its so distracting and addictive!

  405. Liz · November 30, 2011 Liz

    Youtube username is briteblades!
    My favorite Show is Game of Thrones!

  406. Rebeca · November 30, 2011 Rebeca

    My youtube name is: Molaqua
    And my current TV favourites are Bones, Criminal Minds and Castle! 😀

  407. arkeisha smith · November 30, 2011 arkeisha

    my yt: arkeisha2008

    my favorate show is Dexter.

  408. Bren · November 30, 2011 Bren

    YT: Brenomatic
    my favorite show is desperate housewives. it’s the last season and the wifeys are my queens! ;-*

  409. Gundi · November 30, 2011 Gundi

    YT name: ZimtSternChen69
    I love to watch damages! Can’t stop watching it :)

  410. Ginny · November 30, 2011 Ginny

    My youtube name: fixyouritunes
    My favorite TV show is Top Chef!

  411. Henry · November 30, 2011 Henry

    Youtube: 49soilders

    I like xmen haha

  412. Annie · November 30, 2011 Annie

    My Youtube Name is ‘xEvAnnie’ and my most favourite TV show at the moment is “Grey’s Anatomy”… Yeah, I know, Girlygirl-show, but it’s awesome 😉 “Dexter” is really cool as well, but not as good as Grey’s. Oh and my most favourite TV show of ALL the time is “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, in case you’re interested 😛

  413. Helena Zhang · November 30, 2011 Helena

    HapwanaFish, Big Bang Theory :)

  414. Celia · November 30, 2011 Celia

    Favorite tv show of the moment is How I Met Your Mother.It’s hilarious and I love watching it with my older siblings.:)

  415. Sarah J · November 30, 2011 Sarah

    I’m himitsusj on youtube and…hmmmm. My favorite TV show of the moment is probably Big Bang Theory or ANTM (I’m a sucker for reality tv) though I haven’t had much chance to watch recently since it’s the end of the semester.

    I hope your computer gets better!

  416. Leeann · November 30, 2011 Leeann

    My youtube username is Leeannxlove and my favorite tv show right now i guess would be American Horror story i love it.

  417. Kristina · November 30, 2011 Kristina

    YouTube username: Krisxtinax
    My favorite tv show at the moment is Real World:San Diego. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Good luck with the King of the Web conest!

  418. Shannon · November 30, 2011 Shannon

    YouTube name: shazzydaevilfaerie. My favorite show right now would have to be pretty little liars :)

  419. Katreeya · November 30, 2011 Katreeya

    YouTube name peacelovemakeup249. Fave show: big bang theory!! Gotta love Sheldon :)

  420. Laiba Tahir · November 30, 2011 Laiba

    My youtube username is cheeku1992 and my favorite tv show right now is Masterchef Australia.=)

  421. liz · November 30, 2011 liz

    lizmoreno87 and bones!!!

  422. Kaylan · November 30, 2011 Kaylan

    youtube username: kkaylanbby
    fav tv show of the moment: Spy – I can’t get enough!!!

  423. Tara (@blondekoshka) · November 30, 2011 Tara

    I’m cloudswirls, and my current TV show is…NOVA. :D; I really really like all of the science shows, and they make me feel like I’m not procrastinating when I actually am. .w.

  424. Krista Renee Chavez · November 30, 2011 Krista

    Youtube Name: Leostarr101

    My favorite TV show at the moment is CSI New York. I live in South Korea so there aren’t many TV shows to choose from. :]

    Been a big fan of yours for a while. Keep up the good work. <3

  425. Diana · November 30, 2011 Diana

    YT: mnprncss88
    I love me some Modern Family!!!!!

  426. Amy Newkirk · November 30, 2011 Amy

    YT: AmyJComedy
    Recently got into American Horror Story

  427. Christina · November 30, 2011 Christina

    My youtube name is fibi257.
    My favourite TV show right now is CASTLE.

