3D Silver Lips

Hello Guys & Dolls!

I hope you’re all having a great week. Today I want to share with you a makeup look that is both easy and striking! Unfortunately, I filmed the whole video, inducing removing the glitter before I took photos of it :( I do have a photo of the lips from a few months ago when I first did this, so I have that for you below, as well as a video ( it’s always nice to see makeup in motion anyway, right?)

I hope you enjoy it!

What I used:


Temptu Air Pod Foundation

Temptu Concealer

Purely Cosmetics Diamond Powder

MAC Strada & Fleur Power Blush


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

MAC Wedge eyeshadow

Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadow Scratch & Shag

MAC Blanc Type eyeshadow

Urban Decay Darkhorse

MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara


MAC Prep & Prime lip

Hard Candy Glossaholic

MAC 3D Silver Glitter

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  1. Erik's Love/BeautyLove&Cosmetics · December 23, 2011 Erik's

    Glad you’re back! I missed your videos and blog posts! :)

  2. Erik's Love/BeautyLove&Cosmetics · December 23, 2011 Erik's

    Also, just thought you should know, you’re my absolute favorite make up guru and you’ve inspired me so much to pursue my dream of eventually becoming either a licensed or free lance make-up artist and also to start my own make up blog, beautylish account, and eventually my own youtube account once I start tutorials. I’m still in the reviews and just photos phase yet but I will get there! Lol. I just wanted to say thank you. You’re wonderful Cora. <3 (Also I noticed my little catch phrase that I've always used and decided to use for my blog sounds similar at the end to yours because I say just be yourself but I say I didn't steal it from you! Just wanted to note that lol.) Anywhoozle I'm rambling, haha have a great Holiday Cora and I can't wait to read and watch more from you! Much love!


  3. Zozolina · December 24, 2011 Zozolina

    Oh my god, finally post! And a good one. This is great for holidays, very nice…

  4. Lily Seymour · December 25, 2011 Lily

    Happy Holiday pretty girl!

  5. Star · July 18, 2012 Star

    this was an awesome vid! I never watched your vid but it was interesting and informative at the same time…even if you were on cold medicine ;-P

  6. xoxo · November 14, 2012 xoxo

    what do u think about violentlips.com ???

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