Juliette Has a Gun- Lady Vengeance Purse Bullet

Hello Guys & Dolls,welcome back! Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and while not everyone is coupled up, I could think of no better time to start talking about Fragrance. This is the time of year ladies start hunting down the latest & greatest “love potion” & gentlemen start hitting the beauty section of stores looking for gifts. I should know, I worked the last few years in cosmetic retail.  Long before I was a bona fide Makeup Junkie, I was a fumehead. while writing this post I found myself confessing my love affair with “juice”. More on that story later. Today I want to share with you, quite possibly THE coolest purse-sized perfume. ever.

Juliette Has a Gun is an independent fragrance company headed by Romano Ricci, the great-grandson of the couture designer Nina Ricci.   The brand’s concept is that a gun is a metaphor for perfume, a truly feminine weapon. So what better to carry your secret weapon than a bullet?

If you look closely you can see me in the reflection.

The Bullet opens to reveal a roller-ball of  concentrated perfume oil.

For reference, it’s about the same size as a MAC lipstick bullet

The Purse Bullet comes with “one in the chamber” and 3 waiting to be loaded. Haha! I crack myself up.

You can get the purse bullet in nearly every scent Juliette Has a Gun makes, but each set only comes with one scent. The set I have is “Lady Vengeance” a sophisticated blend of Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli, and Vanilla. Rose isn’t my thing, and on it’s own Lady Vengeance not my favorite scent, but I love to layer it with other scents to create a different mood.For a a fabulous review please click here for Katiepuckriksmell’s take on this ” Youtuhful Va-Va-Voom” .

Ok, ok, it’s really cool, how much does it cost? $75 on the Lucky Scent website. Ouch. This isn’t a very cost effective way to buy a purse perfume, but it is certainly the coolest. Keep in mind that very few fragrance companies are cruelty free. I contacted the company myself and they assured me that they do not, nor are their ingredients tested on animals. That makes the price tag easier  to swallow.  This was a  limited edition set, so if you just want the scent or are interested in smelling Juliette has a Gun’s other creations, check out:

Lucky Scent Also sell samples from $3-$4 of the Juliette has a Gun perfumes, up to $8 for other brands.

Juliette has a Gun‘s website. They sell a set of  8 samples for 7.90 euros or $10.25 USD.

Until next time, be Vintageortacky, Just be yourself!


Disclosure: The product in this post was sent by a PR firm for review consideration. Complimentary products do not receive preferential treatment; My viewers & reader are my #1 priority and I honor your trust by always being honest with you. This video/post contains opinions that are solely my own; I am not influenced by, nor do I represent any company. All Products shown are cruelty-free (not tested on animals) to the best of my knowledge.

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