  428. Kayla · November 30, 2011 Kayla

    My favorite TV shows right now are NCIS (Since like day 1), Once Upon a Time, and Leverage

  429. Elizabeth Espinosa (@Lizzyboo_17) · November 30, 2011 Elizabeth

    my Youtube name: elizaneth214oct
    My fave show would be 70s’ show and new girl. 😀
    Ahh Gaga and you are the best <3

  430. Ashley · November 30, 2011 Ashley

    YT: VenusianBloodTies

    Oooh, I don’t think that I have a current show. The one that I actually watched religiously is between seasons right now, but it’ll be back in January, I believe. It’s Pretty Little Liars.

    Other than that, you can never go wrong with Mythbusters, whether it’s re-runs or new shows. 😀

  431. Meg · November 30, 2011 Meg

    My YouTube name is zodikins and right now my fav tv show is Leverage… I like con stories

  432. Carol · November 30, 2011 Carol

    Youtube is TheAngelSaphiel

    Currently I’m really loving Pan Am and it’s 1960’s flight attendants. (but of course I’m still in love with Bones, Fringe and TAPS )

  433. Kristin Williams (@klwilliams85) · November 30, 2011 Kristin

    my favorite tv show right now is new girl…

  434. mowgli · November 30, 2011 mowgli

    mowgligroovey, Favorite Tv show right now would have to be the IT Crowd, RuPaul’s Glam race and Storage Wars.

  435. SIE · November 30, 2011 SIE

    My youtube’s nick is SIESOY, I’m spanish, my favourite TV show is Fringe, but I’m hooked on The Big Bang Theory and How I meet your mother.

  436. Summer · November 30, 2011 Summer

    My Youtube is SummerOreosGirl…. and my favorite show atm is Vampire Diaries :)

  437. Akilah · November 30, 2011 Akilah

    My YouTube screenname is sirenasings6. At the moment I have been diggin’ on 30 Rock…new season coming out soon!

  438. Antonia · November 30, 2011 Antonia

    my YT-name is AntoniaEinarsson and my fav TV-show atm is actually Modern Family because it always makes me laugh :)

  439. alyssa · November 30, 2011 alyssa

    YOUTUBEE: alyssaadawn

    I’m LOVING Friends right now. Its a classic! haha. I want the entire seasons collection :3

  440. shion · November 30, 2011 shion

    Youtube name: xxDarkFayaxx
    Current favorite TV show: Bones, Ncis and Supernatural

  441. Heather · November 30, 2011 Heather


    Once Upon A Time is my new favorite show.

  442. Patinails · November 30, 2011 Patinails

    Hi! I’m Patinails on YT and my fav TV show atm are The vampire diaries, Glee and American Horror Story!!

  443. John · November 30, 2011 John


    Glee or American Horror Story, Its a toss up. I love anything Ryan Murphy does!

  444. LeAndra H. · November 30, 2011 LeAndra

    LAink(on netflix) because i am looking in to getting a tattoo and i want to get some ideas
    I ♥ ur vids!

  445. mippe · November 30, 2011 mippe

    YT: CounsellorDoll

    My absolute favorite TV-show atm is How I Met Your Mother. Hilarious!

  446. Emily · November 30, 2011 Emily

    Youtube; BreathtakenMakeup
    My current favourite tv show is American Horror Story :)

  447. kristin · November 30, 2011 kristin

    My Youtube username is sourxlemmon and my current favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time.

  448. Karolina Korpi · November 30, 2011 Karolina

    Youtube username: MadamNoire
    My favorite TV show at the moment is “True Blood”. Love it!

  449. Tiffany Nichols · November 30, 2011 Tiffany

    Hi! My Youtube username is tiffanynichols831 and my favorite TV show(s) at the moment are: The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Jerseylicious.

  450. odessa frey · November 30, 2011 odessa

    I am Bocomomma My fave show is Walking Dead and X-Factor right now :)

  451. Adele K. · November 30, 2011 Adele

    My YouTube name is AlyMusicAngel and my current favorite TV Show is actually, not an American one, but a korean comedy/reality show named RUNNING MAN! When 7 people are on a treasure hunt run; you’ll know it’s never gonna be easy… and serious.

