Finger Paints “Flakie” Topcoats!!

Hello Guys and Dolls, today I have an important announcement:

*over a loud speaker*


Finger Paints L-R: Asylum, Flecked, Flashy, Motley, Twisted

Oh Yes, that’s right. An inexpensive brand has come out with line of 5 “flakie” glitter polishes! WHOO HOO! The Down side? they are limited edition and selling out quick. RUN- grab your google & find the number to a Sally Beauty supply near you and see if they have them.. that is after you finish drooling over my swatches.


Here I did 2 coats of each “flakie” over 1 coat of Wet ‘n’ Wild black. Please excuse my messy polish application, the brush of the Wet ‘n’ Wild polish gave me a tough time.

Thumb= Flashy

Index= Flecked

Middle= Twisted


Pinky= Asylum



Did I mention these look particularly cool with a matte topcoat?

I used China Glaze Matte Magic

Price- $5.49-$4.99 with Sally Beauty card

Availability- Sally Beauty Suppl Stores (I haven’t seen these online yet)

Final thoughts- LOVE! The only one I’d Skip is Asylum because it’s too sparse, the milky base is too strong, and you could recreate it using Flashy and Motley.

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