OCC Skin Review

Hey Guys & Dolls!

Here’s my video review for OCC Skin Airbrush makeup and a few shots of me wearing the makeup.

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  1. Angel · December 2, 2011 Angel

    Its look amazing. For someone like me…who isn’t new to the makeup scene, but new to using an airbrush, which one do you think would be a good starter set?

  2. Vonnie · December 2, 2011 Vonnie

    wow, it looks really great on you! i love how it turned out. very soft and smooth

  3. Marta · December 3, 2011 Marta

    I liked so much this results! I’m thinking if this helps me to cover better my wrinkles…
    You are young and have a amazing skin, but this foundation looks really soft and very pretty.
    ( Sorry my english..)

  4. Amz · December 5, 2011 Amz

    Love the review! Love the headband too! Where did you find that??

  5. Baby London · December 9, 2011 Baby

    You are so beautiful and I’m dying of laughter from your videos.
    You’re the best …

  6. CJ · May 21, 2012 CJ

    When I put this on with a stippling brush I absolutely love it, my skin feels so naked and its unlike any liquid foundation! I watched your review and you recommended doing a layer with a sponge but no matter what sponge I use, wet or dry the color just is not depositing. If I rub them even the tiniest bit, the colors separate and leave a stain of odd color with white residue. The same goes for the green color correct, the yellow sticks to my skin and the blue disappears. I had heard it about the green but not about the actual foundations.

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