  452. Bibi S. · November 30, 2011 Bibi

    Heyyyyy I’m idiBibi and I’m gonna go with “Big Bang Theory”.

  453. Michelle · November 30, 2011 Michelle

    oktoberlove; I love Modern Family!!

  454. peachypink604 · November 30, 2011 peachypink604

    Fave TV show- New Girl.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope your computer problems get fixed and good luck on the contest that you’re in :)

  455. Lisa P. · November 30, 2011 Lisa

    My youtube name is TheCorpseflower (ye, i know. dont ask :D)
    my favorite show is the vampire diaries.

  456. Matilda N. · November 30, 2011 Matilda

    Great giveaway again! :) Didn’t know of the kids helping kids thng, that’s awesome! Two of my favourite shows are Pushing daisies and Dead like me and it sucks that there aren’t that many episodes! United states of Tara is awesome too :)
    Youtube username: sexhugsandrock

    Thanks and good luck with the Queen of the web contest!!

  457. tangleto · November 30, 2011 tangleto

    My youtube name is Tangleto. My favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory, True Blood

  458. Julia · November 30, 2011 Julia

    Hiya! I’m lindhopjulia
    My fave TV shoe – Lost! (I know I’m behind the times, I missed out at the first round, we’re borrowing the box sets off a mate:))
    Ta x

  459. Alena T · November 30, 2011 Alena

    Hate to admit it but fashion police :)

  460. Echo · November 30, 2011 Echo

    my YouTube username is EvilKittySayzRawr and my favorite tv show at the moment is Ouran High School Host Club <3

  461. Essy Guzman · November 30, 2011 Essy

    my youtube username is stephany1800 and my favorite show right now is criminal minds for sure! omg im so into it right now. love Hotch and Dr Reid but the team overall is badass. now that its almost my vacation im totally going to buy the whole dvd collection and sit with hot chocolate in my living room all of December! Tis my season to get a little chunky fa la la la la la. (lol sorry im a rambler) anyways thanks for the giveaway.

  462. makeupbymorganleah · November 30, 2011 makeupbymorganleah

    My youtube user name is morganleah1980.
    I actually have 2 favorite shows Ringer and American Horror Story.
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  463. Tonya Green · November 30, 2011 Tonya

    My YT name is TonyaD1122. I have a tie going on with my TV shows. I love both Big Bang Theory and NCIS.

    I also want to thank you for the amazing way you present your self; showing off a clear love for what you are doing with integrity as well as having a lovely sense of humor.

  464. Gemma Laffoley · November 30, 2011 Gemma

    My username is framedinbloodx and I’m totally digging The Inbetweeners right now.

  465. Sadie Quirk · November 30, 2011 Sadie

    My youtube username is sloraineq and dexter! <3

  466. Jolien Roosen · November 30, 2011 Jolien

    my youtube username is xxkorppixx
    and my fav thshow is big bang theory and true blood ^^

  467. Cora · November 30, 2011 Cora

    My youtube username is Pinglala and my favorite tv show at the moment and will forever bee TWIN PEAKS =)

  468. Alison · November 30, 2011 Alison

    pluginbaby1947- My favourite TV show has always been Gilmore Girls. I was so sad when it ended :(

  469. Mischa · November 30, 2011 Mischa

    youtube name: cheers2168

    My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead, love it!

  470. Megan · November 30, 2011 Megan

    My youtube name is SakuraRiot

    I’m kinda becoming obsessed with Blue Bloods. I have this thing for cop shows & I’m not really sure why, lol!

  471. Daniel Ochoa Castrellon · November 30, 2011 Daniel

    Youtube name dcastrellon9koolaid

    My favorite tv right now is Once Upon a Time

  472. shauna · November 30, 2011 shauna

    my youtube name is twilightthebest4ever and my fav tv show would probably be vampire diraies i love that show :)

  473. Ingunn · November 30, 2011 Ingunn

    Hi Cora,
    My youtube name is IngunnThorkels. My favorite tv shows are True Blood and Game of Thrones and I’m counting down for the new seasons (by the way, they are filming Game of Thrones in my country as we speak yay! 😀 ). Also I love Firefly or should I say loved (R.I.P.). At the moment thou I’m catching up on my friend Chuck and my boys in the Big Bang Theory 😉

  474. Lovisa · November 30, 2011 Lovisa

    Youtube name: Lollan00
    My favorite TV show is 90210, Glee, Modern Family, Friends and The Ellen DeGeneres Show

  475. Victoria · November 30, 2011 Victoria

    Youtube name: ANGEL4RMHELL09 My absolute favorite shows are criminal minds and Jerseylicious.

