Nfu Oh Flakies & Holo Review and Swatchfest!

Hello Guys and Dolls! Are you ready?  I spent the better part of a day swatching & photographing these ladies, so this post will be drool worthy picture heavy. These polishes are so magnificent, I find myself with the urge to say, “we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!” Wayne’s World reference anyone?

Just a little background: I have lusted after these for nearly 3 years. I’m not sure where I first saw them, but I do know one of the first blogs I saw with swatches of these was Vampy Varnish.  At that time I was just getting back into nail polish, and Kelly is partially to blame for my ever growing obsession with nail polish.

Anyway, as I said, I’ve wanted these for a long time, but I would always forget about them, or get caught up in other things. As far as I know, they are available from just one website in the US, This last Christmas, Mikey got me a few and today I’m finally sharing them with you!

Let’s talk about the obvious: The bottle is a freaking corset-bodice top with a full skirt bottom! Oui Oui! It really looks like a piece of art rather than just a nail lacquer. The shape of the handle also make it easy to hold and apply the lacquer. It’s worth noting that Nubar Lacquers come in a similarly shaped bottle minus the decoration that makes these so awesome-sauce.

I have 3 “flakie” lacquers, and one “holo”; 2 of the flakies have a jelly-like base color, and one is clear. All 4 are incredible.

Oh-La-La, look at the bottles!

All four sides

Now for a breakdown of each one

Nfu-Oh 40 swatched over a black Wet ‘n’ Wild polish.

Clear base with green/teal/blue/purple reflective flakies.

You may remember a few months back I gushed about the Finger Paints flakies. This is the same type of flakie- a clearish base with flakies. The difference is that the bas eof this one isn’t as milky as the Finger Paints version, and the flakie glitter is a bit denser, and the particles a bit larger. In terms of color it seems to be in between Flecked and Motley.

For these photos I have 40 on my index & ring finger, Flecked on my middle, and motley on my pinky.

Flecked, 40, Motley

Nfu Oh 51

Four photos of one polish? In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: “heck yes I did!” Each photo shows a different nuance of this masterpiece in polish. This has a cool purple jelly-like base with flakie glitter and micro flakies made of the same material/colors. This one flashes gold, copper, red, teal, green, purple…a rainbow in a bottle. The only minor caveat of this polish is that the base is a “jelly” so it takes about 4 coats for me to get opaque coverage. I recommend using another polish as a base and then doing 1 or 2 layers of this as to not waste it. These swatches were the polish alone, 4 coats.

Rainbow perfection

Nfu-Oh 52

Fabulous. I feel as if I could gush about these all day and never fully explain how awesome they are. This one appears much cooler than 51, with a more teal/blurple look. When I really inspect them I feel that the base color is similar, but the different colors of flakies make them appear so different; the base color on this one might be a touch darker/duskier. Again we have flake glitter with mirco shimmer.  Love it.

Nfu-Oh 62

An absolutely gorgeous nude holo, and really perfect for those of us who like the idea of nude nails, but find them a bit boring in practice. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “holo” its short for holographic, meaning it flashes all the colors of the rainbow. This one flashes fantastically in low-light, sunlight, and is interesting enough to not be boring, but “normal” looking enough for conservative situations. Like most holo polishes I have it dries to a semi-matte finish, and had a pretty quick dry-time, though not as fast as the China Glaze OMG collction. Ok, now we get to the bad part- this polish is a drag. What I mean is, while painting your nails you must be super, duper careful about how you paint them or you’ll get “drag” marks where the polish will pick up a bit from the previous layers creating bald spots and an uneven texture. I found I could make it work if I waited really long between coats, and paint the out-sides of the nails first and then smooth it over with the center swipe- the opposite of what I normally do. With all that said, I still think it’s worth the effort.

Nail Brands of the world- PLEASE BRING HOLOS BACK!

I forgot to take a bottle shot of 62, so here’s the bottom of 52 instead.

All in all, I love these. Nfu Oh was one of the first companies to have “flakie” polishes, and they have the largest selection of them. I really wish more brands would take a page from their book and have extensive collections of flakies and holos, that were permanent. A girl can hope.

Price: $12.50 each

Where to get it:

Would I recommend this to a  friend? Absolutely. These are among my favorite nail products hands down.

Just be yourself!


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