Viva Glam Gaga Back in Stock @

Hello Guys & Dolls!

I have some exciting news! I just received an Email from MAC that Viva Glam Gaga 1 is back in stock at for a limited time only! This color is highly coveted and the  money goes to a great cause (100% of the selling price goes to the MAC Aids Fund) . Don’t have 14.50? Well you’re in luck, I”m currently running a giveaway here on my blog for a Viva Glam Gaga 1 Lipstick and a Kids Helping Kids bear!  Click here to enter!


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  1. Sarah Reanna Cabrera · December 6, 2011 Sarah

    if they make it permanent, they’d make so much money for that wonderful cause! :)

  2. Megan McMahon · December 8, 2011 Megan

    I wish it wasn’t December so I could buy this for myself! I hate doing no buy december!

  3. Jessica · December 8, 2011 Jessica

    dont worry about no buy december it is out of stock again

  4. Jenn · December 9, 2011 Jenn

    I just got mine in the mail! So awesome. Jessica- It’s in stock now.

  5. Jenny · December 10, 2011 Jenny

    Wondering if I *need* it . . .

  6. cris · December 16, 2011 cris

    definitely watching you! please check out my blog too.
    thankyuu~ ^^

  7. SallyBeautyJunkie · December 16, 2011 SallyBeautyJunkie

    Hello! Are there any good dupes for this (Other than Rimmel 006, I can’t find that in stock either anywhere!) because I can’t seem to get this in store! I buy a lot of pink lipsticks but I end up hating them lol. They LOOK nice in store but not on my face!

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