  476. Shilo · November 30, 2011 Shilo

    My youtube is XxSilentxDreamsxX (very stupid name, but i’m far to lazy to make a new account).
    My favorite TV show right now is The Walking Dead.

  477. MePaula94 · November 30, 2011 MePaula94

    My youtube name is : MePaula94. My favorite TV show is Vampire Diaries aaaaaand Ellen DeGeneres show 😀

  478. Elka Simeonova · November 30, 2011 Elka

    My YouTube username is thebestbaby100 and my favorite TV show of all time is Supernatural! <3

  479. Elisa · November 30, 2011 Elisa

    My youtube name is csikitty and my favorite tv show will always be CSI.

  480. Taylor · November 30, 2011 Taylor

    My favourite show at the moment is Supernatural <3 youtube name is olivenation100

  481. Jean · November 30, 2011 Jean

    My youtube username is jeanchristie and my favourite TV show right now is New Girl. Its hilarious!

    (I feel like its one of those addiction anonymous line LOL)

  482. Natalie Bryant · November 30, 2011 Natalie

    My Youtube User name is natbug007

    I don’t have a favorite TV show….I am more of just a Youtube watcher. With children its easier to come back to and watch. YAY for Youtube!

    Thanks for the giveaway


  483. Katy Mc Padden · November 30, 2011 Katy

    My YT name is: KatyMcPadden and my favourite tv show at the moment is The Vampire Diaries =]

  484. Rachel · November 30, 2011 Rachel

    youtube: rachycakes59 :) favorite tv show right now it glee <3

  485. Jacqueline Garcia · November 30, 2011 Jacqueline

    parks and recs,
    ron swanson is king.

    youtube user name : layacky

  486. Anjum · November 30, 2011 Anjum

    anjumstar3 Uh, my favorite TV show… Okay, I’m going to bend the question a little here. I have been watching Gossip Girl since 2007 or 2008… Whenever it came out. And I loved the first 2 seasons, but seasons 3-5 are crap. Right now they are on season 5, but I’m calling it my favorite show, because they may be bringing Chuck and Blair back together!! YAYAYAY!
    And thanks for the giveaway!

  487. Cait · November 30, 2011 Cait

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! My youtube name is kitsuneangel88 and as for the TV shows, it’s a tie between the CW’s “Supernatural” and “Big Bang Theory” on CBS. I absolutely love the concept of Supernatural and how they take real urban myths or cultural legens and create an awesome story arch. Big Bang Theory is the story of my life! I am such a fangirl!

  488. Takochan84 · November 30, 2011 Takochan84

    Youtube user name: Darkpatiri
    Favourite Tv Show: The Big Bang theory.
    Thank you love! ^-^

  489. Bon · November 30, 2011 Bon

    User: Luccagoose

    I loooove Dexter (still)!

  490. ymke182 · November 30, 2011 ymke182

    My favorite Tvshow is Hollands next topmodel. Is that wrong? haha;-)
    I think you’re a great makeup artist and youtuber, and i really think you MUST win the king of the web contest. Good luck with it!

  491. N3M3SI81 · November 30, 2011 N3M3SI81

    My YT name N3M3SI81
    I’m from Italy so we don’t have the same shows on our tv, but I’m so into Criminal Minds, I simply love it!!!!!

  492. Miia · November 30, 2011 Miia

    My youtube username: ririmel

    At the moment I have quite many favourite tv-shows. My favourites are Merlin (BBC), The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Secret Circle and Glee. :)

  493. isaac · November 30, 2011 isaac

    yt-isaacdahab1 favorite show rupauls drag race without a doubt

  494. Nastashia · November 30, 2011 Nastashia

    My Youtube is PrincessDrawDream

    My favourite show is Scrubs because it’s just so damn funny~

  495. fridde · November 30, 2011 fridde

    Youtube: Littlecybercat

    My favorite tvshow in the moment…this is hard, I have a few…. The Big Bang Theory! It’s hilarous!

  496. sssssssim · November 30, 2011 sssssssim

    Hello, sweetie!
    I am teenager00 on youtube. And I have been loving The Walking Dead in the past few weeks. You gotta love a good zombie Apocalypse show, right? Plus, they only use make-up, no cgi. Andit’s bloody good :)

  497. Mia · November 30, 2011 Mia

    Youtubename: MrsSchorling
    Fav Tv show The Big Bang Theory

  498. g2-8c9d2c7cee086bdb7feabde896bb0055 · November 30, 2011 g2-8c9d2c7cee086bdb7feabde896bb0055

    my YouTube username is: HaPolania
    my favorite TV shows atm are: “Modern Family”, “Breaking Bad”, “How I Met your Mother”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Walking Dead”. :)

  499. Kacee · November 30, 2011 Kacee

    MrsMintzPlasse is my youtube name. And currently I really like the new show Grimm. It’s pretty awesome. :) Thanks for this. <3

  500. Josie · November 30, 2011 Josie

    my youtube username is mothergoose133. i cant pick just one tv show so i will name my top picks :) buffy, angel, bones, ridiculousness, terra nova, switched at birth, pretty little liars, and true life :)

  501. Julia · November 30, 2011 Julia

    Hey(: first of all i love the first Lady Gaga lipstick it’s my all time favorite lipstick from MAC (:

    my youtube username is msjulieinthecity and my favorite tvshow is Law & Order Special Victims Unit

    I have been watching it for about 3 years now and it’s my favorite because it talks about sex crimes in New York, and it always leaves you thinking and wanting to help someone who is in similar situation. And it has inspired me to hopefully become a lawyer against these crimes(:

  502. Jamie · November 30, 2011 Jamie

    My youtube name is Fallen13Angel7 and my favorite tv shows are Sweet Genius, NCIS, Bones, and Supernatural.

  503. Claire · November 30, 2011 Claire

    YT: claireyb4
    Fave TV show: Modern Family

  504. Llúcia · November 30, 2011 Llúcia

    Youtube username: Kittysquirt
    My favorite TV show of the moment is Sons of anarchy.

  505. Heather Pond-Kirk · November 30, 2011 Heather

    my yt username is mileycyrushater45 and my favourite show of the moment is coronation street :]

  506. Kim S · November 30, 2011 Kim

    I’m 1MakeUpAddict1 and my favorite show is Glee. It’s shuch a great Tv show. Also, there is a good moral in every episode.

  507. jane · November 30, 2011 jane

    im ladyjanelou23 and my fave tv show at the moment is csi!x

  508. Samantha · November 30, 2011 Samantha

    User name: Sammygirltv
    Favourite shows: Glee, vampire diaries, how i met your mother and so much more!
    You are so generous to buy those bears and to do this give away <3 thank you so much!

  509. Issey · November 30, 2011 Issey

    Hiya, my name is GreenTissueBox and my fave shows ATM are Community and Misfits :)

  510. Marie · November 30, 2011 Marie

    JannaKulasa – and my fave show is the Walking Dead

  511. Beatrice · November 30, 2011 Beatrice

    youtube username: devilcoolgirl666

    annnd my favorite show at the moment? Well i’m really addicted to top model! British, Australian, Amercian, Canadian whatever!

  512. cheyenneappjax · November 30, 2011 cheyenneappjax

    My Youtube is ATLluver77

    My favourite show currently is Misfits :) I love it

  513. Hannah · November 30, 2011 Hannah

    My Youtube user is Denku666, and my favourite show at the moment BY FAR would have to be Community, it’s the most cleverly written shows I’ve seen in years!

  514. Marie Louise Gregersen · November 30, 2011 Marie

    Username: MarieLHG
    At the moment I’m obsessed with Castle! 😀

  515. Jamie · November 30, 2011 Jamie

    Hi Cora! My username is jamielynn217 and my favorite show right now is “Once Upon a Time”…I’m a sucker for fairy tales! :)

  516. Yarrow · November 30, 2011 Yarrow

    I’m a Bones fan. I promised Mr I’d wait to watch the new until he caught up and now I’m behind too.

  517. Ragni · November 30, 2011 Ragni

    My youtube username is FrostTerror, and lately I’ve been watching a lot of Malcolm in the Middle. Too much…

  518. Sarah Matine · November 30, 2011 Sarah

    youtube: xXJadorePinkXx
    my favorite show on TV is ALL THAT. yayyy they brought it back!!! other than that im guilty of loving jerseylicious

  519. Michelle · November 30, 2011 Michelle

    Hi!! My youtube name is LilMissMakeupFace,

    Dear God!! There are so so so many good shows out at the mo…Hmm… If I HAD pick just one show it’d prob be Boardwalk Empire, I am just so obcesssed with all their pretty make-up and hair and their pretty clothes and the pretty vintagy things!! 😀 Love it! BUUUUT… If I didnt have to choose just one Id be watching True Blood, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway/ Accessory, Dexter (LOVE him!), The Walking Dead, Grimm, Breakin Bad ( Wow..just wow!! Walt is a badass!), The I.T crowd also I love the utter crap being scared outta me so I watch LOTS of ghosty paranormal shows, loads of my mates rip the piss and their prob right but screw it!! Still scares the poopy outta me haha!!So yeah…That’s my fav shows..Sorry this is kinda getting like an essay so I think i better stop now!:/ Thanks if you bothered to read my big ‘ole rant!! And yaaay you get all my votes!! xoxo

  520. Natalie K · November 30, 2011 Natalie

    youtube username: nuttynatz2005
    favourite tv show I’m a celebrity get me out of here or QI

  521. Katie · November 30, 2011 Katie

    My YT Username is IndyIshy
    Favorite show as of right now is The Big Bang Theory. Love it so much!

  522. Laura Cabezas · November 30, 2011 Laura

    My YT Username is : LOdoesmakeup, my favorite show is How I met your mother ! 😀
    Thanks for this giveaway !

  523. Julia · November 30, 2011 Julia

    my YT: theJuliaperuchi

    and my favorite tv show is the vampire diaries!!!

  524. Jessica Kim (@kimjessicay) · November 30, 2011 Jessica

    wh0aizjeska and my favorite tv show of the moment has to be Law & Order SVU. I thought it was going to suck without Stabler, but it’s actually STILL good!

  525. Roxxi41 · November 30, 2011 Roxxi41

    My username is Roxxi41 and my favorite TV shows are GossipGirl and Pretty Little Liars <3

  526. jessica mcgan · November 30, 2011 jessica

    My youtube name is yourmymessage
    and my favorite TV show at the moment would have to be
    because you know its amazing!

  527. Tara Visosky · November 30, 2011 Tara

    HI! My youtube user name is manyfacesoftara and my favorite show right now is kind of a toss up between Man Up and Parenthood. I love watching Man Up with my husband cuz we sit and crack up during the whole show. lol

  528. Maria · November 30, 2011 Maria

    My favorite show right now is Glee! My username on Youtube is: martin9592000
    Thanks for the giveaway Cora!

  529. sara · November 30, 2011 sara

    Mi yt username is: fasjmn
    I don’t really watch tv so much…But I love Desperate housewifes and pretty little liars too :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  530. Rebecca · November 30, 2011 Rebecca

    My Youtube username is nox1992 and my favourite TV Show right now is How Do I Look? on th Style Network. It’s pretty amazing lol. Thank you for the giveaway =]

  531. Twister · November 30, 2011 Twister

    My youtube name is tgirl1985.
    I don’t have cable/satellite right now so I watch everything on Netflix. But I have become addicted to Doctor Who

  532. Kadi DeJardin · November 30, 2011 Kadi

    Youtube Name: KadiDeJardin

    My fave T.V. show is American horror story

  533. danica parker · November 30, 2011 danica

    hi my youtube name is tparkerlee123 and my favorite tv shows are criminal minds and psych

  534. liat · November 30, 2011 liat

    looloochan and fav tv are scrubs cougar town and friends 😀

  535. Elizabeth · November 30, 2011 Elizabeth

    YouTube user name: ScotGirl1314

    Favorite television show: Castle! Great stories plus I love Nathan Fillion!

  536. NeverEmbers · November 30, 2011 NeverEmbers

    Youtube name is NeverEmbers. Tv…well there’s the long stnading loves of Dexter (well done with the twist this season), Big Bang Theory, and Misfits. But the new contenders this year are Grimm and Once Upon a Time. I guess I’m just a sucker for a fairytale retelling.

  537. Isabel Wong (@Coprelia) · November 30, 2011 Isabel

    Hiya! :)

    My Youtube user is lalabell.

    I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother, House M.D., Glee and not too long ago Entourage. Love them all! 😀

  538. Alyssa · November 30, 2011 Alyssa

    Youtube username: elvisrocs88
    I love BIG BANG THEORY!!!! extreme couponing as well its crazy!!! :)

  539. Gabriella · November 30, 2011 Gabriella

    my youtube name is TheEstetLella (yeah, i don’t know what went through my mind when i created that account)

    My favorite TV-show(s) is True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

    Love your videos, you are the best make up guru. <3

  540. Livia · November 30, 2011 Livia

    My Youtube name is 07Mrsbeckham.

    I think that my current favorite TV show is Ringer, but I watch so many that it is really hard to tell :)

  541. Stacy Roberio · November 30, 2011 Stacy

    youtube name- slipperyangel19
    Does it count if its a TV show on dvd?
    My fav at the moment is Jem & the Holograms. Ok I know its cheesy but Im an 80’s child & love being taken back to my youth
    Much love
    x x

  542. Ladies Home Journal · November 30, 2011 Ladies

    Youtube: Ladiesjournal or http://www.youtube.com/user/Ladiesjournal?feature=mhee
    I like to watch National Geographic Animal and also BBC traveller :)

  543. ptitemeve · November 30, 2011 ptitemeve

    Hi Cora!
    My Youtube Name is PtiteMeve
    And my fav show is def. DEXTER! Love him sooo much :)
    Thanks :)
    Have a nice day

  544. Kim · November 30, 2011 Kim

    Hiya! My youtube name is ‘asielle’ …. I am currently living out of the country (in Mongolia!) so I don’t watch tv much right now….but the shows that I have been in love with in 2011 are Game of Thrones on HBO which is ::cue cora voice:: ahhh-may-zinggg , I love Glee and I’ve watched So You Think You Can Dance religiously since the first season. :)

  545. Christine O · November 30, 2011 Christine

    YT Name: silk4me
    I cannot pick just one favorite TV show so here are the top 5
    1. Boardwalk
    2. Hung
    3. IRT Deadliest Roads
    4. Ghost Adventures
    5. Pan Am

    Thanks for the chance Cora! You’re the best!

  546. gdsineadreilly · November 30, 2011 gdsineadreilly

    My YouTube is GDSineadReilly :) and my fav tv show is 2 Broke girls

  547. Yvette · November 30, 2011 Yvette

    Hi Coraaa!

    My YouTube name is MetamorPosing and my favorite TV show of all times regardless of it being over a long time ago is Sex and The City!
    I watch it all the time and I own every season and movies!!!

    Thanks chica! Good Luck to me and the other entrees!

  548. Maria · November 30, 2011 Maria

    Hi, my YouTube name is Maria83Kaj and I like (Swedish) idol at the moment

  549. Heather Hildreth · November 30, 2011 Heather

    Youtube user name is HeaHil

  550. Luz · November 30, 2011 Luz

    Hi Cora

    You Tube name is saulgarpic and my favorite Tv show is Bones <3 it

  551. Ida Birkemose · November 30, 2011